Outfit Post: 4/27/15


Dress: Field Day — Shirt: Target — Shoes: Golden Ponies — Earrings and bracelet: Gifts — Nail polish: Zoya “Darcy” 


In my mind, gold shoes are a natural pair with this dress, evidently. I did it almost two months ago, and I’d do it again! I swear before the judge and jury I’d do it again.


In other news, I sometimes forget to take detail shots of the pattern on this dress, which is so intricate that it loses a little something in the big picture.


Not this time, though! I made sure to get several shots up close, because it’s worth studying.


And it IS a pattern that repeats, although I haven’t laid it out to determine the exact scale. You can sort of puzzle-piece match up shapes if you look at the whole thing.


I feel like I could learn some secrets of the universe if I just contemplated the lines long enough.


3 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 4/27/15

  1. I’m still head over heels for that dress and want to sneak into your closet and steal it every time I see it. Love the gold shoes with it. Those are a perfect pairing.

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