Outfit Post: 7/15/15


Shirt: Thrifted (Lauren Conrad) — Pants: J.Crew — Shoes: American Rag — Earrings: Charming Charlie — Ring: Monterey Bay Aquarium


A warning, vegetarian and vegan friends: this may not be a post you will enjoy the words of. Just so you know!

So, anyway. I had to wear something easy to move around in yesterday because I had the exciting task of unboxing half a cow on my lunch break.

Yeah, half a cow. In the normal course of things I don’t buy much beef because it’s expensive and the meat industry is pretty fucked-up and blah blah blah, but I found a nice-looking place a couple hours north of us who sell cows whole and half semiannually, and decided that from an ethical and practical standpoint, it felt like a pretty good idea!


Of course, I’ve never bought half a cow before, so it was a learning experience; there are more cuts of beef in our garage now than I ever knew existed. Also, half a cow is A LOT OF MEAT. I expected this, but I really had no idea of the volume. Fortunately, it all juuuuust fit in the nearly-empty chest freezer we’ve brought with us through a few moves–Mike bought it spontaneously at a yard sale some years back and it’s really coming in handy now, since it would be impossible to store so much meat otherwise.


Between paying the beef provider and the butcher, it did end up less cost-effective than I’d expected–about $8/lb, give or take, and that’s including everything from the filet mignon down to the ground beef. The business has a reputation for really good-quality meat, though, and the folks on the other end of the line were really helpful in assisting me through the process for the first time. I really don’t regret giving it a try. Their cows look like they have pretty good lives as far as cows go, and that much beef between me and Mike ought to feed us for a good long while. Now I just have to learn how to cook steak and I’m all set!


One thought on “Outfit Post: 7/15/15

  1. Cooking steak is dead easy. If you don’t grill, learn to love your broiler! Trust me, it’s the best. My mom taught me to do steaks like that.

    Also I keep trying to convince my inlaws into a half or quarter (some places around here do smaller amounts). We have tons of freezer space due to a yard saled up right, a small chest freezer and two fridges. They used to cater. But I haven’t convinced them on the ethical/local aspect of it yet. All they see is the big cost up front.

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