Outfit Post: 3/9/15


Dress: Lana — Jacket: Thrifted (Forever 21) — Shoes: Thrifted (Born) — Socks: Sock Dreams (Bobby Socklings in Moss) — Earrings: Target — Belt: Thrifted


It’s juuuuust on the edge of warm enough to go bare-legged around here, so every day I play chicken with the weather and see whether I’ll be freezing or sweltering until 5:00pm.


With in-between temperatures, I frequently seem to end up with icicle legs and an overheated torso. What’s the deal, body? Can’t you transport a little in each direction so the whole system’s happy?


Anyway, I get confused and try to even things out with linen dresses and jackets and socks and other strange mixes of garments.


Layering is not my strong suit, which is perhaps why I most love summer, when I just have to wear the minimum of clothing allowed by social mores and my workplace’s employee handbook. Maybe if I’d grown up in a colder climate, things would be different, but I have a genuinely hard time picturing a cold-loving Mia. She barely seems like me at all.


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