Guest Post: Spoon Handles and Schoolmarm Booties

[With another Friday upon us, I encourage you to read and rejoice in this guest post from the vibrant and amazing Anna. And then go read her delightful fanfic, if you’re so inclined! -Mia]


I felt super cute in this outfit. The sweater tunic/dress I got at a shop on north Greenpoint Avenue, during a birthday shopping excursion with fashionable friends; the fleece-lined leggings (which are a marvelous invention) were $6 at Walgreen’s.


I’m wearing brown argyle kneesocks–argyle has been my fave sock pattern since high school, when I used to buy handfuls of old man socks at the Goodwill where I worked. Most of those have developed holes over the past twenty years, and I have no clue how to darn, so I have to toss ’em.


I asked for socks for Christmas, and my mom and my sister, without talking to each other, each got me the same pack of a half-dozen argyle kneesocks in various colors! So now I’m set.


My pendant is a bent spoon handle–Exeter 1913 is the pattern. I got it at the Grassroots Art Museum in Lucas, KS; I don’t remember the name of the woman who made it, but I’m sure she’s never heard of Etsy.


And the shoes! These are my wedding shoes. I can’t walk in thin heels, and I had no desire to trip walking down the aisle, so I got these schoolmarm booties instead. They’re Born brand, and I think they’re a half size too small, so I don’t wear them often.


Guest Post: Icicle Bonnet

[Hi, folks! I’m off on a little-deserved vacation around Austria and Slovenia, so please enjoy a series of guest posts from my rad internet friends! This one is from Rae, who, and I quote, “spends more time on Twitter than is practical or reasonable and was inspired to start caring more about style by some great people there! Her nonsense resides @slowseptember.” -Mia]


Shirt: Ricki’s. Pants: Ricki’s. Boots: G.H. Bass outlet. Earrings: Ricki’s. Headband: actual headband from Shoppers Drug Mart, fascinator hair clip purchased at a street stall in London by The Fellow shortly before I shaved my head and couldn’t wear it so sewed it to the headband. Bracelet: #allinforGillian. Sunglasses: Melanie Lyne. Purse visible in top two pictures: Miche Canada.

Our choir director, in tandem with the lady who takes care of all our music and herds us around on performance days, decided that for Easter we should wear “spring colours on top, dark bottoms, dress nicely but it doesn’t have to be formal.” (Our choir dress codes can sometimes be maddening). Nevertheless, I struck out to Ricki’s and bought a blue shirt that had enough room in it to take deep, soprano-note-sustaining breaths. I also bought some matching earrings.

I made my dad take pictures of me. He was a little confused as to why, but was fairly game.


I couldn’t stop singing “in your Easter bonnet/with icicles upon it” all week after I saw it on Twitter, since in Calgary spring means nothing. I decided that therefore Easter Sunday meant fascinator time (as close as I could come to an Easter bonnet).


“Okay, let’s go,” said my dad, so I took the opportunity to grab my turquoise sunnies and take one more quick picture. I make this face in 90% of my selfies – they just don’t make it to Twitter.


Happy Spring, everyone!

-Rae (@slowseptember)

Outfit Post: 4/17/14


Shirt: Target — Skirt: Gift — Heels and bangle: Thrifted — Socks: Sock Dreams — Earrings: Vendor on campus


The other day on Twitter, Bergie (you remember Bergie!) suggested to friends far and wide that we should all do a “subversion” outfit day–basically, to either subvert your appearance through style (such as punky-haired Bergie herself going preppy for the day) or subvert your usual style by doing something unexpected.


For me, that turned into high high heels and red lips.


It was an informative experience, actually. When paired, strong makeup and high heels signal “sexiness” to me, and I have a big tangled snarl of emotions about performing sexiness!


I honestly couldn’t make myself leave the house until I added socks to the heels, which toned things down in my mind. (And this is, of course, setting aside the complications of sexiness and being “too sexy” in an office environment, which are legion.)


At the end of the day, though, I was feeling more confident about this particular look, and I’m glad I pushed that particular comfort zone a little bit. My thighs are pretty grateful I’m wearing flats today, though.

When was the last time you practiced appearance-based subversion?

Outfit Post: 3/12/14


Top, slacks, and heels: Thrifted — Earrings: Gift from Katie!


Okay, there was also originally a teal cardigan with this getup, but it was such a fine afternoon that I couldn’t bear to put it back on for pictures. Gotta take advantage of these warm and lovely after-work hours before the trees start melting.


(Also, if you cast your eyes to the lower left of this particular picture, you’ll see the marks where I was viciously attacked by a sweetgum tree seed pod on my bikeride home. The dangers of cycling are not to be ignored!)

Outfit Post: 3/5/14


Camisole and slacks: Thrifted — Cardigan: Gap — Shoes: Swapped (Naturalizer) — Socks: Sock Dreams (Heather Bobby Socklings in Pink) — Earrings: World Market


I’ve been taking care of some decidedly grownup-type things lately, which serve to simultaneously make me feel Very Adult and Not Adult At All in the grand scheme of things.


Changing insurance! Making phone calls! Sweeping!


Okay, maybe not that last one, but nothing reverts me back to childhood-brain faster than a messy house. I’m simultaneously a slob and very self-conscious of my slobitude, so you might guess that I feel like an adult very little of the time.


Sequins and elbow-patches help a bit, but not for long. Oh, well, hand me the toilet brush.

Outfit Post: 2/3/14


Top, slacks, and heels: Thrifted — Scarf: World Market — Earrings: Target 


Some days when I’m struggling with self-consciousness and bad body image, I just want to be comfortable and as covered-up as possible.


That’s how this outfit came about; I didn’t have the emotional energy to try and pair tights and skirts and cardigans, so I grabbed some bright comfy slacks, a bright soft scarf, and some neutral heels and a neutral sweater to see me through the day.


I even got compliments! (Although one coworker was disappointed that my socks were also black–not the purple ones she was expecting from bright-colors Mia, haha.) So, y’know, that’s nice! It feels a little like subverting depression brain when I can find a workaround and still feel cute.

Outfit Post: 1/16/14


Button-front and slacks: Thrifted — Shoes: Swapped (Naturalizer) — Necklace: Gift from Katie! — Earrings: Target


Busy day, short post! Most of the pictures of this outfit were…not great, but I salvaged a few! It’s a little less wacky than some of my usual stuff, but I liked the color combination. I seriously need to hem these slacks, though; even with moderately high heels, they drag on the ground a little. I’m an averagely-highted individual–about 5’7″–but a fair amount of that height is in my weird, snakelike torso, so sometimes I run into short-legged problems. Such is life (with short legs).