Outfit Post: 6/20/15


Shirt: Desigual — Skirt: Blacklist Vintage (Lilly Sports) — Sandals: Gift (Clarks) — Ring: Vendor at Lake Bled, Slovenia — Earrings: Sabo Design — Nail Polish: Zoya “Zuza” [fingers] and “Meg” [toes]


I wore this outfit to a family barbecue at my uncle’s house on Saturday, where there was elk roast and the offer of knife fights aplenty! My uncle also made some bomb-ass chocolate rum cupcakes with cream in the center because he is a man of many talents.


I got strawberry juice on my shirt and grilled chicken on my skirt, which is how you know it was a good party.


The strawberry juice pretty much matches, too. The nice thing about chaotic rainbow patterns is that they hide stains wonderfully!


I really like my extended family and I don’t get to see them often enough. One of my cousins-once-removed is living in San Francisco right now, and we promised to go on a sensory deprivation adventure together sometime soon.


And after we’re done exploring our souls, maybe petits fours?

Outfit Post: 12/9/13


Sweater and skirt: Thrifted — Leggings: Carouselink — Boots: eBay (Steve Madden Troopas) — Scarf: World Market — Earrings: Gift — Coat [pictured below]: Old Navy — Hat [pictured below]: Gift


It was wonderful having my dad come to visit! Alas, I dropped him off at the bus station yesterday morning, and he should be settling back into his life in Mexico even as we speak.


My family in general is full of sharp, clever people, and my dad in particular is witty, charming, and frighteningly smart. My penchant for slightly menacing whimsy was definitely his doing, while I’m still working to attain his level of relaxed, things-as-they-are cheerfulness (which may only be possible through the use of mind-altering drugs).


Before he left, he gave me an early Christmas present–some earrings from a pearl farm down the road from his house, wonderfully irregular and a great addition to my year-round jewelry.


Thanks for coming to stay, Daddio, and we’ll be seeing you again soon.

Outfit Post: 7/23/13


Dress: Goodwill (J. Crew) — Shoes: eBay (Keds) — Bracelet: Charming Charlie — Earrings: Target — Necklace: Gift


My dad’s visiting from Mexico! Did I mention that?


It’s nice, him being around for a little bit. We get to be weird at each other, although he is a true weirding master and out-weirds me every time.


So far we’ve been hanging out–you know, chillaxing. Last night we went to a free Music in the Parks concert, and it was a lovely warm evening and there were kids playing with their dogs and the big band music was great, and it was one of the summeriest things I’ve done in a long time. I wish we’d taken a picnic!


What about y’all, do you have any good parks around where you are? Do they have any fun summertime activities?

Outfit Post: 6/27/13


Blazer: Swap — Tank top: Goodwill — Skirt: Anthro — Sandals: Dansko — Necklace: Vendor in Hawaii — Earrings: Gift


I’ve got a question for all yuhs out there who have their own blogs: do your real-life friends/family know about your blog? Do they read it?


A few of my friends know about it, although I don’t know if any of them read it on the reg; obviously Mike knows, and is sometimes courteous enough to help me with the pictures.


However, my parents and other relatives aren’t aware of Reading in Skirts, as far as I know. I don’t go out of my way to hide it, but it’s not a part of my life that I’ve chosen to share. It might sound a little weird talking about it this way–shouldn’t it be a nonissue?–but I’ve been very close with my parents my whole life, and there’s not a lot that I haven’t talked about with them. I do feel a little weird sometimes since this has become such an everyday part of my life, and I wonder if I’m shutting them out of something important to me by not sharing it.


But then, I never had many secrets to keep as a kid, so maybe this is my one private thing. My dad recently found me on Twitter, which was a bit surprising, and at first I definitely felt an urge to censor myself in ways I hadn’t before. It was a little confusing trying to reconcile the Mia I am with friends and the Mia I am with my family–I know maybe some of you out there are the exact same You at all times, but that’s not really how I function. Eventually, though, I got over it, especially since I’m continually reminded that if my dad doesn’t feel the need to censor himself, I don’t need to either. Altogether I’m glad he found me, and it’s a good way for Dad and I to stay in contact when he lives thousands of miles away, but I’m not sure I’m ready to extend that to sharing this here blog.

So: how about you?

Outfit Post: 12/10/11

Dress: Thrifted [altered by me] — Tights: We ❤ Colors [maroon] — Boots: Thrifted — Earrings: Hand-me-down — Bracelet and Ring: Gifts

Short skirt alert! I bought this dress/tunic the day that Tia and I had our crazy Black Friday thrifting spree–it’s way shorter than most of what I wear, even shorter than my short grey dress, but it was so cute! I couldn’t pass it up. (As a side-note, it originally came with some hideously worn-down cheap-looking gold buttons, which I promptly removed and replaced with the raspberry-colored ones you see here. I think it’s an improvement.)

When my aunt and uncle invited Mike and me to a tree-trimming party at their house, I fought with myself a little over whether to wear this dress. On one hand, a nice-ish holiday party seemed perfect for debuting it, when I might not have a whole lot of opportunities to wear it between my business-casual professional life and my extra-casual weekends. On the other hand–when I wore the short grey dress and got over myself, that was out and about with a town full of strangers. This would be to a Christmas party with relatives, friends, easily-scandalized elderly folk; being judged by family seems a lot scarier than being judged by people you don’t know.

But then I thought, “Hey, wait a sec. I love my family, and they love me, and they aren’t at all the judgey type!” It was the anxiety-issues part of my brain that tries to scare me and shame me with unrealistic, distorted expectations of others, not my actual knowledge of how these people who I know and care about might react. (Okay, I also texted my mom to ask her opinion and she was like, “no, it’s cute, go for it!” I think she was a lot more daring at my age than I tend to be.) So I wore it, and was careful during the tree-decorating that I didn’t bend over too far, and I felt cute and festive all night, and not a single person gave me even the slightest bit of nonsense about it.

Ah, family. You gotta love ’em! Especially when your family includes Jessica Fletcher and Hercule Poirot.