This Just In: Mia Needs Some New Electronics and a Moving Van

Well, then. Sorry about the radio silence! A couple of things have happened in quick succession in the last couple of weeks: 1) my laptop broke and I lost the ability to process outfit photos, and 2) I was offered a job and will be shortly moving to Tacoma, WA.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 9.15.19 PM

Pictured: Tacoma, or at least a very small piece of it.

Given these turns of fortune, blogging might continue to be a little staticky over the next few weeks. If you bear with me, friends, it’d be much appreciated! I’ll make sure you’re handsomely rewarded with overcast photos of Puget Sound and, of course, of myself. Never let it be said that I’m not willing to give the people what they want.

This Just In: Mia’s Best of 2015 Is Semi-Democratic Once More

Last year I cast aside my previous tradition of sharing my  top ten outfits for the year–five chosen by the internet (as judged by views), and five chosen by me–to just choose all ten my own dang self. In 2016, we’re returning to form because I didn’t have enough favorite outfits to fill out the ten on my own! Hooray! First, I offer the internet’s five, in order of popularity:


June 11


March 4


April 8


February 4


March 2

Some observations: 1) 80% of these are from my participation in Gracey’s Literary Stylings challenge, so evidently, either the internet gets a kick out of me dressing like books, or I need to trick Gracey into linking to this blog more often. Possibly both. 2) The internet seems fond of my more subdued color palettes! You mean not everyone digs it when I pair neon yellow, chocolate brown, and fuchsia?? 3) Button-front shirts are a Good Thing and I should do more of them.

Now, for my personal favorites, in chronological order:


March 6


June 9


October 9


December 4


December 14

Some observations: 1) I sure learned to use my teeth in 2015. (You should see the photos I had to cut. So, so toothy.) 2) Those pink floral pants remain extremely important to my way of life; also, the internet and I seem to agree that a certain purple ponte skirt is a surprisingly valuable part of my wardrobe. 3) It would appear that I do my best outfit work early in the month. Go figure.

Well, there we have it. Maybe when 2016’s over I’ll ask readers to vote for their favorites! Or maybe by then we’ll have experienced the technological singularity and this will be a blog run by my laptop about it’s daily outfits. We’ll just have to see, won’t we?

Things I Did Not Buy: Animal Style

(Get it? Because I’m one of those obnoxious Californians who really likes In-N-Out? And who also tends to Thousand Island on her clothing.)

It’s been a little while since we’ve done one of these! Why not, already? I’ve been all about stuff with animals on it since I was a wee Miachild, and a number of my non-purchases recently have been along those lines.

[Click on the image to be led to the source.]


This ouroboros necklace is neat because it’s got that nice snakeskin texture and while it’s a snake, it’s also just a nice, classy piece of jewelry with a good shape all on its own. A little subtle for my usual tastes, but there’s something about the length I really like.


Now, I wouldn’t feel quite right wearing this necklace, since I’m more of an in-betweenie, but c’mon. It’s so darling. I’d buy a happy little manatee for a fatshion friend anytime.


If I’m being honest, I had a hard time choosing which cat brooch to share; all of Anna Tsukanova’s illustrated pieces in this Etsy shop are so pretty! The fine details remind me of Ukrainian embroidery, which isn’t surprising since, you know, the shop is located in Ukraine. I’ve mostly failed to make brooches work for me in the past, but these make me want to try, try again.


Good After Nine, why do you torment me so?! I’ve been admiring their toucan ring for ages (since I saw a similar ring on Pinterest, I think, and a fire was ignited inside me), but can’t quite bring myself to part with the chunk of change necessary. I also like the look of their cockatoo rings, but the only cockatoo I know is a huge jerk who bites, so the appeal of those is somewhat lessened.


Lastly, we have an item I definitely did not buy, since it’s no longer available anywhere that I can find, but dangit, this shark coin purse from Fossil is just adorable. It has little clasping teeth! You can feed it coins and make it hunt stray sticks of gum! It’s the cutest little apex predator, yes it is!

This Just In: Mia Doesn’t Have A Post For Today So Instead Here Are Some Photos Of Her Looking Angry At The Camera When It Wouldn’t Focus Where She Wanted It To


It does what it says on the tin, basically. Outtakes that probably say more about me than all my other outfit photos combined.


Also, I apparently have a go-to grumpy face when I can’t get a good shot of my earrings. Those pursed lips and that disapproving glare.


I wouldn’t want to be on the other end of an expression like that, believe you me.

This Just In: Vintage Fashion Razzes My Berries


On Saturday, I had the pleasure of going out to the semi-annual Vintage Fashion Faire in Alameda with my good friend CB!


I hadn’t been before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect–but what we got was a lovely sitting area at one end of the warehouse, rows upon rows of vintage clothing and accessories, and an incredible opportunity for people-watching.


There was also a refreshment counter! Classy, don’t you think?


CB and I alternated between chatting with coffee in the sitting area and doing some browsing of our own, and there was so much to look at that I was definitely a little bit overstimulated. There were fabrics with beautiful prints (and also some cute and silly ones):



Gorgeous fancy dresses from the era of taffeta and lace:



Curious accessories, like this mustard-seed necklace (a Christian religious token, I think?) and some bright-eyed stoles:



And there were even some delights to be seen when everything was over and we were packing up to head home:


CB and I both scored some great finds–you’ll see mine here extremely soon because I’m too impatient to save them–and I’m already excited about the next Vintage Fashion Faire in October. One vendor told us that the Friday-night party is where it’s really at, with costumes and a live band among all the wares, so when fall comes around, we’ll have to put our hair up in victory rolls and join the fun.

This Just In: Lucy Bellwood Strikes Again

…or struck again, I should really say. I may be reporting on these sketches a month late, but couldn’t you call my style timeless?

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.16.50 PM

The esteemed Miz Bellwood seems to enjoy sketching my outfits on occasion to cool down from drawing ships and boats and schooners and other seafaring things, and I’m certainly not going to dissuade her. She makes me look so sassy! Go see the whole trio of most recent sketches on her Instagram, and then stick around to watch her wrestle alligators. Is there anything that lady can’t do?

This Just In: Grief Is Complicated

[Content warning: mortality, sadness. You know the drill.]

Jessica would have turned 27 today. The last birthday of hers that we got to celebrate was five years ago, in Las Vegas with some friends, and I’m glad we did. These days, I tend to think I’m done grieving, but then occasionally I see or hear something and it all comes hurrying back. Not often, but sometimes.

She still shows up in my dreams and things are just like they used to be. In reality, if she were still alive, five years might have brought changes to our relationship that I can’t even picture. Maybe we would have drifted apart. Where would we fit into each other’s lives? If she came back now, what would she think of my life without her?

Most days, missing her is the kind of missing that’s more of a fond nostalgia than anything really painful. We had a good run. Today I’m missing her a little more, though.

Loads of Links 3/20/15

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 8.21.36 PM

image via Junior Scientist Power Hour

Back in October, Jennae from Green & Gorgeous wore an all-gray-everything outfit and it reinforces my feeling that gray is the coziest-looking color.

Brand KTZ had a line at this year’s NYFW that suspiciously resembled designs by Northern Cheyenne/Crow designer Bethany Yellowtail, which follows basic fashion history of Native artists being co-opted by others.

The Shark Lady, Eugenie Clark, passed away in February, and she was an incredible scientist; I’m sorry I wasn’t familiar with her work before her passing.

Cartoonist Abby Howard made two comics about being fat and they are, of course, excellent.

This recipe for baked-in-their-shells eggs with mushrooms from The Furious Pear Pie is going on my breakfast list BUT QUICK.

What happens if you put placenta-based beauty masks on your face? Writers Jaya Saxena and Jazmine Hughes bravely found out over at The Hairpin.

Speaking of Jaya Saxena, she wrote about how to be comfortably naked in naked-in-public spaces!

Here’s a brief history of plagiarism in YA over at Bookshelves of Doom.

There are some comments disputing how representative of each era the looks are, but the North and South Korean edition of “100 Years of Hair and Makeup” is still a super interesting one minute of maybe-history.

If you’d like something a little more in-depth to distract you from the impending heat death of the universe, here’s a longform history of Harlequin Romance.

Alex’s best photos of 2014 at Delayed Missives are so, so beautiful. As per uzh.