Outfit Post: 11/28/13


Dress, belt, and necklace: Thrifted — Long-sleeved shirt and leggings: Target — Boots: eBay (Steve Madden Troopas) — Socks: Sock Dreams (ECO Scalloped Top Crew in Pink) — Earrings: Angela Grace Jewelry


I don’t normally take pictures in this much direct sunlight anymore (hssss, it burnssssss), but I just wanted to snap a few quick photos before Mike and I took off for Tia’s family’s house yesterday, and they didn’t turn out too shabby!


Thanksgiving is a holiday with a really awful history and origin, and I know this time of year can be hard for a lot of folks, so I hope you’re all doing well out there, internet friends.


We did have a lovely time with Tia’s family (even if Tia is a couple thousand miles away right now), and I got to help her mom decorate their Christmas tree, so I’m really appreciative that we have such wonderful family friends who cheerfully let us into their home.


I didn’t even steal any table runners or Christmas ornaments. I mean, what the heck, ’tis the season, right?


Outfit Post: 10/6/13


Top and jeans: Thrifted — Oxfords: Payless — Socks: Sock Dreams (Meg Unconstricted Top Crew in Pink) — Earrings: Target


This is a lazy-day outfit masquerading as a cool-girl outfit.


I’ve never been terribly cool–it’s just a fact of life–but sometimes I like to pretend.


Pointy earrings and lots of collarbone help me feel cool, if only for a little while!

Outfit Post: 6/23/12

Shirt: Thrifted (Self Esteem) — Jeans: Thrifted — Camisole: Old Navy — Socks: Gift — Oxfords: Payless — Amethyst necklace: Thrifted — Sea Life Necklace: Self-assembled — Bangle: World Market — Earrings: Gift from Katie! — Ring: Monterey Bay Aquarium

Heyyy, weekend outfit! Despite the cooler temperatures on Saturday, I ended up a bit warm, but whatever. The fact that I could merely LOOK at black jeans without immediately breaking out into a sweat was a nice change of pace.

Besides, it gave me a chance to work in my manatee socks.

Sock interlude:


Sock interlude over.

Continuing the theme of aquatic life, check out the newest incarnation of my jellyfish necklace! Remember how last time I wore it I mentioned that I’d lost the previous keychain I’d been planning to necklace-ify? (Of course you do.) Well, I found it! It was from the Maui Ocean Center, which I visited roughly a million billion years ago, and somehow it ended up in a box full of memorabilia from Germany. You know, na klar. So anyway, I liberated these two rays from their trappings and now they’re allllll friends!

Despite the hours and hours I spent playing Odell Down Under as a child, I can’t quite identify our new friends. The brown one looks like a regular old stingray, but the blue guy? Heck if I know. Some sort of inverted bluespotted stingray? A manta ray with the pox? Perhaps the Maui Ocean Center took some artistic liberties. (How dare they.)

I…also wore some other stuff. And things. You may have noticed that I’m not entirely at my most articulate today, but what else is new? I think it’s about time I had a vacation. Thank goodness I have one coming up! I’m leaving next Tuesday after work to go visit my mumsey over the 4th of July, and I can’t even tell you guys how much I’m looking forward to it. Mom! Hanging around the house! A possible visit to the King Tut Exhibit in Seattle! Plus lots of immodest ice cream cones and barbecue and snuggling with tiny doggies. This trip is long overdue, I tells ya.

Have you taken a vacation lately? Do you have one coming up? In clothes-related talk, do you like this purple plaid as much as I do?

Product Review: Sock Dreams

What’s up, folks! I know Tia’s wedding dress shenanigans are a hard act to follow, but how about a little product review?

It seems like I’ve been eying products from Sock Dreams for basically forever. I bought some longer socks for Jessica and Tia a few years ago, but never really heard back on whether any of it fit, or if they liked it, yadda yadda. Anyhow, I don’t remember how I came across it, but there’s a pretty great Sock Dreams review compilation post over on the Fatshionista LiveJournal community. I’m sort of on the cusp between plus-sized and non-plus-sized when it comes to my legs, what with the whole standard-size-boots-won’t-fit-over-my-calves thing, which also applies to knee-high, OTK, and thigh-high socks. True, comfortable OTK and thigh-high socks seem to be a particularly difficult thing for plus-sized women to find, as Tia mentioned last week. Because of this, I selflessly decided to purchase four pairs of socks–three of which seemed like good bets based on the Fatshionista reviews and one of which hadn’t been reviewed yet–and give my own opinions about the fit and comfort. For the good of the sock-loving community, as it were.

Okay, so some data. The four pairs I purchased were:

Long Cuffable Scrunchable Socks in Royal Blue

O Marled in Tan

N40s in Coffee

Extraordinarily Longer Thigh High in Teal

As for me, my measurements at the time of wearing (aka Saturday) were:

– Calf: 16″

– Just above knee: 17″

– Midthigh: 21″

– Upper thigh: 24.5″

– Inseam: about 30″

– Height: 5’7″

– Shoe size: 7.5-8

To assist with the product photos, I called upon my friend, The Shortest Skirt in My Closet, to help. (And no, I may not have worn this outfit around the house for the rest of the day. But I figured I might as well change into something a little more appropriate than grungy pajamas.) Michael generously set up his camera for me since it’s nicer than mine, and takes better indoor photographs. Just a warning: if you’re not in the mood to see some squishy upper thigh, this might not be the post for you. If you are, however, carry on!

First up: the Long Cuffable Scrunchable Socks (LCSS). Socks Dreams wasn’t playing around when they call these babies long, at nearly 40″ from top to heel. They’re a little bit less electric blue in real life, and more of a true royal. Very pretty and well-made, out of a thick, nubby yarn that makes me think of camping.

The fit: Pretty good! The foot area is a bit loose, which is not unexpected on someone with smaller feet. This is a good sign for folks out there who tend towards the larger-footed end of the scale. I chose a darker pair because the item detail on the website mentions that “top stretch is extremely variable on these and sometimes changes without our knowledge,” and that the darker-colored pairs seem to have better stretching capabilities, up to 25-26″. Indeed, I was able to pull them pretty much all the way up my thighs, but experienced a good deal of rolling at the top once they got there, so I cuffed them down to about midthigh instead. You can see how far the cuff extends, from the top right down to my knees. They seem like they’ll stay up pretty well, although I also wouldn’t be averse to scrunching them as the name suggests. Due to the looseness of the foot, I won’t be able to wear these with anything but looser shoes or boots, but that was my plan in any case, so I’m not bugging.

Second up: the O Marled pair. The item color is “Tan,” but I’d call them oatmeal. These are also thick, marled and nubby, even moreso than the LCSSes, but aren’t quite as long at 26″ from top to toe.

The fit: Also good! They stayed up a bit better than the LCSSes, although you can see some rolling here as well since the top stretches to 24″ and my upper thigh is a bit more than that. If I really truly wanted to eliminate rolling, I would probably purchase some of Sock Dreams’ body adhesive, which works well, according to Fatshionista. Instead, I’ll probably end up cuffing these a bit in day-to-day wear, because cuffed socks look cute anyway. The foot area fits pretty nicely. Because it’s a thick yarn, these and the LCSSes were both a little bit scratchy out of the package. Nothing unbearable, but sort of like a homemade sweater. (Not that anybody’s ever made me a sweater. Heavy sigh.) I did wash them after and that may help a bit, but I also plan to wear both pairs over tights, which ought to mitigate things.

Third up: The N40s. The site says 35″ from top to heel, and they have quite a bit of stretch to them, since they are made from nylon and lycra rather than cotton and other things like the previous two pairs. Less thick and yarn-y, more like really long trouser socks.

The fit: Again, no real problems. The site mentions that these may be harder to put on than the others, but it was just like putting on a pair of thick nylons (which, well, duh, they’re made of nylon). They do squish my squishables more as they get up to the upper thigh–since they only stretch up to 23″–and roll rather more aggressively, but work fine once they’re cuffed. Thanks to the nylon, these seem like they’ll stay up really well, and are nice and stretchy-soft. They fit well in the ankles and feet, too, and I doubt they’ll sag or bag even with extended wear. Plus, I love the rich brown color.

Finally: The Extraordinarily Longer Thigh High (ELTH). I bought these on a semi-whim, since they seem to be a newer product, and the copy advertises them as stretching at the top to 27″ around. Plus, you know how I get about teal.

The Fit: BAM. I love these. They pulled up beautifully and–what what!–stay all the way up, as you can see here, with barely a roll in sight. I’ll have to give them a proper day out to see how they fare and whether they’ll need to be pulled up often, but it seems like they’ll stay put. Maybe it’s the elastic in the fiber? They’re somewhere between the N4os and the first two pairs in terms of feel: thicker than the nylons but softer and smoother than the socks. Love! Love love love. They’re also the most expensive of the bunch at $20 a pair, but I’d call them a good investment, and if I could I’d buy them in all three other colors.

The Bottom Line: I’m happy with my purchases and will be keeping all four pairs. The biggest issue I encountered was rolling, which can be combated by cuffing or possibly with sock glue. This means that most of the pairs have slightly less leg-height than advertised, but they all still come out to be true OTK and midthigh socks, which is more than I usually get with standard-size socks. I found their advertised measurements to be generally correct. I’m glad Fatshionista’s review compilation was available as a resource, since having folks with their measurements all laid out helped me get an idea of what kind of fit I could expect. It doesn’t sound as if all of Sock Dreams’ “plus-size” products are truly plus-size, but the ones I bought work for me and seem like they’ll work for ladies with bigger legs as well, since none of these socks were stretched uncomfortably tight.

I know I’m not really a proper spokesperson to the plus-size community since I’m an in-betweener, but I do hope this post helps some ladies with their sock-related decisions. I look forward to wearing my new socks as the weather gets colder–they’re definitely coming along to Chicago! Maybe I can get Tia to try my pairs on too, so she can chime in about how they fit for someone who is but three apples high.

[I was not contacted by any company to review the products mentioned here, and I did not receive any compensation for reviewing them. All opinions stated are my own.]

Outfit Post: 10/31/11

I’ve been meaning to find a way to style this hat that like…takes into account the hatness of it for like…two months. It was sort of a silly day to wear the hat, the day after I dyed my hair, because no one noticed my hair underneath the hat. But whatever!

Anyway! This shirt is one of those shirts that I should stop wearing because unless I wear it with very high-waist skirts, it’s a mid-drift baring shirt now. Boobs, why you gotta do that to my nifty screen-printed tees?

So this is the first time I’ve worn socks longer than my boots intentionally. These capri leggings were just a little too short to make it into the boots, and considering the weather has been in the 50s and low 60s, I really didn’t want a two-inch band of freezing leg. So, long socks to the rescue! I chose the orange ones I had because, heck, it was Halloween, so, that’s sort of a cute, subtle way to celebrate the holiday.

I’m pretty sure I won’t be wearing these leggings again. My mom sent them to me because they didn’t fit her, and they very nearly fit me, but the elastic wasn’t quite right to keep them in place and they kept sliding down my butt. It was not…the best combination for comfort. I looked pretty cute though, I thought.

I styled these two together because in reality, the silver on the shirt has some more gold notes that totally don’t come across here to bring up the dusty denim’s gold notes. Both looks are sort of out-of-the-box aged, which is why I stuck with it. Also, cause I love hats.

For the record, I always jump twice when I’m doing jump pictures by myself because the timer on my camera is based on the light blinking and it’s damn near impossible to tell if it’s the last blink or not.

I need more hats. I feel like I always look so cute in them, and right now, I really only have two or three that I like to wear. Haaaats.



Outfit Post: 10/11/11

Top: Old Navy — Cami: Old Navy — Pants: Old Navy — Socks: Gift — Shoes: Ross (Sag Harbor) — Scarf: Vintage

I didn’t realize there was so much Old Navy in this outfit! I am moderately fond of their garments and prices, but I don’t think I’ve ever constructed a mainly-Old Navy outfit before, and it certainly wasn’t intentional this time. I was just attempting to dress for the inexplicable warmish weather we’ve been having this week, while not entirely trusting that said weather would stay warmish. Thus, the long socks, which helped keep my calves insulated on the bike ride to and from work. I am only slightly regretful that I didn’t go around with my pantlegs rolled up all day. I think I looked like quite the dapper lad.

The real star of the outfit is the scarf, though. I purchased it along with the map scarf from a local antique shop, and I love how cute and retro it is. Please note that I went through the effort of remembering to put in earrings that would match the scarf. It’s hard work doing this, people.

It’s hard work posing majestically with my scarves, too.

But really, I’m willing to go the extra mile for you, our readers. Because I care.

So, so majestic.

Outfit Post: 10/4/11 (Use It or Lose It Day 2)

Top: Goodwill (Heart & Soul) — Pants: Thrifted (Necessary Objects) — Shoes: Goodwill (Strictly Comfort) — Bracelet: Hand-me-down

I’ve been waiting to wear this sweatervest/shirt combo ever since I thrifted it, no lie.

Look at those zig-zaggy stripes! It reminds me so much of Harry Solomon, possibly my favorite character on Third Rock from the Sun (he may be tied with Nina):

via theskrilla.com

Between Harry and Tristan Farnon from All Creatures Great and Small, my heart is full of love for weird sweatervests.

I felt a bit 70s in this getup, between the colors of the top and the wide-legged brown pants. I went pretty simple in terms of jewelry so as not to make it too costume-y, especially since all the jewelry I originally wanted to wear actually is from the 70s, courtesy of Mom and all the friends she had in her 20s who liked to give her macrame necklaces.

This gold bangle is one of my go-to pieces of jewelry, because it’s so simple and classy and goes with just about everything. I did my best to get a clear close-up shot of it in order to show off the neat ridging all around the outside–it gives it a really nice texture and keeps it from being crazy shiny. Like I said, classy!

I know I have a whole month to wear my Use It or Lose It items, but I knew that I’d need heels for these pants and opted for one of my chopping-block pairs, the slightly-too-large Strictly Comfort heels with memory foam in the soles. I was concerned that my heels would be slipping out all day, but surprisingly, even with a thin sock in place they tend to stay put. I was even able to comfortably ride my bike in them, with the heels sort of locked over the edge of the pedal. I bet a slightly thicker sock or a pair of thin socks over tights would make them about the perfect fit, and they’re comfortable enough that I was able to wear a different pair of heels the next day, which my feet usually aren’t up to doing. They’re such a turnaround in terms of comfort compared to my first UIoLI pair that I’m happy to keep them in the closet and dream up other fun ways to style them.

Day Two: USE IT