Outfit Post: 1/13/16


Top: Thrifted (Chaps) — Cardigan: Thrifted (no label) — Skirt: eShakti — OTKs: Sock Dreams (Extraordinary Thigh-Highs in Navy) — Earrings: Gift


I don’t use the “navy” tag on this blog very much, since navy isn’t usually my first choice for neutrals and I don’t have much of it in my closet, but I guess I really should use it in reference to this shirt. I think of it as blue, but isn’t it navy?


Where’s the line for navy, anyway? Is it a question only of shade or also of saturation? I guess I could look it up, but I’d rather ask you.


(Please to ignore the my phone; the sticky note just has a to-do list on it. I make to-do lists on my phone, on my computer, on Habitica, and it still isn’t enough. It’s a wonder I get anything done.)


Anyway, I find myself grateful that this blog doesn’t have a “mustard” tag in addition to “yellow,” or I’d be here all day.


Outfit Post and Dealing with Disappointment

This jacket was another thing I got in Gracey and my mini-swap, and I still haven’t quite hit on how to style it best yet. Although, I’ve finally gathered the things up to send her, I just need to make it to the post office to ship them off to her. šŸ™‚ The week so far has been really stressful though, and that’s a big reason why I have yet to make it to the post office.

On Monday I had an interview for an internship that I thought went really well. But yesterday I got an email that promptly showed me that I was wrong about that. No positions for me. So I’ve been dealing with that disappointment, and not very well. It’s hard when all of your intuition is that things went your way, and that is shown to be incorrect.

But that’s life. I have to keep going, keep trying, and keep putting myself out there if I want to succeed, even if rejection is difficult to face. I have to believe that my education and my skills will be exactly what someone else needs some day. I have to keep working to be the best candidate possible.

So what about you? What was the last thing that disappointed you? How did you cope with it?

Outfit Post: 6/27/12

This has been the summer of sporadic blog posting for me. Every time I get in the habit of taking pictures, my internet dies or I end up travelling or I sweat through outfits before taking pictures(ew). I think I’ve gotten myself in the habit of morning pictures again, so hopefully, things will abound!

This skirt has been a trouble piece. My mom made it for me back in winter, and I’ve had the roughest time styling it. The only things I have in navy are two t-shirts, and neither the pink nor the green in this skirt make anĀ appearanceĀ in my wardrobe. Summer makes the whole t-shirt thing feel more appropriate, but still, it’s such a cute pattern, I want to get more use out of it.

I mean seriously, this geometric pattern is so many adorbs, but the colors! I can’t even really wear it with white, because I know myself and rarely buy white because I can’t keep a white shirt clean to save my life.

How do y’all deal with near-closet-orphans that you can’t bare to part with, but also can’t spare the cash to add a bunch of pieces to your wardrobe? Any suggestions for other colors that I could rock with this skirt that my matchy-matchy brain is unable to come up with?

Outfit Post: 4/11/12

Ok, back on the swap-horde posts. I really did get way too many fun new pieces. The green of this top beckoned to me, but the cold weather we’ve been having lately had sort of put a stop on me figuring out how to wear it.

But then! I figured out that the cold weather could also be an inspiration. So I stuck a navy long sleeve tee under it and called it a success.

I also busted out my new socks that arrived from Sock Dreams. These are just O Basics so they’re not super soft or anything, but they are $6 knee highs that come up over my calves. Pulled all the way up, they go just past the tops of my knees, but I rolled the cuff down to under my knees.

I’ve been doing jeans a lot lately. As opposed to when real winter was abounding and I was courageously wearing skirts all the freaking time, I’m now so insulted by the cold, I think, that I just pull on pants in the morning. Spring. Magical season, I suppose.