Outfit Post: 3/5/15


Dress: ASOS — Camisole: Gap Outlet — Boots: eBay (Steve Madden Troopas) — Socks: Sock Dreams — Bracelet: Thrifted — Earrings: Gift


Over the weekend I went with a couple of friends (including Edie!) to a makeup store, where a very pleasant employee put foundation on me for maybe the second time in my life?


My skin tone was so flatteringly uniform and matte! It was an unusual experience–I’ve worn a full face of makeup only a handful of times, and the most recent instance was definitely at le wedding two and a half years ago.


We were angling to get full-on makeovers, but alas, it wasn’t in the cards. Still, I bought myself some discount nail polish and a charcoal mud mask goop that makes me look somewhat Smurflike.


The sheer volume of products available in the makeup world is pretty intimidating to a person who doesn’t know what they’re doing. (Or, at least it is to a me who doesn’t know what she’s doing.) BB cream, eyebrow kits, foundation, setting powder–there was a skincare item there made with honey and gold flakes. After a while it all starts looking pretty snake-oily, you know?


Even though makeup will probably never be my Thing, it’s nice to have friends who can make recommendations in a sea of identical-looking mascaras, and I really enjoy watching other people have fun with pretty face colors! And, of course, there’s always Madison:


2 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 3/5/15

  1. As someone trying to cut back on makeup, I genuinely envy you and other friends who’ve almost never touched the stuff. Imagine moving through the world with a clean face every day, unafraid to afraid to rub your eyes, never having a ring of lipstick around your mouth. Magical! Makeup can be fun, but it’s a big tradeoff for me. I look much more conventionally attractive with it on, but also (or therefore?) much less Me.

    I always think you look great.

    Stop me if I’ve said this before, but your buzz cut grow-out has seemed so graceful and painless— is that because I’M not the one dealing with it every morning?

    You have Tia have influenced my style and the way I think about my clothes and my body. I salute you both.

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