Outfit Post: 6/27/15 & 6/28/15


Tank tops: The Bub Store/Target — Shorts: Thrifted (J.Crew) — Sandals: Gift (Clarks) — Earrings: Gift from Katie!


Here is an un-secret-y secret for you: I wore this outfit two days in a row.


I had a low-impact weekend, and it was comfortable, and on Sunday I just didn’t feel like picking something else out.


Also, I haven’t worn my Lil Bub tank top in a while and was excited to get some mileage out of it. It’s possible some folks in town saw me wearing it to both the community cultural event on Saturday and the farmers’ market on Sunday, but hopefully history will not judge me too harshly.


And to the gentleman on Saturday who gave me That Look after I responded, “She’s a cat!” to your “Lil Bub?” query: you came up and asked a stranger at a park about her shirt without preamble. Give me a break.

This Just In: Mia Doesn’t Have A Post For Today So Instead Here Are Some Photos Of Her Looking Angry At The Camera When It Wouldn’t Focus Where She Wanted It To


It does what it says on the tin, basically. Outtakes that probably say more about me than all my other outfit photos combined.


Also, I apparently have a go-to grumpy face when I can’t get a good shot of my earrings. Those pursed lips and that disapproving glare.


I wouldn’t want to be on the other end of an expression like that, believe you me.

Outfit Post: 6/25/15


Kurti: Thrifted (Fabindia) — Skirt: Thrifted (Maurices) — Flats: American Rag — Ring: Target — Earrings: Solano Stroll


The second of my kurti purchases! From a distance it just looks like it’s solid teal or jade, but up close…


Polka dots! Proper copper polka dots, no less.


One of the sleeves actually had a big tear in it at the time of purchase; my plan was to just remove the sleeves, and it worked pretty well. The way the seam is constructed, I was able to trim the sleeve neatly down to the very edge of the stitching and preserve the hem. No sewing for me! In the long run, we’ll see if it holds or if I trimmed too close–I may have to make the proverbial nine stitches in the future for the one I saved right now.

Outfit Post: 6/22/15


Shirt: Threadless — Pants: J.Crew — Sandals: 6pm.com (Dansko) — Bangle: Thrifted — Earrings: Lia Sophia


I recently switched over to sitting on an exercise ball chair at work, and it’s been an interesting experience so far.


My regular desk chair aggravated some hip pain I was having, I think largely because I kept my legs crossed for most of the day. (I also had a recurring numb patch on my calf, although I don’t know if that was related or coincidental.)


While I can cross my legs on the ball chair if I really try, it’s enough of a challenge that I mostly don’t bother. I also think it’s been helping my posture, as I’ve been much more conscious of keeping my shoulders and hips aligned. My lower back muscles have been a little sore, but that’s probably because they’re used to sandbagging it and haven’t had much asked of them lately.


Of course, it’s a little hard to look 100% professional while sitting on a ball chair, and it’s much easier when the sitter is wearing pants, like the ones I have on here. I haven’t flashed anyone yet while wearing a dress or skirt because I usually wear slipshorts or bike shorts underneath anyway, but it’s not terribly dignified. (When has Mia ever been a dignified person, you ask? Hush, you, I reply.)


I do like it, though; I think I’ll keep it. Trying it out was an experiment after it was surrendered to the common good by a coworker, and I figured that if I hated it, it would’ve gone to surplus anyhow. But I’m surprisingly aware of my body on the ball chair! I adjust more often, and get up to walk around more often, too.


Also, it’s fun to bounce on when I’m listening to music. I just have to make sure my coworkers don’t sneak up on me while that’s happening.

Outfit Post: 6/20/15


Shirt: Desigual — Skirt: Blacklist Vintage (Lilly Sports) — Sandals: Gift (Clarks) — Ring: Vendor at Lake Bled, Slovenia — Earrings: Sabo Design — Nail Polish: Zoya “Zuza” [fingers] and “Meg” [toes]


I wore this outfit to a family barbecue at my uncle’s house on Saturday, where there was elk roast and the offer of knife fights aplenty! My uncle also made some bomb-ass chocolate rum cupcakes with cream in the center because he is a man of many talents.


I got strawberry juice on my shirt and grilled chicken on my skirt, which is how you know it was a good party.


The strawberry juice pretty much matches, too. The nice thing about chaotic rainbow patterns is that they hide stains wonderfully!


I really like my extended family and I don’t get to see them often enough. One of my cousins-once-removed is living in San Francisco right now, and we promised to go on a sensory deprivation adventure together sometime soon.


And after we’re done exploring our souls, maybe petits fours?

Fourth Annual Blog Anniversary Giveaway Extravaganza!

Obligatory exclamation where I express disbelief in the continual passage of time! Joke about an alternate holiday taking place on the same day as the anniversary! Question inviting readers to share in the joke?

Okay, meta sarcasm over. Traditionally, we here at Reading in Skirts do like to celebrate this blog’s birthday with a two-part giveaway: one half platypus book-oriented and the other Mars clothing-oriented. So, what can you win this time, hmm? Let’s find out.


Part one: remember when I based a Literary Stylings outfit on this delightful contemporary romance novel? If you haven’t already picked up your own copy since then, here’s your chance to read it! One winner will receive their choice of an ebook or physical copy of Ruby Lang’s Acute ReactionsI loved it! USA Today loved it! I bet you’ll love it too.


Part two: look, I like Etsy. You know I like Etsy. A good number of my long-time beloved accessories and other pieces came from awesome independent Etsy vendors like Carouselink and the Faerie Market. If you already use Etsy, you probably have a favorite shop, and if you don’t even know what Etsy is–well, welcome! This is the internet! How are you? The second winner will receive a $25 USD Etsy e-giftcard to be used at the shop of their choice. (Don’t buy anything culturally appropriative, okay? Do me this one favor if you win. Make me proud.)

Here’s all you have to do: leave a comment with a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS on this post and tell us about a) your favorite literary couple, or b) the last time you made something crafty. You can also do both, if you’d like to enter for both giveaways. (Mind that you’ll win one at most, though.) Entries will be accepted until 11:59PM PST on Monday, June 29th. The giveaway is open to everyone, domestic and international! The winners will be chosen at random and I’ll announce them the day after the giveaway closes; if you win, you’ve have 72 hours to respond to the email before a new winner is randomly selected, so be sure to check your spam folders!

That’s all I got for you right now, so scroll down to the comments and enter! Or don’t. Hey, it’s no skin off my nose either way, pal.

This Just In: Some People Have Real Problems

So! This week turned out to be a rough one for me, mental-health-wise. Things are looking up, though, and I hope the same can be said for you.

Regarding the Charleston mass murder, if you want to do something and aren’t sure where to start:

1.) You can consider a couple of ways to donate to help the families of the murdered and their communities in South Carolina directly on the Charleston government website. I know lots of folks don’t have money to spare, and I don’t want you to feel guilty if you’re one of them. As someone who can, I always look for these funds to try and help folks on the ground who are in need.

2.) Check around your city to see if there’s a vigil you can attend. Many took place on Thursday night, but there will be more in the days to come. Even if they’re prayer vigils and you aren’t religious (like me), showing up and listening to what people have to say counts for a whole heck of a lot. I don’t have a comprehensive resource for this, but sourcing one on social media seems like a good bet.

Today is actually Reading in Skirts’ fourth birthday! How about that? Keep an eye out for the traditional celebratory giveaway on Monday. For now, I hope you can go into the weekend empowered and comforted, be it by your community, your plan, or whatever gives you strength. Also, please enjoy these photos of Flat Tire going from deep sleep to wideawakeness in under thirty seconds:



Outfit Post: 6/16/15


Dress: eBay (Maeve) — Vest: Thrifted — Shoes: American Rag — Earrings: Target


I…I don’t know, friends. I can’t write about clothing tonight. I can’t stop thinking about Charleston. Terrorism. My heart is with everyone for whom this country is not a safe place to live. I’ll try to write a lighter post tomorrow because I want this blog to be something enjoyable for folks who need a break. For now, know that I’m thinking of you.

Outfit Post: 6/15/15


Shirt: Target — Skirt: Thrifted (Fossil) — Shoes: Thrifted (Born) — Footie socks: Sock Dreams (Chevron Footies in Turquoise) — Necklace: Beyond Buckskin Boutique — Earrings: Heatherly Designs


Did you know that Fossil made clothing? I sure friggin’ didn’t! I thought they were entirely a wallet/purse concern, but apparently I was incorrect.


They evidently make rather nice clothing, too. I waffled a bit on whether this stretchy wool-blend skirt was too form-fitting, but in the end decided to give it a try. Thrift store prices have that effect on me.


(I’ll admit that these are by far the most traditionally flattering photos of all the ones I took. There are definitely lumpier, bumpier ones. Maybe next time I’ll feel up to sharing some.)


Lately I’ve been focused a lot on fit, and how things fit, and whether they fit the right amount. I think that’s where a lot of my clothing anxiety goes; without consciously thinking about it, I worry that people will perceive my clothing as ill-fitting and judge me for misunderstanding my body.


I worry that people will look at me and think, “She thinks she looks good in that?” Pervasive fear of social judgement is all part of the human condition, I suppose. Anyway, I wore the skirt, so it’s a small step in the right direction.