Guest Post: Business Breakfast

[For today’s Friday Guest Post, please welcome adorable Canadian Rae back to the show! Yae, Rae! -Mia]

Blazer: Target – Scarf: Van Heusen Outlet – Camisole: Old Navy – Leggings: Ricki’s – Shoes: G.H. Bass Outlet – Earrings: Target

I’m also wearing my FitBit and my promise-engagement-wedding rings, which you can’t really see.


Every so often, there’s a day where everything sartorial just seems to go right.

It was my dearly beloved Jeans Friday, but I also needed to go to a networking breakfast, and my coworker attending with me had expressed some denim-related doubts. So as I pinned my hair to the side, SpaceWitch style, and contemplated my wardrobe, I decided that if I couldn’t wear jeans, I could make my leather-ish leggings look pretty fun for a business breakfast. (I’m a social media coordinator, so it isn’t like I was trying to wear this to something involving, like, Profit Margins).


I’m glad selfie-style photos were good enough for Mia’s forefathers (and foremothers, I’m sure), as I have a few of those mixed in with the ones I had my coworker-friend take with my iPhone in front of our storage room door.

“Do you mind if the door’s in it?”

“Nah, doesn’t matter; I look cool as hell.”

Vain as hell, too.


The newest thing in this outfit is probably the earrings or the leggings; ever since I started watching these cool Twitter people and their outfits, I’ve been more inventive with mine – this meant starting to wear earrings, thinking maybe I could pull off leggings, etc. I’ve had the camisole for years and the scarf and shoes for at least a couple. I am also going to be mourning the loss of Target Canada and their cheap blazers.


I felt confident at an event which had made me nervous; I entirely credit the SpaceWitch hair.



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