This Just In: Mia Needs Some New Electronics and a Moving Van

Well, then. Sorry about the radio silence! A couple of things have happened in quick succession in the last couple of weeks: 1) my laptop broke and I lost the ability to process outfit photos, and 2) I was offered a job and will be shortly moving to Tacoma, WA.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 9.15.19 PM

Pictured: Tacoma, or at least a very small piece of it.

Given these turns of fortune, blogging might continue to be a little staticky over the next few weeks. If you bear with me, friends, it’d be much appreciated! I’ll make sure you’re handsomely rewarded with overcast photos of Puget Sound and, of course, of myself. Never let it be said that I’m not willing to give the people what they want.

Things I’ve Learned While Cleaning Out the Kitchen

1. I definitely, DEFINITELY do not have a tea addiction. Definitely not. And there are definitely not 40 different tea varieties in here. (I’m also not as big a Twinings fangirl as it would appear here. There are lots of little bags from Hina’s buried at the bottom. Oh Hina’s, how I miss you. Tia, did you ever hear whether they were re-opening or what? I desperately need me some more Wild Strawberry.)

2. Similarly, Michael doesn’t have a fancy-pants maple syrup addiction.

3. …or a Mexican cookie addiction. (And this is after we already threw the Sponch! out.)

4. I apparently have a weakness for buying weird stuff while shopping. And also for putting said weird stuff in the cabinet and forgetting about it. (I found this, chestnut puree, three different forms of adzuki beans [paste, dried, and canned], orange flower water, amaranth flour, powdered mushroom risotto flavoring I bought in Switzerland, pear butter, quinoa spaghetti, and kasha. Among other things. Any recipe suggestions? Preferably not including all of the above.)

5. One of Mike’s old roommates apparently decided to leave us a present in the form of seven non-matching cast iron pans. Also, rice cakes that expired in 2007.

6. I have a slightly crippling fear of finding live things in my dry goods. “Is that a bug? IS THAT A BUG?? IS THAT A–no, no, it’s just another burnt grain of quinoa. Wait, is that a bug?” This makes deciding whether to keep things or not a several-hour, ulcer-inducing process. Bleh.

Now, I’m off to take a break from packing and stressing over infested food to make my bad self one or sixteen cups of tea. Sweetened with expensive maple syrup. And brewed in dirty cast iron. Wish me luck!