Guest Post: Business Breakfast

[For today’s Friday Guest Post, please welcome adorable Canadian Rae back to the show! Yae, Rae! -Mia]

Blazer: Target – Scarf: Van Heusen Outlet – Camisole: Old Navy – Leggings: Ricki’s – Shoes: G.H. Bass Outlet – Earrings: Target

I’m also wearing my FitBit and my promise-engagement-wedding rings, which you can’t really see.


Every so often, there’s a day where everything sartorial just seems to go right.

It was my dearly beloved Jeans Friday, but I also needed to go to a networking breakfast, and my coworker attending with me had expressed some denim-related doubts. So as I pinned my hair to the side, SpaceWitch style, and contemplated my wardrobe, I decided that if I couldn’t wear jeans, I could make my leather-ish leggings look pretty fun for a business breakfast. (I’m a social media coordinator, so it isn’t like I was trying to wear this to something involving, like, Profit Margins).


I’m glad selfie-style photos were good enough for Mia’s forefathers (and foremothers, I’m sure), as I have a few of those mixed in with the ones I had my coworker-friend take with my iPhone in front of our storage room door.

“Do you mind if the door’s in it?”

“Nah, doesn’t matter; I look cool as hell.”

Vain as hell, too.


The newest thing in this outfit is probably the earrings or the leggings; ever since I started watching these cool Twitter people and their outfits, I’ve been more inventive with mine – this meant starting to wear earrings, thinking maybe I could pull off leggings, etc. I’ve had the camisole for years and the scarf and shoes for at least a couple. I am also going to be mourning the loss of Target Canada and their cheap blazers.


I felt confident at an event which had made me nervous; I entirely credit the SpaceWitch hair.


Guest Post: Professional Bull Riding

[Hey, it’s a Friday! Well, it’s Friday here, I don’t know about your time zone or moon year. Anyhow, let’s have a Western-style guest post from my most cow-tippin’ friend, Edie. -Mia]

Every year, Professional Bull Riding comes to town and what started as “We have GOT to check this out!” has now become a yearly tradition. I live in a city surrounded by farm and ranch land and PBR is as good excuse as any to see a slice of life completely foreign to me.

(PBR isn’t like bull fighting in Spain, in case you’re horrified right now! Cowboys stay on a bucking bull for as long as they can and earn points for the length of time they stay on and how well they do it – the goal is to stay on the bull for 8 seconds. The bulls get points too, for bucking off the riders and for how quickly. Sometimes the bulls are even bigger celebrities than the riders…they made a big deal about Bushwacker’s retirement after this season. After I went a couple times I did some research on the animal ethics of PBR and I was comfortable with continuing to spend my money there. I would understand if you disagreed.)

Please excuse the selfie-style mirror-and-phone pics, I am not as adept as Mia with an awesome camera & remote set up. [Ed: I would never speak ill of selfie-style outfit photos! If mirror-and-phone pics were good enough for our forefathers, they’re good enough for me.]

Being somewhat bereft of true cowgirl clothing (see above: city girl), I tried to pull together an outfit that leans towards “rancher chic.” It mostly involves finding a button down and jeans. I do own two plaid button downs but since I’ve worn them to the past three PBR excursions I wanted to find something new this year.


The shirt is from the Banana Republic and one I wear to work on occasion. I don’t love it; the pink plus the pintucking make it a little too feminine for me, but it ended up being just right for dinner, PBR, and drinks afterwards. The jeans are new from Uniqlo – I was NOT expecting them to be quite so skinny, but they’re actually the most comfortable jeans I own thanks to a lot of stretch. They’re the only ones that I don’t take off as soon as I get in the house. Not the easiest to put on/take off, however (which may have something to do with it….). The boots are from Ralph Lauren. I hemmed and hawed over them for awhile because they were more than I had spent on a single pair of shoes in a long time, but I’ve worn them nearly every weather-appropriate weekend since then so: good decision, E.



Southwest-inspired jewelry seemed right for the occasion, so I wore my silver and turquoise Kokopelli earrings and silver Kokopelli bracelet. I got these as a teen on a family trip to Arizona and I’m impressed I chose souvenirs I still wear as an adult. I normally really love useless tchocktes. The necklace was a gift from my mom from a local artist’s shop in my city, and the bracelet is from when I was a kid. I recently got it fixed and I’m really happy I did; there isn’t much that comes with my name on it so even though I didn’t wear it for a decade, I’m glad I dragged it around two states and four cities.

So that’s rancher chic! My job has me interfacing with ranchers more and more, though, so by the time PBR comes around next year, I may end up with legit boots and maybe even a cowboy hat. I’ll keep you updated!

Guest Post: Bringer of War and Perfect Jackets

[Happy Friday, pals that are in a Friday part of the world! Please enjoy this charming space-themed guest post from the glorious Diana. -Mia]

Full outfit

Please excuse the mirror selfies with tablet; I am a solitary witch without a tripod.

So here’s what was going on in my life on the afternoon of November 1, 2014:

1. My best friend Meg and I were spending the entire weekend having a long-distance two-person nerd con, which mostly involved watching a LOT of Babylon 5.
2. I had dressed as a space witch for Halloween the day before.
3. The event I was getting ready to go to that day was an orchestra concert featuring famous space-themed music.

Also, I am the sort of person who will accept any excuse to wear a costume, even (ESPECIALLY) if it’s not an obvious costume to anyone but me. You can probably see where I’m going with this. But as much as I love my galaxy leggings and my shooting star earrings, after Halloween I was in the mood for the statement my outfit made to be a bit less literal. So I thought I’d try to evoke the cosmic theme more subtly with colors and patterns.

Tights and bag

Match your bag to your legs, that’s what I always say.

Speaking of which, let me tell you about my legs. I’d been looking forward to wearing my cobalt blue footless tights, but discovered when I put them on that the stitching had partially come out of one of the cuffs, leaving a dozen visible runs up the back of one leg. Hearing of my tragic plight, Meg said, “Can you put another pair of tights on underneath and make it look deliberate?” which gave me an idea. I put on a different pair of tights in chalkboard green. Then I took the cobalt tights, ripped the rest of the stitching out of both cuffs, and pulled runs all the way around each leg, all the way to the top. Once they were on over the green tights and all the rough edges were covered by my shoes and dress, the effect was, literally and figuratively, seamless.

The color didn’t look all that different over the green; I’m curious to try some different pairings. I have some ketchup-packet-red tights that should make for an interesting experiment.

Back of jacket

When I discovered this jacket at Nordstrom Rack in what I’m pretty sure was the wrong spot (and yet, somehow, exactly the right spot), it was basically the clothes-shopping equivalent of a meet-cute. Love at first sight, trying-it-on-with-every-piece-of-clothing-I-own montage when I brought it home, the whole package. It is the best jacket in the world.

No jacket

There is nothing about this dress that is not perfect. I added a cardigan for extra color and a bit of warmth and buttoned two buttons to make it subtly evoke a waistcoat under the jacket.

The boots are from Kmart. I KNOW, RIGHT? An internet rando told me about Kmart shoes, which is why I now always listen to internet randos. These are awesome boots in pretty much every way that a boot can be awesome, not the least of which is that THEY FIT MY CALVES. It turns out that the price of having powerful Amazon legs is never being able to just go into a store and buy the sweetest pair of tall boots you can find, unless that store is Kmart, apparently.


One pair of earrings, the most literal space reference I allowed in this outfit. Meg gave them to me the last time I visited. She said that she never wore them and that I would probably get more use out of them; can’t imagine where she got that idea. Elsewhere, my ever-present Agnes Scott College class ring, as well as a ring that is probably made out of painted plastic but which belonged to my grandmother and I love it for both that reason and also the reason that it is gorgeous.


That concert was the best, by the way. Do not depart this mortal realm without having heard Holst’s Mars, the Bringer of War performed live at least once. Stop looking at me like that. I certainly didn’t tear up during that song just because I love it so much. You did that. It was you.

Jacket: Nordstrom Rack (Baccini) — Dress: Target — Cardigan: Target — Tights: Target — Boots: Kmart — Jewelry: Hand-Me-Downs and Class Ring — Purse: Wilson’s Leather Outlet

Guest Post: What To Wear To a Wrestling Show

[Happy Halloween to all you pals out there who celebrate it! Why not enjoy a guest post by my buddy Amanda about that most costumed sport of all: professional wrestling? -Mia]


Shirt is from Barbershop Window
Leggings are from Kohl’s
Shoes are Target’s Converse collection 


My husband and I went to the WWE Hell in a Cell live show on Sunday.


It was my first wrestling show, so I took the opportunity to go a little more colorful than I normally do – as a ginger, pink isn’t often my first choice!


I’m a pretty new wrestling fan and this was my first live event, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Happily, it was an excellent time! Lots of feats of strength, some fighting in a steel cage, and a lot of chanting for our favorites!


I bonded with the teenage girls behind me about how awesome the women’s champion AJ Lee is, drank a beer or two, and cheered the bad guys and booed the good guys, which is how it should go (sometimes).

Guest Post: Grungy-Woodsy

[Happy Friday, everyone! Here’s a guest post from my super-charming friend Anne. Go fall in love with her, quick! -Mia]

body photo

I wore this outfit on a very reasonably-temperatured but overcast Saturday in October. Some friends and I went to the arboretum and spent the day wandering around, sitting on blankets and generally being dirtbags.

flannel closeup

I’m wearing my favorite shorts that I cut to the perfect length (originally from Target), a Marc by Marc Jacobs blouse that I found at a thrift store and makes me feel fancy, my amazing green leather boots, and my sorority flannel from college. I love flannel because it’s both a Seattle grungy thing and a New England woodsy thing, and those are my birth home and my chosen home, respectively. Wearing something that looks too put-together makes me feel uncomfortable, and throwing a flannel on an outfit is like a security blanket.

face closeup

I ended up having the flannel buttoned almost the whole time and tucking the front part into the shorts, and it looked GREAT. My trusty glasses are Oliver Peoples and I’ve had them for four and a half years. I’m going to order the same frames from ebay when I finally decide to replace them.

boots closeup

These are the most expensive shoes I’ve ever owned and my cat, Fox, attacked the left boot the first day I got them, thus transforming them from Special Boots to Everyday Boots in one emotionally charged instant.

watch closeup

This watch is stainless steel faux rose gold and I love it.

ring closeup

A blurry but still precious photo of my little mouse ring from Etsy.

I used to be too self-conscious about my legs to wear shorts in public, but now I do it all the time. I’m happy I’ve been feeling good about my legs, because they really enjoy being freeeee!

Guest Post: Babies and Flowers

[Happy Friday, everybody! I’d like to make Friday guest posts a thing whenever I have one on hand–leave a comment if you’d like to do one in the future, whatever your style may be. This post is from Emily, an awesome friend of mine. -Mia]


Here’s me in my nice outfit I wore today to visit with my 95 y/o grandma, aunt, cousin, and cousin’s babies. Shirt is from a random $5 sale at a boutique store in San Rafael, skirt is thrifted but good quality (Sunny Leigh) from the fancy Goodwill in Healdsburg, shoes are Naturalizer.


Necklace was a gift from a friend, colors reminded her of me. 🙂 Neither baby deposited any bodily fluids on me, which was unexpected.


[Emily owns her own business, Green Snapdragon, where she does incredible floral design and consultation! You can see one of her finished bouquets above. Check out her Instagram or portfolio if you want to look at a bunch larger gorgeous and soothing flower photos, which you know you do. -Mia]

Guest Post: Schoolgirl Weirdo Robyn

[What’s that, everyone? You’ve been wanting another guest post? Want no more, friends, because my buddy Julie is here to rock your world. -Mia]


I’m Julie aka J Twitch aka yrpretendfriend and I’m a biology undergraduate in the Pacific Northwest. My style is usually a dirtbag Clarissa Explains It All but today I’m feeling more schoolgirl weirdo Robyn.


I secretly wish I wore glasses so this shirt from buffalo exchange is a compromise.


I thought I would wear my eyeball necklace with it because why not? It’s from a random store in Portland.


My skirt is thrifted and my socks are from H&M and shoes/earrings from target! (My nose ring is from a deleted etsy shop. Possibly sketchy?)


Watch is from the Piccadilly flea market and friendship bracelet from my pal Edie!


Peep that rad ant poster I just discovered in my lab (I research leaf cutter ants)!


Thanks Mia!

Guest Post: Malice Springs

[Hey, pals! To celebrate this Friday, how about a guest post from the beloved IceBerg? Yes, I think that is a wonderful idea, indeed. Take it away, Bergie!]

sitting on steps

T-shirt – gift
jeans – Target junior section
boots – a cheap shoe store I forget the name of!
earrings – made by me!

full-shot IMG_6463

The t-shirt was a gift from my brother from when he was living in Darwin; it features a roller derby girl named Malice Springs (after Alice Springs)!


The badass boots cost me $25. No animals were harmed in the making of these pleather babies. The heels are 5″, but that includes about 1.5″ of platform. They are surprisingly comfortable, although it is a decidedly relative term in this case. I had a long conversation with the owner of the shoe store, a very hardworking gentleman from Pakistan whose children still live over there.


I made these cool Pegasus charm earrings for myself, but will be selling similar at my shop MicDropDesign and have lots of other designs already for sale as well!


Space Witch Mani (DIY!!!): Sally Hansen Hard As Nails in Black Heart (how good is that name?), LA Colors Art Deco Nail Art Lacquer in purple/blue glitter, & LA Colors high gloss base/topcoat – (Awesome instructions on how to achieve this glitter fade look here by high priestess of beauty, Adwoa Asiedu)


[Isn’t she a badass, folks? And to the rest of you, have a great weekend.]

Guest Post: An Iceberg in Spring

[Hi, folks! I’m off on a little-deserved vacation around Austria and Slovenia, so please enjoy a series of guest posts from my rad internet friends! This one is from IceBerg again. All hail the Berg. -Mia]


Dress: Target (juniors section)
Boots: Biviel, at Globe Shoe Co.
Earrings: made by me
Necklace: Diva (not my child Diva, but the fabulous chain store in Sydney Australia)


This dress is so comfortable it totally feels like wearing a nightie to work. I’m not super into that batwing look, but the sleeves are short enough that it’s not a big deal. I am super in love with the mullet hem (short in front, long in back). I think it’s different, but cute because the length difference is not like, November Rain wedding dress extreme.


Y’all it is HARD to find a pair of knee high boots with a non-pointy toe out there. So these round toed Biviels are my loves. They also have some adorable saddle-shoe style details.


Chain and guitar pick earrings made by me! I do not play guitar. But if I ever had a guitar playing emergency, there they are! So handy.

The shape of this bow necklace makes it pretty; the metal chain and black plastic materials make it modern and poppy.

When you have a haircut this intense, it’s really fun to go super femme and subvert people’s expectations of how “a person with that haircut” dresses. I am looking forward to sundress and strappy sandals weather!

Guest Post: Flamboyant Time Traveler

[Hi, folks! I’m off on a little-deserved vacation around Austria and Slovenia, so please enjoy a series of guest posts from my rad internet friends! This one is from Megan Patterson, who is a dress addict and the Science and Technology Editor at Paper Droids. -Mia]


Hi everyone! I’m Megan, filling in for Mia while she is off in the wilds of Europe. You may recognize me as Megano! from Twitter/The ‘Pin/The Toast, but I’m also the Science and Technology editor over at Paper Droids, a feminist geek culture site for and by women.

I usually write about tech and video games, but I also looooove clothes and makeup, which is apparently difficult for some people to wrap their heads around. I can be a nerdy tomboy and like video games and still love dresses, y’all, the universe won’t implode because of the societal contradiction.


Anyway! Onto the outfit. This outfit hits pretty much all of my sartorial buttons: lots of colour, red lipstick, dresses, hats, and polka dots. My look is very vintage-inspired. I literally paid $5 for those sunglasses, and have somehow managed to not lose them in like 5 years. Which is great cuz they’re super dope. It’s a bit hard to tell that I’m wearing a beret, but it is there. I started collecting vintage hats when I was 19, first by trawling vintage stores and flea markets, but now I mostly use Etsy, due to laziness and the glory of the internet. I think I have somewhere between 10-15, more if we’re counting fascinators and headbands. I LOVE HATS, Y’ALL. Let’s bring ‘em back! Wear ‘em to the movies! (I have done this, not the obnoxiously tall ones, obviously.)


I’m also a huuuuge lipstick fan. I came of age in the early aughts (ugh, do I seriously have to call it that now?), when lip gloss was all the rage, and I just hated it. I don’t like how lip gloss is sticky, and sheer, and just no. I am so glad lipstick is all the rage now, so I can hoard it like it will kill zombies in the upcoming apocalypse. I know for some people, strong lips read as sexy, but I really just find it powerful, and I am a colour fiend. Basically, just give me all the colour for my face and body, is my style philosophy, even though plus size girls are so often made to feel like we should be the opposite. It took me a while to embrace dressing the way I want to (like a flamboyant time traveler) regardless of my size, but I have to say, I’m much happier now that I’ve figured out how to be at peace with it.


Dress: eShakti – Hat: vintage – Sunnies: Smart Set – Shoes: Drew – Clutch: Mossimo – Lippie: Nars Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl