Outfit Post: 5/17/15


Dress: Multiple Threads — Jeans: Nordstrom Rack — Shoes: Earthies — Earrings and ring: Target


Here’s a really lazy outfit that we haven’t seen the like of in quite some time. I honestly wasn’t going to get dressed at all on Sunday, but then Mike’s dad invited us out to lunch.


Rarely have I been more reluctant to change out of pajamas, let me tell you.


At first, giraffe dress was going to see me through this difficult ordeal alone; I ended up adding the jeans because of the unusual cold spell we’ve been having. (By cold, I mean mid-60s to mid-70s. I recognize that Winnipeg got snow over this past weekend, and I’ll sit in the sun an extra five minutes for all of Manitoba tomorrow.)


So, yeah. Some red and orange shades that didn’t necessarily work together, but it got me out of the house, where I had a pretty good salad. Could’ve been worse.


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