Outfit Post: 6/2/15


Shirt: Target — Pants: Thrifted (Ann Taylor Loft) — Shoes: Thrifted (Born) — Bangle: Thrifted — Necklace: Thrifted (Avon) — Earrings: Hand-me-down


I scrambled to put this outfit together yesterday morning and honestly thought it was going to be a throwaway that I didn’t take pictures of, but I like it!


I can’t quite pinpoint what makes it interesting enough to me to post. Is it the gray in addition to red and black?


Maybe it’s just this necklace. It tangles so easily, but getting it straight is kind of soothing. Like cleaning a dryer’s lint trap.


(Don’t act like that’s weird.)


Anyway, plain outfits. Sometimes they work out! Who knows why? Who knows anything? Not me. I can’t explain tectonic shifts or why Carrot Top looks the way he does. What are you doing in my living room? Go on, get out of there.


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