Things I Did Not Buy: Animal Style

(Get it? Because I’m one of those obnoxious Californians who really likes In-N-Out? And who also tends to Thousand Island on her clothing.)

It’s been a little while since we’ve done one of these! Why not, already? I’ve been all about stuff with animals on it since I was a wee Miachild, and a number of my non-purchases recently have been along those lines.

[Click on the image to be led to the source.]


This ouroboros necklace is neat because it’s got that nice snakeskin texture and while it’s a snake, it’s also just a nice, classy piece of jewelry with a good shape all on its own. A little subtle for my usual tastes, but there’s something about the length I really like.


Now, I wouldn’t feel quite right wearing this necklace, since I’m more of an in-betweenie, but c’mon. It’s so darling. I’d buy a happy little manatee for a fatshion friend anytime.


If I’m being honest, I had a hard time choosing which cat brooch to share; all of Anna Tsukanova’s illustrated pieces in this Etsy shop are so pretty! The fine details remind me of Ukrainian embroidery, which isn’t surprising since, you know, the shop is located in Ukraine. I’ve mostly failed to make brooches work for me in the past, but these make me want to try, try again.


Good After Nine, why do you torment me so?! I’ve been admiring their toucan ring for ages (since I saw a similar ring on Pinterest, I think, and a fire was ignited inside me), but can’t quite bring myself to part with the chunk of change necessary. I also like the look of their cockatoo rings, but the only cockatoo I know is a huge jerk who bites, so the appeal of those is somewhat lessened.


Lastly, we have an item I definitely did not buy, since it’s no longer available anywhere that I can find, but dangit, this shark coin purse from Fossil is just adorable. It has little clasping teeth! You can feed it coins and make it hunt stray sticks of gum! It’s the cutest little apex predator, yes it is!


One thought on “Things I Did Not Buy: Animal Style

  1. The manatee necklace is cute, but I would want it without words I think. The toucan ring is adorable! But I could see it pecking your finger all day long which would probably get really annoying :/ The shark coin purse is the definite winner of the bunch ~ definitely have to watch for that on ebay or other thrift stores 🙂

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