Tuesday’s Reading Recs

Hey all!

I hope you’re all safe. Braden and I got back to Chicago before Hurricane Sandy shut down flights from Florida, thank goodness. I haven’t had too much of a chance to do outfit pictures though, so instead, some reading recommendations!

This map tells you why it was so hard for me to get to work this morning – southbound winds of around 25mph while I was heading northbound. This map is from here, and it uses national weather data to graph wind patterns. This is a really neat show of the sort of work we’re doing in my Informational Aesthetics class, even if no one from my class did it. XD

This article about how the author came to understand the lie of the Pro-Life Movement blew me away this morning. It reminded me of the humanity of believers, but also of how hard the Movement has been working against its own stated goals. The notion that Obamacare, by providing free contraception, is going to reduce abortions in America by 75% was both shocking and understandable.

On the flip side, this article about the personal decision of the author to abort a child that would have lived a life of incredible pain out of love for that child reminds us that not all aborted children are unwanted. Some are deeply desired and cared for, and that empathy for a fetus does not always mean bearing that fetus to term.

Honestly, both of those articles are so heavy, I think two reading recommendations are enough for today. 🙂