This Just In: Mia Needs Some New Electronics and a Moving Van

Well, then. Sorry about the radio silence! A couple of things have happened in quick succession in the last couple of weeks: 1) my laptop broke and I lost the ability to process outfit photos, and 2) I was offered a job and will be shortly moving to Tacoma, WA.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 9.15.19 PM

Pictured: Tacoma, or at least a very small piece of it.

Given these turns of fortune, blogging might continue to be a little staticky over the next few weeks. If you bear with me, friends, it’d be much appreciated! I’ll make sure you’re handsomely rewarded with overcast photos of Puget Sound and, of course, of myself. Never let it be said that I’m not willing to give the people what they want.

This Just In: Mia Overestimates Herself Once More

image (5)

Did you know that moving is hard? Moving is hard. Even when you’re only moving a couple miles. I am currently low on time and energy for things beyond moving and working, so I will take another short leave of blogging until the former is sorted out and I know where the camera is again! Until then, please enjoy this picture of a cool/terrifying Coach window display at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas.

Outfit Post: 7/25/14


Top: Desigual — Skirt and bangle: Thrifted — Sandals: (Dansko) — Necklace and earrings: Gifts


And we’re back, broadcasting to you live from a small, dim room somewhere in northern California!


I’ll get into this more tomorrow, but the conference was very educational, as was bopping around Las Vegas by myself for several evenings. It’s such a curious city, isn’t it?


As soon as I got back from the trip, I dove into moving stuff–a lot of which was prepared by Mike while I was gone, what a good fellow he is–so I’ve mostly been knocking around in shorts and sweaty t-shirts while we haul boxes and furniture.


No long skirts or dangly earrings for me until it’s all over!


No fancy appliqued t-shirts, either.


Some of my clothing just wasn’t built for deep-cleaning floors, you know?

Outfit Post: 7/10/14


Dress: Thrifted — Shirt: Gift — Sandals: (Sam & Libby) — Earrings: Target — Ring: Vendor at Lake Bled, Slovenia


Mike and I found a new place to live, so we’re moving!


…only 2.6 miles, to be perfectly accurate, but I’ll be able to walk to work, which holds a certain appeal.


It also comes with a washer and dryer, which makes me do a happy little jig of joy. No more laundromats for me!


Anyway, this blog has faithfully followed Tia and me both through several moves, so you know the drill. I’m doing my best to slowly pack books and trinkets up now while we still have a month to prepare, but if I end up wearing the same four outfits for a week or two in the middle of it all–well, there are worse things.

(Got any moving tips to share, perchance?)

28 of 30: Moving is Hard

I’m so tired. We took four more carloads of stuff to the new apartment today. And I had to stop in at work in the middle of the day to take care of some last minute stuff for the user study we’ll be kicking up next week. We? Me. Need. To. Use. Singular. Pronouns.

Of the things that switched houses today, my future hair dye was one. That was unfortunate, because honestly, I’m hating the grunginess of this color so bad. And the dull color in the back. BLARGH.

Still, I felt like a bad ass today. I am still one strong lady, for not having gone to the gym in a year or so. Which I might start doing again, because I still don’t feel very strong. I want to do a 5k sometime soon, so…training time. It’s been a while since I did something as awesome as I used to do with the venture crew, like walk 50 miles in less than 48 hours, or climb to the top of Half Dome. Those events showed me of how amazingly capable this body of mine is, regardless of what it looks like. I’m definitely feeling the need to be reminded again.

I may have exaggerated the damage done to these jeans from my fall. I mean, I might be able to actually sew that back together without a patch even. My knee underneath it is still scabby and hurts terribly every time I hit it against something or climb into bed/a car/up or down stairs.

Sorry, this post is like 90% diary because this outfit is boring. I’m so ready for more pieces.