Team Outfit Post: 11/23/12


Whoo. Our Thanksgiving was quite fun! I did a lot of cooking, and even at the time of writing (Sunday), we STILL have a full pumpkin pie left to eat.

We did little other than watch movies and go on a walk Thursday, so these are our Friday outfits. This is a shirt Mia brought me, and said if I didn’t like it, she was going to take it. Considering how well it went over, I don’t think she’ll be going home with it, mwahahaha.


This knot actually got Mia complements when we went out to the Art Institute to give Braden a chance to do some homework. She ended up untying it and retying it to show someone.


Apparently, among other things, an Art Institute trip is becoming part of our Thanksgiving tradition. This year we got to see a few areas I hadn’t previously seen, including the new Greek, Roman and Mesopotamian exhibit.


We also saw the print and illustration exhibit, which I hadn’t seen before. The last few times I’ve been to the Art Institute of Chicago have been for Braden’s homework assignments, which all have been in the medieval art area, so it was cool to see the new things.


We actually stayed at the Art Institute almost until closing, which was a first for me. People were still coming in until a half hour before the museum was closed, which goes to show that it’s weird that the museum closes at 6.


After all that fun, we went to a friend’s post-Thanksgiving hangout.


It was supposed to be a pajama party, so we were definitely a bit overdressed for the party, but it was a good time. We watched a couple of movies, ate more, and chatted a bunch.


I think our day after Thanksgiving was a pretty good one, and involved absolutely no shopping except at the Art Institute’s gift store.


Molly would like to know if mew had a good Thanksgiving too? Did you hit the Black Friday sales? Or maybe hit up Small Business Saturday?


Outfit Post: 10/16/12


Heyo! I think these pants were destined to end up with this sweater y’all. I wore this on Tuesday, and actually did hip hop in my skinny jeans because I could not be bothered to pack sweatpants on Tuesday. It worked SURPRISINGLY well. Dance in all the skinny jeans!


I mean, I definitely did not like, wear my sweater for hip hop. Prep school hip hop would be fun, but also way too warm. And I switched shoes, because my black chucks would’ve marked up the floors, which is no good. But still! Skinny jeans for hip hop. Who knew?


Anyway. I definitely need more practice. Sometimes I get behind or trip myself up because hip hop typically has waaay more shapes in any given 8 counts than lindy or blues. It’s been really fun working my body in new ways, and I hope in the long run it’ll help me be more precise in my primary dances too.

Outfit Post: Vesty Mcgee

These pictures are also from some time before the conference. Maybe Wednesday or so? Tuesday? I don’t know.

I’m thinking it was Tuesday, considering I seem to pumped to be showing off my hip hop moves. I’ve really been enjoying learning a new form of dance, even though I had to take this week off to get more sleep.

This vest was another thrift find. I’m not sure about it, honestly. It’s not as fitted as most vests I wear, so the affect is a little less put together…in my mind. But then, I tend to strongly associate fittedness with put togetherness.


I should probably examine those thoughts, and where they come from. Or, alternatively, get my vest tailored.



Outfit Post: 7/1/12

It feels like forever since I’ve done a menswear thing! Something about summer makes it really difficult to imagine adding another layer, and casual menswear really doesn’t read menswear in the same way as a vest or a button front do.

If I didn’t love skirts so much, and if I had the money to reshape my wardrobe, I could be so comfortable dressing in menswear inspired outfits forever. I just feel so “me” in them. (Don’t mind my blank stare in this picture, my glasses had something on them, I got it off, and then the timer went. Whoops.)

I’m thinking I might dye these shorts a different color, despite how pleased I am with how this outfit came together. The khaki is just a touch too close to my skin color, and I like a bit more contrast. Besides, khaki is so grown-up. Married I maybe, but as long as I’m a grad student, I am determined to dress like a fashionable non-grown-up-person.

Maybe I’ll dye them green…they would certainly get enough use that way! Oh, and I just scheduled this post for independence day, so happy July 4th Americans! While I may not be a very nationalistic person, I love fireworks, so I know where I’ll be!

Outfit Post: 6/13/12


Hey y’all! I’m in Madison at the Games, Learning, Society conference right now, which you probably know if you’re following my twitter feed. I’ve been live-tweeting the hell out of the conference, because that’s a thing that I do. I’m thinking about separating out my tweeting between HCI stuff and non-HCI stuff, except I so rarely have things to say about my job except when I’m at conferences. I’m staying with my friend Angie who has a gorgeous mirror that made it super easy for me to take this picture.

What does one wear to an academic conference on games? Just about anything. I was towards the formal end, even with a t-shirt base like this. I tend to try and balance my wacky hair with semi-professional clothing, even though there tends to be no call for it. I love my field, in that people don’t tend to note my hair as anything but a plus.

What do people wear to the major events in your fields? I know we’re sort of weirdos in games work. 😀

30 for 30: 19 of 30

My freshly minted husband helped me take pictures today. He actually helped me fix this outfit, because I started out with it untied.

This dress is just so versatile as a top. I wish I had another one, honestly. It would make me so very happy.

Also, these jeans. THESE JEANS. They don’t fit quite right, except for on my butt.

My little brother got a living room set for free, but doesn’t currently have a house to put it in, so it’s hanging out in my parent’s backyard. I decided I wanted to make the couch famous.

Life slowly gravitates back to normal. We took today off from doing things really and just rested. Watched movies, deposited the wedding money gifts, watched the solar eclipse through the welding masks my dad had. It was a pretty chill day and very nice.

Outfit Post: 4/5/12

This sweater vest is yet another swap gain. It was foisted upon me by someone else at the swap, and while I hadn’t actually tried it on, I actually really like it now. Especially paired with these jeans.

I didn’t realize these pants are a bit too short for white socks though. It would’ve worked a bit better with my black boots, I think.

The weather has been completely unpredictable in Chicago, because, you know, spring. So the vest was a great accessory since a full sweater would’ve been too much.

My favorite thing about this was that Leilah and I both ended up wearing houndstooth on the same day. I didn’t mention it to her for fear of the awkward.

Still, it is kind of telling.