I won’t have any of the professional pictures yet, but I can share some of the pictures my dad took at the wedding.

If for some reason, you want to see the ceremony from a silly angle, you can check it out here.

It was a beautiful, wonderful day, and while not everything went according to plan, it still went perfectly. The weather was gorgeous. The party was great, the company couldn’t have been better, and the wedding was everything I could have hoped for. It’s funny, because someone asked me if I felt differently today, and the answer was “No, but that had been the plan.”

I’ll share more pictures when The Goodness delivers them( in some 4-6 weeks, testing my patience in the worst of ways). But really, it was a fantastic day, and I’m really grateful for all of the good wishes I received.

Periodic Table of Elemental Cupcakes

This weekend, my Chicago ladies surprised me with a bachelorette party. I thought I was going to just another Girl Party(a Chicago institute, since we dancer-folk rarely see other girls on a regular basis, and it allows us to get to know each other), but my sneaky ladies surprised me. Heather and Jen made the entire periodic table of elements in cupcake form.

I was entirely surprised. I seriously had no idea. And the cupcakes were fabulous.

This is my “I don’t understand why there is confetti being flung at me, or why there is a camera, but I guess I’ll smile and be confused at all the people yelling surprised” face.

Luckily for me, there were green drinks to match my dress and help me climb back down awkward mountain. It took me a while to cope with the surprise, and get back on sturdy footing, but I’m so grateful to my wonderful friends. I had no idea, and was doubly impressed when it was revealed that Braden knew about it too. He is not a good secret keeper, but I still had no. clue.

(These photos not by me, but by one of the attendees of the party).

Wedding Dress Preview!

The other thing that showed up last Wednesday was the second take of my wedding dress. Mom had extra swiss dot fabric from making one of my bridesmaids’ dresses and made a second version with the suggestions about the first take adapted in. As you can see, the dress is definitely a bit more modest(albeit still boobtacular) and there’s a lot more skirt.

Hehehe, so much skirt. This thing twirls like a professional twirly thing.

Now, all you’ve got to do is imagine it in lime, with the sash that I wore before and a bunch of other things you haven’t seen yet, and you’ve conjoured my wedding outfit. Congrats! Or, you could just wait a month, since there’s just one month left. Eep!

Wedding Update

Man, I should not have said anything about getting back into things. It just made me feel bad yesterday when I didn’t get a post up in time. But now I’ve got a whole bunch of pictures, and, even, a little bit of time to write a few posts as a backlog. What-what!

So, as of Sunday, I can officially say that I’m getting married next month. This is a somewhat bizarre experience. Also, that picture up top is of one of the last crafts I had to do before we head out to California…our cake topper! I’m so happy with how they turned out. Each one is two dollheads and a napkin holder, which is kind of funny. I penciled them first, and then painted them with acrylic.

Unfortunately, our officiant has had to back out, so we’re trying to work out an alternative. The good thing is we’re not panicking yet, and we’ve got plenty of time to find the right person to perform the marriage ceremony.

Otherwise though, progress has been steady, and we’re nearly there. I can’t wait to share that day with all of you!

What’s in a Name?

No pictures today, because I’m a horrible outfit chronicler right now. But! Let’s talk about something feminist-y that is worrisome to me!

Since just before Christmas, Braden and I have been “joking” about changing our respective last names to Science. I say “joking” in quotation marks because I don’t…I’m not sure if we were joking or not. The thing is this: neither of us has an emotional attachment to our last names. Braden’s was constructed by Ellis Island agents who decided Wortis wasn’t American enough. Nevermind that Wortis was also a bastardization of the original spelling anyway. Shelley, while it has been part of my identity for 100% of my life, we don’t actually know the origins of the name. So we talked about changing out name to something that was meaningful for both of us.

Science is definitely one of the foundations of our relationship. We both have a desire to learn about the world and the things around us. I’m pursuing a terminal degree in computer science. He’s a complete science fan. It makes sense for us. It would simplify naming our kids, since I’m not taking his last name because it’s not something that vibes with my philosophy.

You would not believe how angry this made my next door neighbor.

I want to profess my ignorance. I want to claim that I don’t understand his irritation, or his need to inform me that it was a foolish idea and that there is “no foolishness the law won’t support.” I want to claim that since it doesn’t hurt him, he shouldn’t care, and that I don’t know why it does. But I know where that comes from.

It comes from a need to preserve the way things are, and from the fact that someone else doing things differently is often taken to mean that the way they did it isn’t good enough for me. That I’m disregarding tradition for some foolish reason and that obviously I’m part of the “me” generation that only cares about myself. That the explanation “I want to do this because it will make me and Braden happy” isn’t enough because it’s going up against Western tradition.

While I don’t know what we’ll do yet, I do know that we’ll continue to deal with strangers telling us what to do no matter what we do. I have pink and blue hair. I have multiple tattoos that are visible during about 3 months of the year. Braden has a tattoo. We’re both fat, which of course means our bodies are available for public comment, you know. I’d love to hear your opinions about name changing: I know a few of you are getting married too and have thus started to field questions about name changes too.

Wedding Dress: One More Time, With Gusto

So! My mom made me a test dress of a pattern we picked out together at Jo Ann’s when I was in California. This is that dress! There were a few problems: the first being that the straps were too long for my oddly short boob-shoulder distance.

The second was, with the petticoat, the back laid quite oddly. Whoops. I gave her my measurements, not my measurements + the petticoat. Silly me. XD

Despite these sillynesses, and the fact that mom forgot to sew in the pockets on the test dress, I think I’ve decided on this dress. All of the stress that was wrapped up in trying to find the perfect dress was not helpful. Now all I’ve got to do is decide between sashes.

Do I do the ruffle drop? (Also note that this is probably the most accurate as far as how the neckline will look, since I’ve pinched the straps behind my neck.)

The beaded panel drop? There’s actually a lot of fine beadwork there that doesn’t come across in this picture at all.

Or perhaps the dual sash culminating in beadwork. I don’t know! They’re all interchangeable due to snaps on the inside of the belt part of the sash, which I found quite clever.

Also, bolero! Brown lace bolero even! So tada! No more dress agony for me. If you can imagine this dress in green, the right length strap, and with a much fuller skirt and far more tulle underneath it supporting it, you can imagine me on my wedding day. If not, then you, like me, will have to wait until some time in May, though I’m sure you’ll see plenty of this dress in the meantime.

Wedding Dress: Convertible Times in Peach

No Bradens are allowed to see this post. Nope. Nu-uh. Not at all. Go away Braden. No reading. No looking at the pictures. Nothing.

So, my sample dress from Isadora Clothing arrived while I was out of town, and I picked it up Monday. I opened the box to find that the sample was peach and lighter peach and winced. Seriously, those are my two least favorite colors to wear, because they just don’t…blargh. Then, when I unfurled it, it was the wrong cut…I asked for the sassy cut, and got the straight hem. Still, at least it gave me an idea of what was going on. My Chicago wedding cabal helped me out with trying it on, since Sara has experience with convertible dresses and Heather was around.

So, you can’t really tell, but there is a petticoat under there. The fabric for the dress was really, really heavy. The petticoat really couldn’t compete with it, and it was all but useless for volume. Sara pointed out though that it would look really great when I’m spinning on the dance floor though, and I think she’s right about that. The other thing she mentioned is that the tube top that comes with the dress is sort of not…a good idea. I’m Tia. Cleavage is sort of what I do. But my one strapless bra is a straight line on the top, so most of the pictures have the tube top.

Here, we pulled the dress up to right under my boobs, so you can see a bit of the petticoat. I like that this style shows both tattoos, but I don’t know how I feel about how very round my boobs are here.

I like the more sweetheart neckline here, and would like it better without the tube top, I think.

Same design, from the back.

I think this was my favorite thing Sara came up with. The crazy stuff in the middle where the straps loop around each other just creates such a pretty little area of interest. Also, the back crossing again keeps both tattoos visible. :3

Obligatory strapless design. For a non-cleavage design, I really like the texture on the top.

I…don’t know how I feel about this dress. I was sort of expecting to get it and fall madly in love and want to send my money to them right away, but I’m hesitant. I wish it was in the right colors, or has the right length. I need some help ladies: the end result would be in brown and lime, with lime being the prominent color. If you can envision it, give it to me straight. Will I like it? Will I $225 like it? Uuuugh I don’t want to make decisions guys. Especially not expensive decisions.

How To: Make Duct Tape Flower Bouquets

Hi guys! I made a couple of duct tape flower bouquets for my bridesmaids on Saturday morning, and I figured I’d do a quick how to. These are reeeeally easy to make, and duct tape is relatively inexpensive.

Materials: thick yarn for wrapping the “stems”, paperclips, duct tape, and scissors. Easy peasy. If you want to have an easier time, you can use floral wire instead of paperclips, but I seem to have misplaced my floral wire, so I used what I had lying around.

If you’re using paperclips, the first step is to unfold a paperclip. Otherwise, cut a length of floral wire about five inches long.

Then, cut a piece of duct tape off the role, anywhere from 8″-16″ long. Place the paperclip about halfway up the tape on one of the ends.

Then, fold the tape over so that there is some adhesive still useful. I found that it was easiest with about a quarter inch showing, but consistency doesn’t matter too much with this technique.

Wrap the duct tape around the pin and itself, pressing the sticky part of the tape firmly to where you stick it. Keep wrapping until you get to the end of the tape. You can vary the tightness of the wrap to get more petal like variation.

See, flower!

Do that about eleven more times to get a reasonable large size bunch.

Arrange the flowers artfully in one hand.

Now, lace the yarn between the wires to start wrapping. This will make it easier to make sure you wrap the end of the yarn in with the wires.

Then keep wrapping. I wrapped tightly so that I would get a consistent look and hide more of the paperclips. Then, when you’re done wrapping, wrap towards the center, and tie a bow around the “stems” as in the first picture. Ta da! You’re done.

I made three bouquets because I’ve got three lovely ladies standing for me on my wedding day. I’ve got to try and decide now if they get to pick which one they want or if I’m assigning the argyle to Mia because ARGYLE. I’ve yet to make my own bouquet, but I’m excited.

I’m also thinking of making some pins using the rest of the duct tape, because I think it would work really well for that.

I’m going to add a short aside here about these flowers. I had when I was back in California, backed away from the idea because I felt a lot of pressure about the flowers from various people, and Braden wasn’t there at the time to express his own opinions on the matter. The duct tape flowers are actually one of the things that is important to him, because they’re a clear marker of his personal aesthetic in the wedding too. So I’m really happy that I was able to actuate Braden’s vision in this way.

Wedding Dress Shopping: Tiny Waist Edition

Hi everybody: it’s time for another edition of wedding dress shopping with Tia! This time, I had the assistance of Mia, my bridesdude Hector, and my mom. Hustle away now if you’re not interested in such things.

This time, I went to a bridal/formal wear shop in Stockton, so there were lots of non-white options. This one called to me, because it’s pretty darn close to the right colors/length, but honestly, none of my peeps seemed excited about it after I got it on. I mostly loved the little flower.

These three were largely to give my mom the opportunity to see me in a big floofy white dress. I actually sort of like the bodice on the last one, except for the underarm sequins. Why people, why? These set off the shop owner’s comments about my “tiny waist”. I don’t know how to convey to shop keepers that telling me I have a tiny waist won’t convince me of anything, but it really doesn’t do anything for me.

This was actually one of my favorite dresses. When I started trying on the formal gowns instead of the wedding dresses, we found a lot more that it was easy to see myself in. The glitter explosion at the side was way too cute. I still want a more full skirt than this one, but I love the deep sweetheart and what it does for my boobs.

This one has the same basic top as the one above, but with a lower waist. Mia mentioned liking the higher waist better, but reflecting on these images, I sort of like the length added to my torso by having the sash a bit lower. I tend towards higher waist lines in my daily wear, and I wonder if that’s why I’m gravitating towards a lower position for formal wear, as some sort of contrast? Maybe?

Actually, of the white dresses I tried on, I liked this one the best. Something about the long dividing line of the sash really appealed to me. That, and the flower details that you can’t really see on top of the sash. And yes, that’s my mom’s hand, pinching the top of the bodice to sweetheart0ify it because it was a straight bodice. Ahar.

Still, I think what’s been decided is that I’m going to keep waiting to sample my dream dress(the reversible convertible), and if that doesn’t work out, Mom and I found an awesome pattern and the perfect fabrics at JoAnn’s the other day. Man, we’re like five months away on the wedding countdown. It’s sort of unbelievable.

Wedding Dress Shopping: One Positive Experience

If you’re not interested in seeing wedding dress pictures? Turn. Away. Now. Also, Braden, you’re not allowed to read this post because it includes my back-up dress in case the other one doesn’t work out. Shoo. Go ‘way. I’m going to try cutting this post, but I’m not sure how that works on wordpress and feed readers.

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