One thought on “Outfit Post: 7/6/15

  1. jim hooper says:

    I hope l can be as brave as you. Hands shaking, you face your fear. Heart racing, lips dry, tongue stuck to the roof of your mouth. Fear.

    Yet you offer yourself a moment or two, steady up, and plunge ahead. You talk to your friends about your fear, you show them how to do it. You dare dream while afraid, risking a nightmare that would shatter a whole month of time.

    You dream because all things, all ideas, begin with a dream. Dream bright, dream big, dream success. This is your ship, this is your dream. Others dream with you, a floatilla of dreams armed with love.

    There is not just one Mia. We are all Mia. We are all with you in your fears are dreams. We are proud of ourselves.

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