This Just In: Lucy Bellwood Strikes Again

…or struck again, I should really say. I may be reporting on these sketches a month late, but couldn’t you call my style timeless?

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.16.50 PM

The esteemed Miz Bellwood seems to enjoy sketching my outfits on occasion to cool down from drawing ships and boats and schooners and other seafaring things, and I’m certainly not going to dissuade her. She makes me look so sassy! Go see the whole trio of most recent sketches on her Instagram, and then stick around to watch her wrestle alligators. Is there anything that lady can’t do?

This Just In: Pretty Sketchins


On this most Christmassy of Eves, I’m happy to bring you some neat fashion sketches of me done by the inimitable Lucy Bellwood! Two, to be exact. You might recognize my vintage brown shirtdress in the one above, and over here you can admire the fine work she’s made of my wacky plaid jeans. Lucy does gorgeous work and I’m delighted to have been a subject for her sketching. She does great work, including an educational sailing comic, so go check it all out. Please, for me.

Thanks, Lucy, and Merry Chrimbo to the lot of you!

Outfit Post: 9/3/14


Top, skirt, and flats: Thrifted — Pendant: Hand-me-down — Earrings: c/o MicDropDesign


Yeah, okay, skirt, shirt, clothes, whatever. I have something more important to show you!


No, that’s not it. (Although this locket of my grandma’s is pretty important too, I won’t lie.)


Here we are! You know Bergie, most recently of last Friday’s badass guest post? She is making jewelry now, and that includes these amazing Birth of Venus earrings that are now in my possession.


My third-favorite thing about them, besides the fact that 1) Bergie made them and 2) they are gorgeous, is that they remind me of a certain Terry Gilliam bit:

It’s just so important, isn’t it? I knew you’d agree with me; this is why we’re friends.

[Disclosure: I received these earrings as a gift, but I am talking about them–and about MicDropDesign in general–of my own free will, because I love Alice’s work and think you might too. She did not ask me to feature her work here and I am not being compensated for doing so. All opinions stated are my own.]

Loads of Links 1/31/14


image via Carolita Johnson at Cosmopolitan

You may have heard about the new Japanese trend of calling plus-size women “marshmallow girls,” and a lot of folks across the internet seem to be embracing it.

Deanna Erin and meduusalammikko recently both posted info about how they do their brightly-colored eyebrow makeup, and they are SO AMAZING.

Do you know Carolita Johnson? Do you know how rad she is? Do you know that she did an illustrated essay about some of the outfits of her love life?

Next time you go into a clothing store and find that your size isn’t represented among the merchandise, think about leaving a Clothes Calling Card.

Flint Hills Hausfrau did a dryer balls tutorial! I’ve never tried them but they look like fun.

Shawna has some athletic wear recommendations for sizes 24+.

The Trans Clothes Swap is a new and pretty cool-looking resource for trans folks to exchange clothing and receive donations. (I’ve heard that its support tends to lean more toward trans men, but haven’t verified that.)

Pam Wishbow’s new comic about her body issues and depression is very emotional and beautiful, and I definitely recommend her work.

Have any of you tried Oyster Books, which is like Netflix but for reading? I’m intrigued but haven’t seen many reviews.

Rainbow Rowell is gonna be writing two comic books, and the first will be illustrated by Faith Erin Hicks! Excuse me while I pass out from excitement.

I’ve previously expressed fondness for these individuals and/or fandoms, so I would like to link to some critiques of them that are extremely salient: Macklemore, Sherlock, and Amanda Palmer.

Bianca’s “Bite Me” look is seriously, seriously heartstopping.

Happy Friday, Lunar New Year, and end of January, all!

Loads of Links: 11/28/13


image via Pam Wishbow at Style Journal Tumblr Blog

Litographs offers shirts, posters, and other merchandise printed with the entire text of a book on them; I’m pretty partial to their The Last Unicorn shirt myself.

Ragini writes about fatshion and the proliferation of pinup style.

Stephanie at Chocolate Laced has been killing it with her recent 30-for-30 styles–days 5/6 and 13 are especially great and give me some awesome fall-color remix ideas.

Beyond Buckskin is encouraging us to buy Native for the 2013 holidays–check out their list of Native businesses worth supporting, as well as the Beyond Buckskin boutique, which features this incredibly gorgeous scarf that I’ve been eyeing for a while.

You may have seen the recent hubbub about Plan B’s ineffectiveness over a certain weight limit. The Dirty Normal breaks down the details and research and what they really mean.

The Style Journal Tumblr Blog is charming, delightful, and features a fair amount of cats and farting. What more could you want?

There is nothing about this recipe for chai-spiced persimmon scones that doesn’t sound amazing. (Also, she’s right about Hachiyas. Eat them at the wrong time and your mouth will turn inside-out. Don’t fuck with Hachiyas.)

Liz at The Fluffy Bones talks about her strategies for self-care on bad body image days.

On a similar note, a little drawing meme involving “items of power” has been going around Tumblr, and I’m really liking some of the posts. (That last one was drawn by one of my college roommates! Hi, Zoe!) What are your items of power? Right now, mine are my new pyramid stud earrings, my spice grinder, and the smell of peeled clementines.

Happy Thanksgiving and/or Hanukkah, all!

Outfit Post: 9/30/11 (And APE ’11 Haul)

Blazer: Swap (Stoosh) — Tank top: Goodwill (no label) — Skirt: Goodwill (Talbot’s) — Shoes: American Rag Compagnie — Bracelet: Gift

I snapped these pictures in about five minutes after work on Friday (back in September, whattheheckhowisitOctoberalready) before hopping in the car and screeching off to Berkeley for a day and a half of comics and gaming. I look supremely goofy in these pictures because, well, I’m going to blame the pineapple skirt. It just cracks me up.

Hot! Pink! Pineapples!

All over my butt, no less. You thought fish-butt was daring, but we’re getting serious around here. Serious about stuff on butts.

So the story of the pineapple skirt is that I saw it at Goodwill one day when I was dropping off a round of “OH MY GOD I HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF” before the move, and it was love. Unfortunately, I intentionally didn’t bring any money with me because I know how I am, so I had to hang my head and walk out the door, figuring that no way would an amazing skirt like this stick around. Fast forward to a couple of weeks later, when I’m hitting the same Goodwill up for the $1 bottoms sale, and–there it was! My darling had waited for me. And now we’re together forever…and next time I’ll remember to iron the pleat at the front. (And another pineapple skirt may be coming into my life sometime soon, and then I will be the luckiest person in the world with two pineapple skirts.)

So, the weekend: there was much gaming on both Friday and Saturday, and somewhere in between there we took a break to hit up Alternative Press Expo ’11 in San Francisco. I went two years ago and absolutely loved it, and knew that I would have a fantastic time this year, even though there were fewer artists and comickers attending that I already know. A good opportunity to find new stuff, right? So my haul ended up a bit more modest than that of ’09, but I’m really happy with all that I picked up, including these two amazing prints: on the left, a dragon farting fire by Mike DiPetrillo, and on the right, a scratchboard print of grey-headed flying foxes by Jenny Parks. They appeal to my love of cute-and-gross things and gorgeous wildlife illustrations, so I’m super happy. Hanging art is definitely going to be in my near future.

I only ended up snagging two comics, but they both look fantastic! (I was going to get Kate Beaton’s new book, but maaaaaaan her line was long! I’ll just have to hit up TopatoCo.) This one, Farm 54, is by a brother-and-sister team from Israel, and I bought it from the Fanfare/Ponent Mon table because I’m a big fan of supporting both small presses and small translators, and also because the lady working the booth did a really good job of talking it up. But really, she didn’t have to do much–one of my favorite authors, Etgar Keret, is from Israel, and his work has really sparked a desire in me to read more creative works coming out of that region.  Plus, the volume is gorgeously bound and illustrated, and I’m looking forward to reading it slowly and putting up a review on Nisaba Be Praised once I’m done.

I also grabbed a pre-signed copy of the first volume of Sweet Tooth by Jeff Lemire from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund table. Ordinarily I wouldn’t pick up a more widely-published work at a small press convention, but I sprung for this because I’ve heard some really fantastic things about it and also because the CBLDF is a really cool nonprofit dedicated to protecting the First Amendment rights of those involved in the comics industry. Ain’t no thang to be supporting something like that!

Not pictured: a poster I picked up from Der-Shing Helmer, creator of awesome webcomic The Meek. This poster, if you want to be specific, because I have a weakness for Dagre. He’s so freaky! I also spent at least twenty minutes digging through the half-off stock at Marty May’s table, because there were so many great shirts to choose from. I ended up picking two, and I’ll hopefully be able to show them off to you sometime in the next couple of weeks.

What did y’all do over the first weekend of October? Did you have a busy/fun weekend, or a lazy one, or something in between? Sunday was supremely lazy for me–Mike and I laid around and watched what felt like roughly half the movies on Netflix, including The Producers (which Mike had never seen!!!), Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Final Sacrifice, and half of The Blues Brothers (for the millionth time). It was definitely a good way to recover from the excitement of Friday and Saturday. Rowsdower!