Outfit Post: 2/3/12

Cardigan: Goodwill (Carole Little) — Skirt: eBay (Anthropologie, We ❤ Vera) — Tights: Spanx — Boots: Macy’s — Necklace: Self-assembled — Bangle: World Market — Ring: Gift — Earrings: ?

I was going to say that I have some outtakes to share at the end of the post, but basically the entire post is outtakes, so, y’know.

See, the story is this: Mike bought himself some fun new camera equipment, and it arrived on the third, so I graciously allowed him to practice using the new flash and umbrella and such with me as a test subject. It took a while, as will anything you’re using for the first time, and I got bored and started acting goofy. It’s my nature. Occasionally I get sad that I’m not naturally mysterious and cool, or strong and gorgeous, or brilliant and solemn, or all the things I’m just not. But what can you do? I am what I am.

And what I am, apparently, is doing my Martin Freeman/hedgehog impression.

Or…I don’t even know with this one.

We’re a lot alike, Flat Tire and I.

For the record, folks, this is what I look like when I’m trying to see something without my glasses. I’m a squinty one, I tells ya. (Also for the record, uh, the website I’m looking at here is the Superbowl website. When I found out it was happening that weekend, I was curious to know who was playing, and Mike said the Giants, and I was like, no, that can’t be right, Giants are baseball. Turns out I learned something new about football!)

Outfit Post: 10/15/11

Sweater: Goodwill — Skirt: Goodwill (H&M) — Tights: We ❤ Colors [violet] — Shoes: Thrifted (Naturalizer) — Necklace: Hand-me-down — Scarf: Made by my mom

Whoa! My face looks way redder on this computer than it did at home. Oh well, such is the problem of differing monitor calibrations.

I honestly wasn’t even going to take photos of this outfit, but I got a couple of compliments throughout the day, and I’m a sucker for other people’s opinions. Green and purple are awfully nice together, and I punched up the warm-and-fuzzy factor of the outfit by wearing one of the many furry scarves my mom has made for me. (Seriously, I have at least five or six, all in different colors. I do love them so; it’s kind of like wearing a Muppet skin around my neck. This one is Grover’s pelt.)

As you may have guessed, I felt well enough to return to work today, although Mike had a sore throat and stayed home sick. The best way to get over a cold is to pass it on to someone else, right?

Outfit Post: 12/12/11 and EBEW: Sequins + Sparkles

Coat: Old Navy — Sweater: Old Navy — Skirt: Gift — Tights: From my friend Leah’s free pile — Boots: Macy’s — Earrings: Vendor at the university — Pin: Vendor at Kristkindlemarket

(I was making kissy noises at Flat Tire. I promise I wasn’t just making lazy duckface.)

Good morning and happy Everybody Everywear! This month it’s Sparkle Motion all over the place. Some of you might be saying, “What’s up with this outfit? There aren’t any sparkles! What a cheater.”

Well, imaginary doubters, just you wait and see. This outfit has secret sparkles. Yeah, that’s right, bet you feel bad about calling me a liar now.

Aside from the secret sparkles, this outfit feels very me! And that despite being entirely mixed neutrals. But I love all the elements, and I feel like it’s still interesting, which is my main trouble with all-neutral ensembles. Plus, these footless tights make me feel like an okapi, which is never a bad thing. (Hi there, Flat Tire. Yes, we see you.)

Recently I’ve been experimenting with taking pictures indoors, mostly because I leave for work before it gets light enough and get home from work after it’s already dark. Mike’s been a lot of help, but I’m still learning, so bear with me as I figure out how to make my kitchen pictures pretty! At least our kitchen has interesting yellow walls to look at.

I wanted to sneak this little guy in, because I forget about him every time and he really deserves a moment in the spotlight. I bought this firebird pin at the Russian/Ukrainian booth at Kristkindlemarket while we were in Chicago. Set me back $25, which is way more than I would ordinarily pay for a pin or brooch, but–but–hand-painted! Gorgeous! Mythological! I was helpless.

Now for the secret sparkles! This little owl was on my person all day, although not in a place you or my coworkers would be able to see it. (We’re all grownups here, right? I can say butt? I can talk about underwear and nobody will freak out? Yes, I had a sparkly owl on my butt. Blame Jessica, she’s the one who gave me the underwear. That’s right, imaginary naysayers! You both call me a liar and blame a dead girl for my sparkly-owl-butt. Boy, you imaginary people sure are jerks.)

Sequins + Sparkles | Everybody, Everywhere

Outfit Post: 10/21/11

Top: Goodwill (Mossimo) — Cardigan: Thrifted — Skirt: From my friend Leah’s free pile — Shoes: American Rag Compagnie — Flower pin: Leah’s free pile — Bracelet & earrings: Hand-me-down

Oh, look! It’s Mia putting into effect her learnings from Academichic’s posts on the color wheel and analogous colors. Bless those ladies for leaving up all their great information–I miss having new posts, but the repository of their past has been very valuable to me.

Sleeveless sweaters are a little weird, aren’t they? For some reason, I got it in my head when I was probably 11 or so that sleeveless sweaters were the height of class and coolness, and that all fancy ladies wore one. That idea has been since discarded, but I still have a fondness for them. This cowl-neck sweater is thin, and as soft as Flat Tire’s tummy fur, which meant that it was nice and comfortable and not overly-warm for an uncharacteristically toasty October day. The wrap cardigan, which comes from some yoga-related brand whose name escapes me at the moment, kept my arms from falling off on the bike ride to work in the morning. And maybe made me feel a little like Mace Windu for reasons which are not 100% clear.

There’s something I love about wearing three or more analogous colors together–similar but not matchy. It’s sort of the same way I love ombre. I want to say it’s like wearing a little piece of a rainbow, but even just typing that makes me barf a little, so I’m not going to. (A RAAAAAINBOWWWW YOU GUYYYYYS)

So, I don’t remember if I mentioned it, but during my 30 for 30, I managed to get a big bleach stain on the hem of this skirt. I have eventual plans to get some ribbon or fabric and cover it up with some sort of clever design, but for now, I figured I could try to just cover it up and wear it anyway. Somewhere in my brain I thought that this flower pin matched the dusty purple of the skirt much more than it does, but it sort of goes with the steel blue of the top, so it’s okay. Being so close to the hem, the pin doesn’t look 100% intentional, but whatever. Whatever, I proclaim!

I kind of can’t believe I haven’t worn these earrings before. I was crazy about enamel and cloisonne as a child, and had a bunch of cloisonne bracelets and rings from Chinatown. They all got too small, or broke, or whatever happens to children’s jewelry, and now all I have is this pair of earrings that Mom passed along to me recently. Granted, they don’t go with everything I own, but still, they need a bit more love.

Outfit Post: 10/11/11

Top: Old Navy — Cami: Old Navy — Pants: Old Navy — Socks: Gift — Shoes: Ross (Sag Harbor) — Scarf: Vintage

I didn’t realize there was so much Old Navy in this outfit! I am moderately fond of their garments and prices, but I don’t think I’ve ever constructed a mainly-Old Navy outfit before, and it certainly wasn’t intentional this time. I was just attempting to dress for the inexplicable warmish weather we’ve been having this week, while not entirely trusting that said weather would stay warmish. Thus, the long socks, which helped keep my calves insulated on the bike ride to and from work. I am only slightly regretful that I didn’t go around with my pantlegs rolled up all day. I think I looked like quite the dapper lad.

The real star of the outfit is the scarf, though. I purchased it along with the map scarf from a local antique shop, and I love how cute and retro it is. Please note that I went through the effort of remembering to put in earrings that would match the scarf. It’s hard work doing this, people.

It’s hard work posing majestically with my scarves, too.

But really, I’m willing to go the extra mile for you, our readers. Because I care.

So, so majestic.