Outfit Post: 9/30/15


Dress: eBay (Maeve) — Button-front: Thrifted (Ann Klein) — Shoes: Golden Ponies — Earrings: Gift, from Greece


Hmm, this button-front doesn’t layer under dresses as well as I hoped it would.


Not this dress, anyway. I suppose I should be grateful that it doesn’t look any more absurd than it already does; it’s just a little poofy on top.


You can tell the weather’s cooling down when I start to haphazardly and/or desperately combine whatever pieces of clothing I think will fit and keep me warm. Sometimes it works out, and sometimes, well…at least the color combination’s nice, right?


Outfit Post: 3/6/15


Dress: Thrifted (no label) — Socks: Sock Dreams (Heather OTK Stockings in Rust) — Shoes: Earthies — Necklace: World Market — Earrings: Hand-me-down — Belt: Thrifted


Friday was one of those days that I was really starting to feel the mullet. I respect Becky’s choice to cut layers into my hair so that I wouldn’t have the Roseanne Rosannadanna look, but growing one’s hair out is always going to be awkward at some point, and perhaps at a lot of points.


Jaunty friend Rebekah commented on yesterday’s post that my buzz cut grow-out has seemed “graceful and painless”–which is a wonderful compliment and also astonishing to me because there have been a not-insignificant number of days where I’ve just done my best to power through the weirdness of my hair.


Part of this is that my grooming habits leave something to be desired. In a perfect world, I would get my head sopping wet every morning and let it air-dry to create nice waves, but between my penchant for sleeping in and the reality of work and bike helmets, many days the whole situation ends up a little frizzed, flattened, or shaggy-looking.


Growing it out has still been lots of fun, although as it gets longer I’m torn between continuing to see where my hair will take me and going back to the wonderful convenience of the buzz cut. I’m still not used to shedding so much, for one thing.


My hairstyle anti-inspiration is Janet from Three’s Company, and I’m a little afraid of skewing too much in that direction. Hair is such a powerful part of one’s appearance! It has a huge impact on my day-to-day self esteem, and I know that’s the case for lots of folks everywhere. As things shake out, I still feel cute more often than not, so for now the hair stays. Let cuteness reign!

Outfit Post: 1/22/15


Top: Thrifted (Gap) — Skirt: ASOS — OTKs: Sock Dreams (Heather Over the Knee Stockings in Graphite) — Shoes: Payless — Earrings: Target


Who’s going to see Angela Lansbury onstage in San Francisco tomorrow afternoon?


Me, me! I am! I’m not going dressed as a medium, though; I wouldn’t want to try to outdo Dame Angela. I’ll just sit quietly in my seat in a tidy dress, brimming with glee.

Outfit Post: 1/11/15


Sweater: Thrifted (Anthro) — Jeans: Thrifted — Shoes: Payless — Scarf: Fab.com (Practical Impact) — Earrings: Vendor on campus — Ring: Asian Art Museum


This outfit wasn’t really doing it for me until I added the scarf. Before, it was just an uninteresting sweater and jeans, but now it’s an uninteresting sweater and jeans with a scarf!


Well, okay, the sweater can hold its own most of the time, but I wear these jeans constantly on weekends and they rarely make it into outfit photos. They’re comfortable and easy to wear, but don’t feel especially compelling to post about.


Maybe it’s the straight legs? I used to be all about flared jeans, but I can’t wear them anymore without feeling dated–which is probably just as much due to my associations with them as it is to current trends. Put on a pair of wide-leg jeans and BOOM, I’m back in high school.


So perhaps straight-leg jeans aren’t far enough away from my teenage uniform to feel interesting and stylish. Who knows? If I can’t plumb the depths of my own mind, I certainly don’t expect anyone else to. (Except maybe my therapist.)

Outfit Post: 12/11/14


Dress: Thrifted — Leggings: Leah’s free pile — Boots: Macy’s — Necklace: World Market — Earrings: Angela Grace Jewelry


This sweater dress might be a little short for some workplaces. Actually, it might be a little short for my workplace in particular, but I seem to have tricked my department into being charmed by my skirting of the dress code, so it’s all good.


It passes the fingertip test, anyway, which I think means it would be good to go at many of the fictional Catholic schools that appeared in my reading material growing up.


I don’t think I’ve ever been closer than 500 feet to a Catholic school, so I have no way of verifying whether the fingertip test actually is or ever has been a thing.


What were we talking about?

Outfit Post: 9/7/14


Tunic and shoes: Thrifted — Leggings: Target — Shoe liners: Sock Dreams (Tabbisocks Heather Footies) — Necklace: Shop in Hallstatt, Austria — Earrings: Gift


Apparently when I said “I’ll talk about it more tomorrow” I meant “I’ll talk about it in a week or something, I dunno.”


“It” being ending my shopping ban, if I gotta catch you up to speed.


I spent most of this year on a shopping ban, aside from a few purchases during my trip to Austria and Slovenia (purchases like this necklace, for instance!) in an effort to pare down my wardrobe and take control of my life or, you know, whatever.


And I did a great job of paring said wardrobe down, especially with Mike’s and my recent move. So much so, in fact, that I could use a few more skirts and work tops!


I’m easing back into buying things with some jewelry, some socks, and maaaaybe a handmade pair of shoes that’ll be here in a month or so. In the meantime, maybe I’ll polish up these shoes like they so badly need…

(Oh yeah, also–I wore this on my birthday to go to brunch with some friends and it was great! Thanks, friends! Thanks, birthday!)