Outfit Post: 6/9/15


Dress: eBay (Marimekko) — Shoes: 6pm.com (Dansko) — Earrings: Gift from Katie!


Yellow dress! Or, at least partially yellow dress.


It’s yellow enough to fill the “yellow dress” spot in my wardrobe, and the gray is really just a bonus.


The more summer gets underway, the fewer items I want to wear while still remaining true to the decency laws of our fair country and my fair workplace. Thus: light dress, earrings that don’t touch my skin, and sandals.


I’m sure I’ll wear more complicated things in the next few months, but this formula–can you even call it a formula? it’s like when I assemble a three-ingredient salad and call it “cooking”–is necessary to fall back on when I’ve spent a 90F night lying awake and quietly sweating. I’m sure you’ll forgive me.


2 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 6/9/15

  1. I’m in the same hot, muggy boat here in KS. Trouble is, no matter how nekid you get, you’re still hot. Sigh…. A pretty cotton dress does help, however. 🙂

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