Outfit Post: 7/5/15


Top: Gift, from Crete — Camisole: Gap Outlet — Shorts: Nordstrom Rack — Sandals: Dansko — Bracelet: Charming Charlie — Earrings: Sabo Design


I had such a fit of the yawns while taking these pictures, I’m amazed any of them managed to turn out.


Getting to sleep in an extra day doesn’t do much for my energy levels, evidently. You’d think that watching such a rousing film as Operation Petticoat on the eve of 4th of July with fireworks outside would get my blood rolling for a bright, bouncy Sunday, but no.


I summoned up enough pep for a little twirl, but the rest of the day was mostly comprised of sitting on the couch and finishing The Probable Future by Alice Hoffman.


Oh, and a quick lap around the thrift store. I had to leave this bracelet at home for that because it kept snagging on the looseish weave of the top. They match so well in color, but don’t get along well otherwise. The bracelet’s a bit of a fighter.


On the other hand, these Sabo Design earrings get along with everybody. Do you suppose that’s because the bracelet’s a Scorpio and the earrings are Pisces?


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