Team Outfit Post: 11/19/12

The wonder team, together again at last! It’s a beautiful thing, people.

See, part of the thing about the outfit capsule I packed for this trip is that a week ago it was freezing here in Chicago and Tia advised me and Mike to pack as warmly as possible; when we arrived, we found out it would be in the mid-fifties and up basically this whole time. Lucky us!

Fortunately, I am a consistently chilly person anyway, so this Pendleton 100% wool skirt I thrifted a month or two ago is getting some love. Next time I’ll need to wear thicker tights or leggings underneath it, though, because it’s kind of scratchy even through these thin ones.

This outfit actually went through a few transitions over the course of the day; the camisole went on when we decided to jaunt on down to Unique Thrift, the earrings and bangles came off at some point because I’m lazy, and the glasses only came along as I remembered their existence.

As for Tia, I think this is another dress she ganked at the swap? Between the swap and Unique (not to mention the couple of recent thrifting runs I’ve done recently), I feel like we both have new clothes for dayyyyys. Which, it’s nice to have an infusion of new blood in one’s closet once in a while!

I like Tia’s mix of lime and dark blue, it’s quite pretty.

Plus, hold the phone, it’s a necklace! A different necklace than the one she usually wears! (Well, plus the one she usually wears.) And it goes nicely with her color scheme, even. Well-played, Tia; well-played.

Outfit Post: 10/25/12


Guys. THIS. OUTFIT. Do not ask me why I love it so much, but I do. Maybe it’s the awesome skirt from Gracey that matches my shoes perfectly?

SAILBOATS. It’s such an adorable pattern. The length is a bit touchy: I had to wear my shorter-under-skirt-shorts rather than my preferred ones, but I’m digging it. I’ll have to try wearing it with tights when it gets a bit cooler again for sure.

I also want to point out that a year ago, putting together a pattern with a bright that wasn’t in that pattern would’ve weirded me out. And a skirt with tennies. But this outfit is helping me feel like I am werkin’ it, so thank goodness for personal fashion blogging y’all.

I feel like I’m forgetting to mention something. Something…important.


Oh right. I got a haircut. 😉 I have not yet figured out how I feel about it. It’s out of my face, which was the big motivation for finally going in, but I had sort of hoped for something even more asymmetrical. But it’ll grow on me (Hahahaha, get it? Cause it is. Growing on me. Literally.)





Guest Post: Tia’s and Amy’s Big Day Out

[Hey, guys, Mia here! Tia’s aunt Amy, who is awesome-cool and a longtime reader of our blog here, sent me this fantastic guest post in case you’re getting lonesome for a little Tia action! Take it away, Amy.]

So…Tia and Braden met up with some of the family for an outing to the Chicago Science and Industry Museum. I told Tia I should do a guest post for your blog since she isn’t posting this month on Reading in Skirts. We took pictures!

(Tia and Braden dancing in front of the interactive screen. Tia said she was a total science geek for always looking to see what sort of cameras were being used.)

I don’t know what to write about, really. I do know that Tia’s hair was a few weeks into its present shade. We were only in the museum about 10 minutes before a museum employee asked her what shade it was. Tia had to think awhile but decided it was probably just called “violet.” This was after both Braden and I said “purple” about the same time. The employee complimented her hair after asking a few bazillion questions on how Tia processes the color. I told Tia as we continued on that her hair matched the museum employee’s sweater almost exactly, to which she replied that her intent was always to match her hair color to random strangers’ clothes at the museum. I tell you, that is dedication to fashion right there! Haha! I also realized there and then how much she and my brother sound alike when doling out sarcastic comments.

I know you ladies normally include some detail shots so I was trying to think what to do. Looking back, I wish I had taken a photo of her tattoo through her leggings. I was amazed at how the colors came through the fairly dark color of her leggings. But, I liked the way her hair looks in the back, even though she says it is just fading, so that is what I took a photo of. This shows off her color and bow nicely. A bonus: when I went to crop it, the light poles in the background make it look like she has antennae!! My niece, the bug. 🙂

I have little to no fashion sense. I blame that on my mother for dressing me in my brothers’ hand-me-downs. I have more pictures of me in clashing stripes and plaid than one person should be allowed. Not only am I a girl, I was six and eight years younger than them so the styles were already changing by the time I had to wear the clothes. At least, that is what I console myself with when I look back at the photo albums. In reality, as long as I could climb a tree, ride my bike, and play in the creek, I didn’t care what the heck I was wearing!

So…in that vein, I didn’t really ask much about her outfit de jour. My mom thought to ask if Tia’s mom had made the skirt, but she had not. We complimented Tia on how nicely all the wedding attire came out, and that in the time since the wedding her Mom has decided to sew “all the things.” I know Tia chose the skirt/leg covering (hosiery? sheer leggings?) because she wasn’t sure of the weather that day, and she opted for long sleeves for that same reason. She was sure, however, of where she and Braden had parked the car. Still waiting to see who won that $5 bet! (T:Coming out of blog break just to say It was ME! He was so turned around.)

P.S. If anyone is interested, my shirt is an original from shortly after I became the first female firefighter on my local department. It is almost as old as an 8 year old Tia (gasp) and is quite close to having to be retired to a work-around-the-house shirt as there are lots of thinning areas–threadbare is the technical fashion term, I think. My bracelets are homemade from colored string and glow-in-the-dark thread. My friends hate them because they think they are stupid, but they make me smile when I am lighting up the dark! And I am wearing my Mickey Mouse silhouette earrings which also make me smile.

[Thanks, Amy! Y’all’s visit looks like so much fun, I’m jealous in the extreme. Good thing Mike and I both just asked for vacation time off to go see Tia and Braden again for Thanksgiving! Maybe we’ll get to sneak in a little Amy visit while we’re in the area…

P.S. Homemade bracelets are never stupid!]

Outfit Post: 7/11/12

I am constantly fascinated by just how poorly this skirt photographs. The pattern just is not camera-friendly. It’s so cute in real life, but always looks super blurry by the time it gets to the screen. Weirdness!

For all my shorts love yesterday, I really wanted to dress up. So I did. And then spent an hour trying to figure out if I was actually going into work, or if today needed to be the CLEAN-ALL-THE-THINGS day before Dance For Science. Which, yeah. Yeah. I needed to clean everything. This is the problem with hosting a dance exchange y’all. Everything is grabbing for your attention and there is just too much to get done.

So today: cleaning. Which means the high heels go off almost as soon as they came on, but I’ll wear them out later, I promise. I still love these heels with a passion I can’t even explain. Mia is the best for thrifting them for me. Tomorrow, I get our user study room ready to run our experiment Friday with five groups of three teenagers and hope that all of our using undergrads was not a complete wash. Whoof.

Jewelry all up on this lady, yes! For cleaning. Man, I should’ve decided whether or not I was going to work before I got dressed. Definitely a dork.

Outfit Post: 6/17/12

Hey y’all. I know I’ve been crap at outfit pictures and commenting lately. Part of it is that my home internet has been deader than dead(it’s fixed), and another part has been that I’ve been horrible at taking pictures before I get on my bike and get sweaty on my way to and from work. Despite the whole…no internet,  I don’t exactly have a backlog of pictures to share. Warble.

I did, however, find out that there are fireflies in my backyard! YES! They are so very pretty. Also, I missed our blogiversary, so yay us for making it a whole year!

I finally got to thrift some new shorts, because that’s how you celebrate a blogiversary, right? 🙂 Such a cute detail that I intend to show off properly sometime.

Also, I’m in Minneapolis for bluesSHOUT!, the biggest damn blues instructional weekend in the US. I’m excited, and I have lots of cute things to wear, so hopefully I’ll get some full body shots from Braden over the course of said weekend.


I won’t have any of the professional pictures yet, but I can share some of the pictures my dad took at the wedding.

If for some reason, you want to see the ceremony from a silly angle, you can check it out here.

It was a beautiful, wonderful day, and while not everything went according to plan, it still went perfectly. The weather was gorgeous. The party was great, the company couldn’t have been better, and the wedding was everything I could have hoped for. It’s funny, because someone asked me if I felt differently today, and the answer was “No, but that had been the plan.”

I’ll share more pictures when The Goodness delivers them( in some 4-6 weeks, testing my patience in the worst of ways). But really, it was a fantastic day, and I’m really grateful for all of the good wishes I received.

30 for 30: 15 of 30

Halfway done with the 30 for 30 and a painfully few number of days left before the wedding. Today we drove out to get our marriage license and found out if there was any white-out, scribling, erasing, over-writing or crossed-out things that we would have to pay an extra $16 when we submitted the paperwork. What.

Legit realized that I should’ve saved the sarong for wearing Friday morning so that I can just unwrap it after I get my make-up on and then put the dress on. Ah well, I’ll just borrow a button down I guess?

Not too much to say today, really. Sort of a whirlwind of emotions/doing things. I’ll be baking the cake tomorrow, and doing some of the assembly. And then we frost on Thursday, and then hold our breath during the entire car ride north. Yeesh.