Outfit Post: 8/17/15


Dress: Hand-me-down (Casual Corner) — Belt: Thrifted — Sandals: Dansko — Earrings: Charming Charlie — Ring: Jewelry shop Hallstatt, Austria


Is this dress what they mean when they (you know, “they”; the Fashion Police, who I imagine are an army of terrifyingly orange Michael Kors clones) talk about something being boatneck? I love the height it hits when I’m standing, although sometimes when I sit down it creeps a little close to the jugular notch for my comfort.


I mean, I assume most boatneck garments don’t have the lower V in back, but the front seems about right from what I’ve seen. I’ve never owned something boatnecked before; I didn’t even know what it meant when I was younger, but it sounded very fancy and related to cashmere sweaters.


This dress is decidedly not cashmere, which is just as well, since it hit 104F on my bike ride home yesterday. It’s such a short ride these days that there isn’t really enough time for me to suffer from the weather, so I continue to shock and confuse my coworkers by biking in.


They think I’m being hardcore, but really, I’m just too cheap to shell out for a campus parking permit. It’s not like I’m riding Badwater!


One thought on “Outfit Post: 8/17/15

  1. I’m clueless as far as fashion terms go, so boatneck? Sure, why not?! 😉
    It does look really nice on you. And I really like the belt. Someday if I am skinny I will wear a belt like that.
    How far is your bike ride? I don’t know that I could go very far in that kind of heat anymore. Some days I am really struggling with my mile to mile and a half walk in temperatures that are more like 70-something with 9000000000% humidity. But I suppose that isn’t too much of a concern where you live is it?
    I would think campus should give employees a parking permit ~ why don’t they?

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