This Just In: Lucy Bellwood Strikes Again

…or struck again, I should really say. I may be reporting on these sketches a month late, but couldn’t you call my style timeless?

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.16.50 PM

The esteemed Miz Bellwood seems to enjoy sketching my outfits on occasion to cool down from drawing ships and boats and schooners and other seafaring things, and I’m certainly not going to dissuade her. She makes me look so sassy! Go see the whole trio of most recent sketches on her Instagram, and then stick around to watch her wrestle alligators. Is there anything that lady can’t do?

Loads of Links 3/20/15

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 8.21.36 PM

image via Junior Scientist Power Hour

Back in October, Jennae from Green & Gorgeous wore an all-gray-everything outfit and it reinforces my feeling that gray is the coziest-looking color.

Brand KTZ had a line at this year’s NYFW that suspiciously resembled designs by Northern Cheyenne/Crow designer Bethany Yellowtail, which follows basic fashion history of Native artists being co-opted by others.

The Shark Lady, Eugenie Clark, passed away in February, and she was an incredible scientist; I’m sorry I wasn’t familiar with her work before her passing.

Cartoonist Abby Howard made two comics about being fat and they are, of course, excellent.

This recipe for baked-in-their-shells eggs with mushrooms from The Furious Pear Pie is going on my breakfast list BUT QUICK.

What happens if you put placenta-based beauty masks on your face? Writers Jaya Saxena and Jazmine Hughes bravely found out over at The Hairpin.

Speaking of Jaya Saxena, she wrote about how to be comfortably naked in naked-in-public spaces!

Here’s a brief history of plagiarism in YA over at Bookshelves of Doom.

There are some comments disputing how representative of each era the looks are, but the North and South Korean edition of “100 Years of Hair and Makeup” is still a super interesting one minute of maybe-history.

If you’d like something a little more in-depth to distract you from the impending heat death of the universe, here’s a longform history of Harlequin Romance.

Alex’s best photos of 2014 at Delayed Missives are so, so beautiful. As per uzh.

Outfit Post: 1/26/15


Sweater: Old Navy — Pants: INC — Boots: Macy’s — Necklace: World Market — Earrings: Leah Staley Designs


[content warning for death]

Hey, pals!

I don’t have the spoons to write much about it, but I feel the compulsion to send a little thought upwards for Jessica, whose fourth death anniversary just passed on Sunday. It didn’t occur to me on the day of, actually, which feels very strange. I spent most of the day in my pajamas and lazing around, which is actually quite a fitting tribute. I thought about her on the day–I think about her, at least in passing, every day–but the fact of the anniversary passed me by.


Some part of me must have remembered, though, because I had an extraordinarily vivid dream about her last night. In the early days after her death, most of the dreams I had where she showed up involved an explanation–the hospital made a mistake, it was all a big misunderstanding, they’d brought her back somehow–but usually when I dream about her now, she’s just there. I don’t try to figure out how or why; we just have strange dream adventures. Last night, though, I remember wanting to tell people, let our other friends know, and to tell her everything that had happened since 2011. I thought a few times, maybe this is a dream, don’t be too hasty, but it felt so real. You know how dreams are. I don’t remember much of the rest of it, but when I woke up, I had to check the date.


I’m not going to make myself feel bad about it, because that’s not a great way to be a functional human being, but it does make me ponder the half-life of grief. Boulet has a small comic story, “The Thread,” that I think about a lot at times like this. Friends. Time. Memory. Threads.

Take care, everybody, and I’ll be seeing you again soon.

This Just In: Pretty Sketchins


On this most Christmassy of Eves, I’m happy to bring you some neat fashion sketches of me done by the inimitable Lucy Bellwood! Two, to be exact. You might recognize my vintage brown shirtdress in the one above, and over here you can admire the fine work she’s made of my wacky plaid jeans. Lucy does gorgeous work and I’m delighted to have been a subject for her sketching. She does great work, including an educational sailing comic, so go check it all out. Please, for me.

Thanks, Lucy, and Merry Chrimbo to the lot of you!

Loads of (Eerie) Links 10/30/14


image via The Hairpin

Who’s in the mood for some Halloweeny links? (Spoiler alert: it’s me!)

Over at the Toast, Emily L. Stephens has an article about horror movies The Haunting (1963) and May (2002) and their late-blooming protagonists. (I participated in her live-tweet of The Haunting on Saturday and was completely fascinated by the amount of barely-“sub” queer subtext.)

I am loving The Ghost in My Machine’s multi-part haunted road trip series. Part 1: “Scaling the Ruins of Bannerman Castle.” Part 2: “Chasing the Ghosts of Clinton Road.”

Emily Carroll’s horror comics are always a perfect creepy read for the midnight hour, and “When the Darkness Presses” is no exception.

For some real-life unsettling reading, you could do worse than Will Storr’s article from March on the controversial maybe-disease Morgellons Syndrome.

Dinosaur Dracula is chock-full of vintage and contemporary Halloween-season food, toys, and commercials, and I can’t help reading about every single one of them.

R.L. Stine, master of my childhood, decided to write a story live on Twitter–unsurprisingly, it’s called “What’s In My Sandwich?”

Speaking of R.L. Stine: even though Blogger Beware hasn’t updated in over a year, it’s still my favorite repository for Goosebumps book reviews, and I reread the entire thing at least once a year.

Monica McLaughlin is BACK at the Hairpin doing Estate Jewelry posts, and last week she did a special Halloween-themed edition. Toadstones! Charivari! A disembodied penis made out of natural pearls!

For all my fellow white people out there: Mikki Kendall has advice for all of us on how to avoid wearing a racist costume on Halloween! You can do it, I believe in you.

Outfit Post: 10/5/14


Dress: eBay (Aryeh) — Leggings: Target — Shoes: eBay (Eleanor Grosch for Keds) — Bracelet: Thrifted (Target) — Earrings: Vendor at Labor Day Pow-Wow


I had a very activity-filled Sunday in this outfit: I headed out to the city early so that I could meet brunch club for, you guessed it, antiquing.


No, actually brunch. We’re attempting to work our way through all the brunch-serving establishments in San Francisco, which, as you might surmise, is quite an undertaking. This time we hit up Le Zinc for pastries and eggy goodness, and I have no complains about the lovely little outdoor dining area.


After brunch, one brunch club friend generously gave me ride out to Fort Mason Center so that I could buy every single comic at this year’s Alternative Press Expo.


Or, if not every single comic, at least a fair amount of them, including stuff by Lucy Knisley, C. Spike Trotman, Rina Ayuyang, Suzana Harcum and Owen White, Rachel Dukes, and Rachel Ann Millar!


Suffice to say, I’m pretty much good on reading material through the end of the year. (Not that that’ll stop me from buying more…)

What’s the best comic-type thing you’ve enjoyed lately?

Loads of Links 7/7/14


image via Stacy Bias

You can read an excerpt from A.K. Summers’ comic “Pregnant Butch” here–if you’re curious about one butch lesbian’s thoughts on pregnancy and gender presentation, I recommend checking it out.

This Girl With Curves post is a couple of years old now, but hot dang, that wrap dress looks phenomenal on her.

Mary Hendrie’s post “Why I Don’t Want Your Compliment” is great, and the core of it can’t be repeated enough: unless you have explicit permission, please, please don’t comment on someone else’s body.

Grown and Curvy Woman is consistently great with her outfits, but, in particular, her styling of this skirt knocked me off my feet.

Nina Mitchell’s spoken version of her sneaking-out-of-the-hospital-after-a-stroke story is wonderful; she tells it so well and it lifts my spirits.

Big necklace, loose dress, cool boots: it’s official, Stef looks amazing.

Stacy Bias has a really incredible, thoughtful illustrated post on “Good Fatty” Archetypes.

Also illustrated and so, so good is Jana Christy’s diary comic about donating a kidney to her brother.

Jenny Trout wrote an article for the Huffington Post about wearing a bikini while fat, and then reflected on the article’s impact a couple of days later.

Stephanie at Chocolate Laced is cute as a dang button. And those yellow pants!!

I’m not sure I’ll ever stop being fascinated by the Somerton Man/Taman Shud case, and Lucia Peters’ writeup of the incident only further inflames my curiosity.

A Canadian sex worker (who is a really cool friend!) wrote this very no-nonsense response to Tasha Kheiriddin’s uninformed “prostitution is sexual abuse” opinion piece.

Over the weekend I saw some really shitty headdress-appropriating clothing in San Francisco, so this seems like a good time (actually, always is a good time) to link to Beyond Buckskin’s helpful how-to guide for non-shitty Native-inspired summer festival fashion.

Guest Post: DAR & Drinking at the Movies

[Hi, folks! I’m off on a little-deserved vacation around Austria and Slovenia, so please enjoy a series of guest posts from my rad internet friends! This one is from Margo; she is a London-based waster of time who believes in internet friends, a well-stocked pantry, and the medicinal power of celluloid and print. -Mia]

I’ve just finished up reading four volumes of comic book memoirs by two American twenty-something ladies who draw dealing with the stuff of life through ink, paper, pixels, and punch lines. Both of them work out identity and life issues through clothing, and I related to both of them from different corners of my messy closet.

When I started planning this post I didn’t realise that Erika Moen had immortalised Reading In Skirts in a blog post. That really tickled me, as I have an outfit that I always secretly think of as my Erika Might Wear This ensemble.

Erika Moen’s DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Diary (volumes one and two) takes us through her University years until her mid-twenties. She works through a lot of stuff about who she is and what she wants, in between adventures with cops on Segways, Miracle Fruit parties, and strip club etiquette. There’s a lot of slice of life stuff – awkward conversations with friends, ear wax issues (oh god, me too), and jokes based around genitalia being inherently hilarious. Which, of course it is. She nails the dirty joke told with clean lines. If it didn’t read so sincere, it’d be cloying, but Moen has a knack of presenting stories about sex and desire with a gloriously wide-eyed joy.

For my DAR outfit to be really canon-compliant, I’d be wearing a tank top with wide-legged trews and flats. But my epic vision is based more on the Erika Moen I know from the Strip Search reality tv show and her outfits in her current web comic Oh Joy, Sex Toy! (Which is NSFW, my peeps.)


Dropping the graphical and modelling standards at Reading In Skirts

I love People Tree’s ‘ethical’ clothing as it wears well and always fits me nicely. Probably the most ethical clothing choice would be knitting my own unitards out of locally-sourced root systems, but I figure they’re a step up from the Fast Fashion outlets all over my local high street. I usually hunt their casual dresses across eBay, which is where I got my ‘high school art teacher sweatshirt dress’. It has enormo-pockets where I could keep useful and creative materials, though in reality I just stash things in my bra as the PATRIARCHAL FASHION INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX has trained me not to expect pockets.


My best hard femme daywear

Like Moen, I love me some patterned leggings and boots. These boots are MBTs, a type of weird rocking thick-soled orthopaedic brand. Both them and the dress are from eBay. My tank and leggings were thrifted.

Julia Wertz’s cartoon series was called The Fart Party, and hilarious vulgarity is one of her hallmarks. But she has an uncanny ability to pull you in with the dry humour and dark wit to explore life at its messiest. I started on her books after reading this essay (The Fart Party Really Stinks [TW for self-harm -Mia]) about struggling with her strip after chronicling her sobriety. In Drinking at the Movies Wertz covers moving cities (San Francisco to New York), getting herself canned from lousy jobs, and spending a lot of time in bed being sick, hung over, depressed, bored, or thoroughly fed up with the human race.

In this guest post she has a cute panel on her different outfits and how they fit certain moods and New York days. But in Drinking at the Movies her default Julia vs. the World sidewalk warrior ensemble reminds me of what I wear on my days off. Those kind of days off where I’m not likely to talk to anyone else save someone at the shops or the pool. I kind of crawl into my own cave and focus on cooking, or walking, or spinning time out from one end of the internet to the other.


My photography skills are up there with my mirror cleaning skills

The hoodie was abandoned outside a drycleaner with a tag attached, draped over a rubbish bin. The zip doesn’t work anymore and if I have the hood up I can’t see anything. It’s got hairdye stains and other less verifiable marks. This is a feral bit of clothing, one I would usually keep to myself. The jeans were meant to be wardrobe essentials, skinny leg low-cut and black, I’ve worn them to gigs and on dates, but I’ve finally reconciled myself to the fact that they’re not actually comfortable and slumpy like my platonic ideal of jeans. Instead they insist on defying the basic laws of physics as they simultaneously dig in to my stomach while the Grand Canyon blooms out at the back. I got them at a massive Sainsbury’s supermarket on a street in London called Dog Kennel Hill.


The top is striped and super soft was originally from Reiss but reached me via eBay. I really should wear a bra with it, but this my day off. The girls can chill. The snood was crocheted for me by the lovely Quince Tart out of luxury German über-wool.

– Margo (@infamy_infamy)

Outfit Post: 2/1/14


Tank top: The Toast — Jacket and skirt: Thrifted — Leggings: Target — Boots: Macy’s


This past Saturday just happened to be Hourly Comic Day, and for the first time in a couple of years, I participated!


I’ve started drawing a bit recently, and while my comics need…a lot of improvement…I’ve been having fun with it.


Anyway, I wore comfy clothes on Saturday, and because of the cold had to cover up the misandrist nursery rhyme on the back of my new Toast tank, more’s the pity. (In real life I think full-on misandry does a disservice to men of color, disabled men, and other men who are marginalized and disenfranchised, but I do enjoy it as humorous internet hyperbole.) How was your weekend?

Loads of Links 1/31/14


image via Carolita Johnson at Cosmopolitan

You may have heard about the new Japanese trend of calling plus-size women “marshmallow girls,” and a lot of folks across the internet seem to be embracing it.

Deanna Erin and meduusalammikko recently both posted info about how they do their brightly-colored eyebrow makeup, and they are SO AMAZING.

Do you know Carolita Johnson? Do you know how rad she is? Do you know that she did an illustrated essay about some of the outfits of her love life?

Next time you go into a clothing store and find that your size isn’t represented among the merchandise, think about leaving a Clothes Calling Card.

Flint Hills Hausfrau did a dryer balls tutorial! I’ve never tried them but they look like fun.

Shawna has some athletic wear recommendations for sizes 24+.

The Trans Clothes Swap is a new and pretty cool-looking resource for trans folks to exchange clothing and receive donations. (I’ve heard that its support tends to lean more toward trans men, but haven’t verified that.)

Pam Wishbow’s new comic about her body issues and depression is very emotional and beautiful, and I definitely recommend her work.

Have any of you tried Oyster Books, which is like Netflix but for reading? I’m intrigued but haven’t seen many reviews.

Rainbow Rowell is gonna be writing two comic books, and the first will be illustrated by Faith Erin Hicks! Excuse me while I pass out from excitement.

I’ve previously expressed fondness for these individuals and/or fandoms, so I would like to link to some critiques of them that are extremely salient: Macklemore, Sherlock, and Amanda Palmer.

Bianca’s “Bite Me” look is seriously, seriously heartstopping.

Happy Friday, Lunar New Year, and end of January, all!