This Just In: Vintage Fashion Razzes My Berries


On Saturday, I had the pleasure of going out to the semi-annual Vintage Fashion Faire in Alameda with my good friend CB!


I hadn’t been before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect–but what we got was a lovely sitting area at one end of the warehouse, rows upon rows of vintage clothing and accessories, and an incredible opportunity for people-watching.


There was also a refreshment counter! Classy, don’t you think?


CB and I alternated between chatting with coffee in the sitting area and doing some browsing of our own, and there was so much to look at that I was definitely a little bit overstimulated. There were fabrics with beautiful prints (and also some cute and silly ones):



Gorgeous fancy dresses from the era of taffeta and lace:



Curious accessories, like this mustard-seed necklace (a Christian religious token, I think?) and some bright-eyed stoles:



And there were even some delights to be seen when everything was over and we were packing up to head home:


CB and I both scored some great finds–you’ll see mine here extremely soon because I’m too impatient to save them–and I’m already excited about the next Vintage Fashion Faire in October. One vendor told us that the Friday-night party is where it’s really at, with costumes and a live band among all the wares, so when fall comes around, we’ll have to put our hair up in victory rolls and join the fun.


6 thoughts on “This Just In: Vintage Fashion Razzes My Berries

  1. Your post resonated with me, thanks! I’m curating my collection of vintage clothes and live in a very fashion-remote area where Wal-Mart and JC Penney are the only options besides Goodwill and St. Vinnie’s. Can’t bear to just drop my Danskin disco wrap dress, chubby faux fur jacket, bell bottoms, embroidered cutoffs, crocheted bikini etc. in a donation bin or to put them in a consignment store that doesn’t separate vintage from the rest of the pack. Any suggestions on how to get in touch with costume designers or shops that might want to take a look at what I have? Or any blogs you follow that might be a good fit (pun intended) for my vintage sensibilities?

  2. Oh how FUN!!! If only someone did something like this out here in the sticks where I live. Thank you for letting me enjoy it vicariously through you!

  3. Wow!! That looks like so much fun. One downside of not being with my last company anymore is no free invitation to the Taste of Town. This reminds me a bit of it. Food, friends, enjoying the cool stuff.

    Can’t wait to see your pretties.

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