Outfit Post: 9/29/14


Top: Thrifted — Skirt: Leah’s free pile — Shoes: Payless — Camisole: Ragstock — Bracelet: DIY — Earrings: Gift


I got a haircut on Saturday the 27th! Not that you’d know it from looking at these distinctly uncombed photographs.


I’m still en route to growing it all to about chin length, so Becky (hi Becky!) gave me a nice trim in the back so that the rest has a chance to catch up.


Knowing me, a few months after it’s grown out I’ll start right back on the trail to buzz cut land again.


I guess the hair is always greener on the other side?

Outfit Post: 3/13/14


Jacket, shirt, and skirt: Thrifted — Flats: 6pm.com (Frye) — Earrings: Gift from Katie! — Scarf: Hand-me-down


Back in December when I was visiting my mom, I went through approximately fifteen billion tubs and boxes containing books, drawings, and memorabilia from my adolescent and teen years. One of the few things I found that I actually wanted to keep was this pretty silk scarf!


One of my mom’s former coworkers brought it back from Thailand as a gift, and since Mom’s never been much of a silk scarf person she gave it to me. I’m glad I liberated it from storage and can work it into my wardrobe at least twelve years later!

Have you made any good discoveries lately?


Juuust so you know, it’s that day again where I talk about Jessica and about how I’m coping with her being missing, and where I wonder what the fuck made me think I could get through a day at work like today was just some normal, ordinary day. So if friend-death is a thing you can’t cope with, leave this post, and go check out some kittens.

When I first heard this song when the album dropped last year, I was sitting next to Braden on the couch in my parent’s living room, and we each had one earbud in, and I leaned in to him, and he looked up at me at the end of the song and said “Well, that was a little close to home.” It had been a little less than a year then and I was still crying pretty randomly and not always sure what I was supposed to do about it. There were a couple times that I thought hard about doing greif counseling because Braden suggested that it had been too long for me to still be feeling the lack of her as intensely or unpredictably as I was. I never did go though, and that maybe was a silly choice, but it always seemed so damn strange to me that there would come a time that the feeling was supposed to be less intense and I didn’t really want to hurry it off.

The lack is less painful now, because it’s so normal. I don’t ever forget that nearly half of my shoes were her shoes first, and I think you all know better than anyone how often I wear her chucks (though, admittedly, you don’t know about my new found love of chucks + skinny jeans because I have sucked at outfit pictures for pretty much the entirety of that particular fascination). I’m wearing the Roy Liechtenstein themed ones today, because, well, they are awesome and perfect for this outfit. But I don’t forget that they were hers first, and that I only have them because she isn’t around to wear them. But the knowing isn’t as poignant or painful.

At the end of the wedding, I realized I had never cried. I had been so convinced that at some point, I would just realize she wasn’t there and fall apart. But that is not what happened. I was prepared for her lack, and while I felt it all day, I had been used to feeling it. It wasn’t a new feeling. So I didn’t cry. And it was ok. It wasn’t a bad thing that I didn’t cry, I didn’t even feel guilty. I had felt so much happiness that it was ok. It still is, every day, ok. Whether I do or don’t think about her, it’s ok.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll hook up a flash on my camera again soon and be taking outfit pictures? Instead of just posting stuff that other people have taken of me at dances? Thanks for your patience with my lameness guys. I’m a nerd.

November 6!



Today, I’d like to remind our American readers to get out to the polls and vote! It took me all of 20 minutes this morning before class. Hopefully, your lines will be short too, but even if they’re not, take solace in that your opinion is being heard. Read up on local measures (Chicago had 3 on the ballot and Illinois has one that was about limiting campaign donations from corporations!) because those matter too!

Outfit Post: 10/31/12




Did I scare you? No? Ok. Well maybe owls aren’t really the scariest Halloween creature. But hey, at least I have a costume this year, and one that can easily be worn to school. I made it all by myself!  The hood is made from another t-shirt, and all of the embellishments are felt. I also made Braden a dino hoodie, but I don’t have a good picture of that yet.


My favorite part is just how weird the hood looks upside down. Basically I become that owl who has flipped its head!

Are you dressing up for Halloween? If not this year, what was your favorite costume as a child?

Tuesday’s Reading Recs

Hey all!

I hope you’re all safe. Braden and I got back to Chicago before Hurricane Sandy shut down flights from Florida, thank goodness. I haven’t had too much of a chance to do outfit pictures though, so instead, some reading recommendations!

This map tells you why it was so hard for me to get to work this morning – southbound winds of around 25mph while I was heading northbound. This map is from here, and it uses national weather data to graph wind patterns. This is a really neat show of the sort of work we’re doing in my Informational Aesthetics class, even if no one from my class did it. XD

This article about how the author came to understand the lie of the Pro-Life Movement blew me away this morning. It reminded me of the humanity of believers, but also of how hard the Movement has been working against its own stated goals. The notion that Obamacare, by providing free contraception, is going to reduce abortions in America by 75% was both shocking and understandable.

On the flip side, this article about the personal decision of the author to abort a child that would have lived a life of incredible pain out of love for that child reminds us that not all aborted children are unwanted. Some are deeply desired and cared for, and that empathy for a fetus does not always mean bearing that fetus to term.

Honestly, both of those articles are so heavy, I think two reading recommendations are enough for today. 🙂


Outfit Post: 7/19/12

Dress: Gift (Glam) — Top: Thrifted — Flats: American Rag Compagnie — Ring: Monterey Bay Aquarium — Earrings: Gift from Katie! — Pin: Hand-me-down

WHOA THERE  guys, check out my farmer’s tan. As a San Joaquin Valley native it is required that my arms be at least two different shades at all times, even though I’m not actually a farmer. I think it’s something in the air here.

But enough about my arms! I’m going to keep this post short because Flat Tire keeps rigorously insisting that every time I go to type I’m actually trying to pet her and missing. “It is KITTY TIME,” she says, “enough of that blog nonsense. They don’t love you like I do. Now scratch my chin.”

I put this outfit together with a prompt from Tia: “work something you consider too formal for daily wear into a casual outfit.” Now, you all know that any time I request or am given an outfit prompt, I must immediately figure out how to semi-cheat at it. In this case, I took a strapless dress, which I do generally consider too formal for regular wear even though it’s a summery dress, and hid most of it under this sleeveless linen vest thing.  Dunno if I would call this a casual outfit, but close enough. Et voila, Mia “close enoughs” her way to accomplishment once again!

I have been feeling in a bit of an outfit rut lately, though, so I welcome more prompts from all sides! Just know that I will try to cheat, for it is The Way of the Mia.

No hard feelings?

Dance For Science!

Hey folks! My home wireless is wonky right now, so I won’t have outfit pictures for a while. In the mean time, please enjoy this video of Braden and I doing our choreography at Dance For Science this Friday. You’ll note that I’m wearing Mia’s birthday present to me from last year. 😉 It was chosen for it’s snappy colors and the pockets, so that Braden could “steal” my own necklace to give it to me. 🙂

30 for 30: 17 of 30

See! Maxi…or…midi dress? Pass knee-length, above the ground. Honestly, if I hadn’t been so enamored of the idea of a lime wedding dress, this one almost would do the trick.

Kidding! I’m in love with my actual dress, which you will see soon enough. This is just what I wore for the meet-and-greet/rehearsal dinner at the pub tonight.

We have our entrance and exit songs picked out, everything is laid out and ready to get moved into various vehicles…it’s nearly time to get married. :3

Also, today, in prep for tomorrow, mom did my make-ups. I don’t normally do make-up for a host of reasons(it costs money, it doesn’t really suit me to spend the time, its one of the things that still makes me feel like playing at adult, etc), so it’s always strange to see my face as such. Guess I better get used to it though since there’ll be a pile of pictures with my face looking like this starting tomorrow. 🙂

Thank you all for your well wishes! 😀 I’ll see you on Monday!