Pep Talk


I know I haven’t posted an outfit picture in pretty much forever, but I do plan on doing so as soon as I can get a flash in the apartment again. For now, let’s work on being awesome, together.

Where the BLEEP has Tia been?


I’ve been participating in big ass group swing dancing routines in Chicago, with nine couples swinging out at the exact same time, and doing awesome aerials with my husband.


I’ve been at birthday parties, wearing green and purple and looking awfully majestic.



I’ve been at Lindy Focus, one of the biggest party weekends of lindy hop in the US, sporting neon with my fellow midwestern dance friends. (This ended up being less than a quarter of us present, but somehow it is DIFFICULT to organize some 60 odd swing dancers in a hotel of 900 when they are not checking their facebook pages!)



I also wore the evening gown that Jessica helped me pick out two years ago at a thrift store for New Years Eve, and thought of her and kissed my husband at midnight as 2013 started.


I’ve been modeling for my husband and showing off my new haircut. Weirdly, I’ve also been asked if my haircut is cold by men with shorter hair than mine. (Bwuh? Teasing? I guess?)


I’ve been lindy hopping in mini skirts with leopard print fishnet over magenta tights and feeling like a total hottie while doing it.


Finally, this weekend, I was dancing the blues at Winter Blues Intensive, and working my love for the scene into a ferver. Today, I go back to class, and hopefully, I’ve also come back around to blogging my fashion attempts. Special thanks for the photos today go to Braden and Ben for being excellent photographers.

Serious Inspiration

I know I haven’t been around much; it’s been hard for me to get pictures as soon as the weather has gotten colder. I need to get my camera and my flash set up in the apartment. In the mean time, I want to share some images of someone who is inspiring the shit out of my fashion lately.

De’Borah Garner from Season 3 on the Voice. I mean, how is she so awesome? The almost head to toe red with just the touch of bright blue accents? It’s so bold and unique.


She rocks menswear with just a touch of femme. I love her lime watch here…along with trying to be more subtle about checking the time than looking at a phone, she’s the major reason I’ve been thinking about picking up a watch.


I mean how so cool? I’m getting all revved up for thrifting with Mia when she gets here on SATURDAY.


I…am also starting to think it’s time to get new frames. >_> I suppose I should probably get my eyes checked first and make sure that I have the right prescription first, but then I’m going to order like half a dozen pairs of frames.


My Homework Assignment is Weirdly Relevant to This Blog

So I’m taking a course called informational aesthetics this term, and the first assignment was to either make any visualization of data or to create a data portrait. I chose to do a self-portrait, obviously, and visualized the colors in my wardrobe. I definitely had fun with this – it’s been a while since I created a piece of visual art. It was fun though!


Let Me Reintroduce You To My Wardrobe

Hi guys – did you miss me? While I’m excited to be back, it was really nice to take a month off of blogging and social media and just experience everything without reporting on it. It also gave me a chance to reorganize my clothing set up in a more meaningful way.

Sorry for the blurry photo of my new pants organization device. The top bit is just things that go under skirts(tights, pettipants, leggings), then we’ve got shorts, then pants, then denim, and the bottom is pajamas and workout clothes. Yay for organized pants!

Before I moved my pants out, they lived in this drawer with my skirts. Right now, the skirts are organized right to left from long skirts to short shirts, but I might need to organize them differently, since most of my skirts are obscured by this particular arrangement.

Also, getting my pettipants and tights out of my underwear drawer left me room to organize my socks too! So many socks y’all!

Anyway, thanks everyone for understanding my need to take a break. I’m all jazzed up and excited to show y’all my new ideas for outfits that came out of organizing my closet. How do you get psyched up for blogging?

Taking Care

Hi guys! I’ve been off the blog for a bit because of a confluence of events, including the car accident(see above for damage, yikes), my home wifi going out, and a frightening amount of foot/calf pain. I actually want to talk about the last of those three excuses for absence because it was terrifying to me, but lead me to doing something I should’ve done a while ago.

For the last month or so, when I’ve woken up, I’ve had mild foot pain. Over the last week, as Braden and I prepped like crazy for Dance for Science and worked our butts off to have the choreography ready, that pain lasted longer and longer. Last night, it was so intense that a 15 minute walk had me whimpering. (It’s since been determined that I chose the wrong, wrong, wrong shoes to wear while my feet were sore, since I woke up today and had the same previous lower level pain.)

As a dancer, I felt a strong fear that I was going to have to take a week or two…or four…or six off of dancing. So I did something I’ve never done, and sprung for a massage. One of my friends is a masseuse, but since I was recently paid for being Braden’s data manager for a wedding, I insisted on actually paying her what she was worth, because not only is she worth $60, my comfort is also worth $60.

I’m post massage now, and my head is a bit wibbly, but my calves and feet currently feel so much better. I was given guidance for what to do to help them stay that way, part of which is scheduling another appointment. I have always had a hard time spending money on myself(exempting dumb things like headbands) because, well, shouldn’t that money be put to something more worthy?

Giant fluffy headbands are in fact pretty high on my list of impulse buys as Mia will tell you.

In this case, no. What exactly could be more important than my health? Or, let’s be honest, the thing that made me act – my ability to dance. The terror that I felt about even losing a week or two of dancing put into perspective that a little money to help my body is not a waste or misuse of that money.

I want to suggest that you don’t wait until you’re in an unbearable amount of pain before seeing a massage specialist, or taking a mental health day or whatever it is you need to do to take care of yourself. I shouldn’t have waited as long as I did, but now that I’ve started taking care, I’m going to make sure I keep doing so.

Friday Link Roundup!

Because I really didn’t feel like taking pictures this week(I don’t even guys), I leave you instead with some fun links for the weekend.

First up, because I’m entirely egocentric, The Goodness posted a teaser of our wedding pictures. AAAAH. I’m super excited for the rest of them to show up guys,but I can at least maintain my patience a little bit now. We are so damn cute!Image

Also, Liss at Shakeville has recently kicked off a series called Fatsronauts 101. It’s been, as always, incredibly succinct and fabulous at disassembling the stereotypes that fat people suffer. Reading it has left me better equipped to deal with the nonsense that people sputter.

Regina Spektor’s new album is slaying me. This song is probably the most depressing song about fine art ever. I totally want to make a video game based off of it. The very last song on the album reduced me to tears in the most quiet way possible, as those of you who’ve been reading for sometime might be able to guess.

This weekend is the Chicago Underground Blues Experience, which links up with the Chicago Blues Fest. There will be sunshine and dancing and blues for all.

A short story that made me smile by one of my favorite tumblr artists.

If this asparagus with almonds and yogurt dressing recipe doesn’t get made before asparagus falls out of prime delicious time, I will be very disappointed in myself.