Outfit Post: 1/6/16


Sweater: Thrifted (Prezi) — Skirt: Thrifted (Anne Klein) — Boots: Macy’s — Thigh-highs: Sock Dreams (Extraordinarily Longer Thigh Highs in Spice) — Earrings: Woodland Market 


Sweaters! Things!


I dunno, pals. Maybe I’ll have something tomorrow.

Outfit Post: 9/29/15


Top: Desigual — Skirt: Thrifted (Fossil) — Sandals: 6pm.com (Dansko) — Socks: Sock Dreams (Bobby Socklings in Inky Violet) — Bangle: Gift, from Barcelona — Earrings: Labor Day Pow-Wow


At work I wasn’t sure if the purple socks worked with this outfit, but here I think they do. Sometimes you just have to take a chance on purple socks, am I right?


This bracelet, on the other hand, perfectly matches the blue on the shirt’s right shoulder–clearly the artisan who made the bracelet was colluding with the designers at Desigual, since they’re both based out of Barcelona and every artist in Barcelona knows one another.


Anyway. This shirt makes it easy to strike out in bold color directions since it’s made of so many bold color directions itself.


It probably wouldn’t go with burnt sienna, let’s say, but I’m okay with that.

Outfit Post: 8/18/15


Button-front: Vintage Fashion Fair (Ship ‘N Shore) — Skirt: Thrifted (Fossil) — Sandals: 6pm.com (Dansko) — Earrings: Lia Sophia — Bangle: Thrifted


I’d been planning this top+bottom pairing for a while but only got around to ironing the shirt on Monday.


I don’t even dislike ironing–I genuinely find it kind of pleasant, even though it always makes my back sore–but somehow it just never gets done. The iron and board have been sitting out for at least a week now, and I’ve done ironing a grand total of two days.


Of course, longer and fuller garments like the Laura Ashley dress or the green maxi-skirt take about a hundred years to finish each, so I’ll grade myself on a curve as far as they’re concerned.


It’s a good thing I don’t flatiron my hair anymore, am I right, folks?! Haha, do you get it? Do you? Do you get it? No, but really, do you get it? Do you?

Yeah, you got it.


Outtake: lost my balance while doing absolutely nothing. Nice.

Outfit Post: 7/13/15


Top: Thrifted (Caslon) — Skirt: Thrifted (Fossil) — Sandals: Dansko — Earrings: Gift, from Costa Rica — Necklaces: Gift from Katie and thrifted


It’s been a long time since I’ve worn double necklaces! (And even longer since I remembered to use the right and proper tag for such things.)


I don’t think I would’ve put these two together, except I was organizing my jewelry and hanging the necklaces back on their cork board, and they happened to end up layered. Thus, an idea was born.


They’re both pretty big and vibrant on their own and might be a bit much paired, but–well.


People have come to expect a bit much from me, so at least nobody thinks anything of it.

Outfit Post: 6/15/15


Shirt: Target — Skirt: Thrifted (Fossil) — Shoes: Thrifted (Born) — Footie socks: Sock Dreams (Chevron Footies in Turquoise) — Necklace: Beyond Buckskin Boutique — Earrings: Heatherly Designs


Did you know that Fossil made clothing? I sure friggin’ didn’t! I thought they were entirely a wallet/purse concern, but apparently I was incorrect.


They evidently make rather nice clothing, too. I waffled a bit on whether this stretchy wool-blend skirt was too form-fitting, but in the end decided to give it a try. Thrift store prices have that effect on me.


(I’ll admit that these are by far the most traditionally flattering photos of all the ones I took. There are definitely lumpier, bumpier ones. Maybe next time I’ll feel up to sharing some.)


Lately I’ve been focused a lot on fit, and how things fit, and whether they fit the right amount. I think that’s where a lot of my clothing anxiety goes; without consciously thinking about it, I worry that people will perceive my clothing as ill-fitting and judge me for misunderstanding my body.


I worry that people will look at me and think, “She thinks she looks good in that?” Pervasive fear of social judgement is all part of the human condition, I suppose. Anyway, I wore the skirt, so it’s a small step in the right direction.

Outfit Post: 3/12/15


Top: Thrifted (Bobeau) — Skirt: Thrifted (Target) — Boots: eBay (Steve Madden Troopas) — Socks: Sock Dreams (Heather Bobby Socklings in Bark) — Earrings: The Wood Merchant — Ring: Vendor at Lake Bled, Slovenia


To go along with my spice organization project, I bought some ice cube trays recently!


We discarded our ancient, cracked ones a couple years ago when we moved into a house with an icemaking freezer, but I needed some in my life again for the extremely Pinterest-y activity of freezing fresh herbs in olive oil.


This is almost certainly the first time in my life that I haven’t just let most of a package of sage go bad after using the requisite two teaspoons for a single recipe. (Well, I’m half right. The sage, and the thyme I also just spent an hour and a half stemming, were a little on the iffy side, but I like to live on the edge vis-a-vis expiration dates.)


I’m not usually on top of my game like this, but it’ll feel good when I don’t have to pay another four dollars for the next two teaspoons of fresh sage that I’ll need someday. Is this what they call adulting?


As far as the spice project goes, this is the progress I’ve made so far. Look, jars instead of easily-infestible bags!


For the stuff I ordered from Penzeys, I just “artfully” tore the label off of each bag before filling the jars so that I can make sure to order the same thing next time. It would be a shame to run out of Vietnamese cinnamon and buy Korintje by mistake. (Kidding. I’m sure the cinnamon of Indonesia has a lot to offer and I don’t want to hurt its feelings.)


For my locally-purchased stuff, especially the herbs and spices I restock a lot, I just wrote on the jars with my terrible, terrible handwriting. It’s legible, but I’m not going to be called on to calligraph wedding invitations anytime soon, let’s be honest.

Anyway, I need to wash out the largest grade of jar so that I can finish things up, but my cumin is secure and I’m pretty happy about that. Good for me!

Outfit Post: 2/12/15


Shirt: Target — Skirt: Thrifted (Target) — OTKs: Sock Dreams (Heather Over the Knee Stockings in Slate) — Boots: eBay (Steve Madden Troopas) — Earrings: Vendor at Lake Bled, Slovenia


I started out wearing one of my knit jackets in addition to everything else here, but, you know, global warming. I think everything goes together nicely even without the jacket, at least.


Flat Tire was incredibly interested in my feet while I was taking these pictures. Even moreso than usual, I mean. I kept tripping over her on the way to and from the camera.


Obviously, the only solution was to properly include her in the fun. She’s a hot new accessory for spring. The new envelope clutch, you might say.


I’d hang her from my earlobes but I think she’s a mite heavy.

Outfit Post: 10/28/13


Sweater and skirt: Thrifted — Shoes: Payless — Tights: Target — Socks: Sock Dreams (Heather Bobby Socklings in Pink) — Earrings: Gift from Katie!


When I heard it was going to be in the sixties on Monday, I panicked a little bit and ended up in tights and a sweater.


I ended up ditching the tights after lunchtime because, of course, 63-degree weather isn’t all that inhospitable, and things were in fact quite pleasant as I was leaving work at 5pm.


After a summer of 90-degree days, I sometimes forget how other temperatures work.

Outfit Post: 9/26/13


Blazer: Swapped — Camisole and skirt: Thrifted — Flats: American Rag — Ring: Old


I used up all my color credits with yesterday’s outfit post, so I’ll have to make do with pastels and neutrals for the rest of the week.


Color rationing is no joke, people!


Our soldiers on the front lines are gonna need all the pigment they can get if they’re gonna win the Color Wars, and if that means a little sacrifice at home, well–pastels aren’t so bad, anyhow.

Outfit Post: 8/26/13


Top: Thrifted — Skirt: Goodwill (Target) — Flats: American Rag — Earrings: Target — Bracelet: Found


Not gonna lie, this outfit made me feel like a straight-up cutie patootie.


Turns out that I like this shirt and its ruffliness so much that I bought some more ruffly shirts at my second-favorite thrift store over the weekend.


Sometimes I think about the language I would use to describe my clothing and style if I were to abolish all gendered terms. If I couldn’t call this outfit “feminine,” how would I talk about it? Can a description of physical characteristics  convey the same image as context-heavy and abstract ideas?


This isn’t to say that I think that gendered terms should be completely struck from the record of our language. I simply like to remind myself that gender is, at its core, a social construct, and that low-grade gendering can affect our perception of people just as much as heavy-handed gender essentialism does. It can be limiting, you know?


For example, see this gifset in which Eddie Izzard breaks it down for some folks. (Oh yeah, I have a tumblr now. Wanna be my tumblr friend?)

Do you have any gender-based thoughts on this fine Wednesday?