Guest Post: What To Wear To a Wrestling Show

[Happy Halloween to all you pals out there who celebrate it! Why not enjoy a guest post by my buddy Amanda about that most costumed sport of all: professional wrestling? -Mia]


Shirt is from Barbershop Window
Leggings are from Kohl’s
Shoes are Target’s Converse collection 


My husband and I went to the WWE Hell in a Cell live show on Sunday.


It was my first wrestling show, so I took the opportunity to go a little more colorful than I normally do – as a ginger, pink isn’t often my first choice!


I’m a pretty new wrestling fan and this was my first live event, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Happily, it was an excellent time! Lots of feats of strength, some fighting in a steel cage, and a lot of chanting for our favorites!


I bonded with the teenage girls behind me about how awesome the women’s champion AJ Lee is, drank a beer or two, and cheered the bad guys and booed the good guys, which is how it should go (sometimes).

Outfit Post: 6/28/13


Button-front, tank top, and capris: Goodwill — Sandals: Dansko — Necklaces: Hand-me-down — Scarf: Flea market in Mexico


When I heard Gracey was doing a literature-themed outfit link party, I screamed, dropped my coffee, and ran three times around the building. Or maybe I just smiled to myself and quietly said, “hell yeah.” You know, whichever.


I had the perfect character in mind, too! See, I recently finished Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor and Park, and I am ALL. ABOUT. ELEANOR. Okay, I might not look much like her–I’m missing the masses of curly red hair, for one thing–but I sure as heck can dress like her. Based on a few choice passages regarding her wardrobe, I put together a button-front shirt, some loose linen pants (since my workplace isn’t a denim-friendly zone and also it was hot as balls out)…


…a fistful of Eleanor-ish necklaces…


…and a wrist-scarf. I don’t think her wrist-scarf technique is specified in the book, so I twisted mine up to make it look a bit like a series of bangles.


Then I tucked the ends in and was good to go! I actually quite like the effect, so I’ll probably keep doing this even when I’m not dressing like Eleanor.

Gracey’s link party isn’t until tomorrow, so while I’m early I’ll tell you to go read Eleanor and Park right now. I’m not usually super-keen on YA contemporaries that are largely centered around teen romance, but there’s something about this book that just hit me right in the emotion-parts. It’s beautifully written and features as its two main characters a POC and a plus-sized girl, and in particular Eleanor’s relationship with her body and her sense of self left me with…a lot of feelings. I love the beauty that Eleanor and Park find in each other, and the fact that in addition to chemistry they also have, you know, friendship and common interests, which seem to be lacking in a lot of YA romances these days. Ugh, this book. Go read it, go. And then go tell Rainbow Rowell that she’s rad as hell.

Outfit Post: 6/27/13


Blazer: Swap — Tank top: Goodwill — Skirt: Anthro — Sandals: Dansko — Necklace: Vendor in Hawaii — Earrings: Gift


I’ve got a question for all yuhs out there who have their own blogs: do your real-life friends/family know about your blog? Do they read it?


A few of my friends know about it, although I don’t know if any of them read it on the reg; obviously Mike knows, and is sometimes courteous enough to help me with the pictures.


However, my parents and other relatives aren’t aware of Reading in Skirts, as far as I know. I don’t go out of my way to hide it, but it’s not a part of my life that I’ve chosen to share. It might sound a little weird talking about it this way–shouldn’t it be a nonissue?–but I’ve been very close with my parents my whole life, and there’s not a lot that I haven’t talked about with them. I do feel a little weird sometimes since this has become such an everyday part of my life, and I wonder if I’m shutting them out of something important to me by not sharing it.


But then, I never had many secrets to keep as a kid, so maybe this is my one private thing. My dad recently found me on Twitter, which was a bit surprising, and at first I definitely felt an urge to censor myself in ways I hadn’t before. It was a little confusing trying to reconcile the Mia I am with friends and the Mia I am with my family–I know maybe some of you out there are the exact same You at all times, but that’s not really how I function. Eventually, though, I got over it, especially since I’m continually reminded that if my dad doesn’t feel the need to censor himself, I don’t need to either. Altogether I’m glad he found me, and it’s a good way for Dad and I to stay in contact when he lives thousands of miles away, but I’m not sure I’m ready to extend that to sharing this here blog.

So: how about you?

Outfit Post: 4/18/13


Hey, bros and broquettes! Mike lent his camera to a coworker over the weekend, so we all get to deal with some soft-focus slightly-fisheyed iPhone pictures for the next day or two.


You may have seen this Hermes infographic-y thing going around on Pinterest about interesting ways to tie silk scarves, and I decided to give it a try with this rainbow scarf I got from a flea market in Mexico.


I think Hermes could have varied their models a bit in those images, but I’m pretty fond of  how the scarf/necklace hybrid came out. I tend to neglect my scarves, especially in the summer when it gets too hot to wear anything that close to your neck, so this is a neat (and cool, temperature-wise) way to work them in. And it’s just knots! JUST KNOTS, PEOPLE. I’m not sure how you’d make it work with a bulkier scarf–the long, narrow ones seem to be best–but I’ll probably give it a try soon since we’re hitting 90+ temperatures this week.

Do you have any interesting scarf tips? I love them but I sometimes find them baffling…

(P.S. Ellie, please email me! I can’t send you your prize until you do.)



Guys! I’ve been illustrated again! This time by the oh-so-fabulous Alyse Poole. She is also the lady who did my super fabulous wedding invitations, which I don’t think I ever posted here. Alyse and I have been friends since before Mia and I(it’s true! We met when I was in middle school on an oekaki board.) She is a super fab illustrator, and if you ever need to commission some artwork, I can whole heartedly recommend her as being both professional and super awesome.