Guest Post: Professional Bull Riding

[Hey, it’s a Friday! Well, it’s Friday here, I don’t know about your time zone or moon year. Anyhow, let’s have a Western-style guest post from my most cow-tippin’ friend, Edie. -Mia]

Every year, Professional Bull Riding comes to town and what started as “We have GOT to check this out!” has now become a yearly tradition. I live in a city surrounded by farm and ranch land and PBR is as good excuse as any to see a slice of life completely foreign to me.

(PBR isn’t like bull fighting in Spain, in case you’re horrified right now! Cowboys stay on a bucking bull for as long as they can and earn points for the length of time they stay on and how well they do it – the goal is to stay on the bull for 8 seconds. The bulls get points too, for bucking off the riders and for how quickly. Sometimes the bulls are even bigger celebrities than the riders…they made a big deal about Bushwacker’s retirement after this season. After I went a couple times I did some research on the animal ethics of PBR and I was comfortable with continuing to spend my money there. I would understand if you disagreed.)

Please excuse the selfie-style mirror-and-phone pics, I am not as adept as Mia with an awesome camera & remote set up. [Ed: I would never speak ill of selfie-style outfit photos! If mirror-and-phone pics were good enough for our forefathers, they’re good enough for me.]

Being somewhat bereft of true cowgirl clothing (see above: city girl), I tried to pull together an outfit that leans towards “rancher chic.” It mostly involves finding a button down and jeans. I do own two plaid button downs but since I’ve worn them to the past three PBR excursions I wanted to find something new this year.


The shirt is from the Banana Republic and one I wear to work on occasion. I don’t love it; the pink plus the pintucking make it a little too feminine for me, but it ended up being just right for dinner, PBR, and drinks afterwards. The jeans are new from Uniqlo – I was NOT expecting them to be quite so skinny, but they’re actually the most comfortable jeans I own thanks to a lot of stretch. They’re the only ones that I don’t take off as soon as I get in the house. Not the easiest to put on/take off, however (which may have something to do with it….). The boots are from Ralph Lauren. I hemmed and hawed over them for awhile because they were more than I had spent on a single pair of shoes in a long time, but I’ve worn them nearly every weather-appropriate weekend since then so: good decision, E.



Southwest-inspired jewelry seemed right for the occasion, so I wore my silver and turquoise Kokopelli earrings and silver Kokopelli bracelet. I got these as a teen on a family trip to Arizona and I’m impressed I chose souvenirs I still wear as an adult. I normally really love useless tchocktes. The necklace was a gift from my mom from a local artist’s shop in my city, and the bracelet is from when I was a kid. I recently got it fixed and I’m really happy I did; there isn’t much that comes with my name on it so even though I didn’t wear it for a decade, I’m glad I dragged it around two states and four cities.

So that’s rancher chic! My job has me interfacing with ranchers more and more, though, so by the time PBR comes around next year, I may end up with legit boots and maybe even a cowboy hat. I’ll keep you updated!

Outfit Post: 1/18/15


Top: Thrifted (Bobeau) — Jeans: Tripp NYC — Boots: Macy’s — Jacket: Ragstock — Belt: Target — Earrings: MicDrop Design


This outfit has a secret. (Not a very well-kept secret but a secret nevertheless.)


BOOM. DOUBLE PLAID. And yet somehow I still don’t look like a lumberjack.


In other news: this cat. This friggin’ cat. Flat Tire has been all up ons every time I take outfit pictures lately. Maybe because she wants to break out into her own modeling career? She’s adding some stripes to the pattern mix here, at least.


I think she prefers nude modeling, though, based on her reactions when I try to help her wear a hat.

Outfit Post: 12/12/14


Sweater: Thrifted (Target) — Jeans: NYC Tripp — Boots: Macy’s — Belt: Target — Earrings: Nervous System


Oof. My posting has been and might continue to be a little spotty this week! Mike’s dad has needed help moving house and it’s occupied most of our waking, non-working hours since Saturday.


Jumping back, though, this is what I wore to my office’s holiday party. We were given rare permission to wear jeans, so I got excited and wore my plaid ones again. Twice in one week! Calm and order are really breaking down here at Casa Mia.


Anyway, the party was pretty good, as office holiday parties go! Good food, a nice employee appreciation gift, and we played a gift exchange game where I gave away a small, highly-detailed plastic hand and got a fuzzy scarf in return. Festive!

Outfit Post: 9/26/12

I like this outfit now, but while I was wearing it, it felt 100% wrong.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I feel gender is a fluid thing, that in particular, I sometimes I perceive myself as more dudely or lady-like. This was a strange case in which I wore pants and a top in such a way that my waist wasn’t as highlighted and felt like the outfit was more hipster!dude than my regular — and it drove me bonkers. The outfit read too male to me in my mind that day, when what I wanted was to be super femme. I’m not really sure how I got out of the house wearing this with as much protesting was going on in my mind, but all day long I felt like a stranger in my skin because of it.

Looking at this outfit 3 days later, there’s nothing wrong with it, and frankly, it’s not even that masculine. I love the vest, made by my mom, and think any other day, it would’ve read as perfectly femme. But it was an experience that I haven’t often dealt with, since most of the time the initial alarm bells would have set me into an outfit changing frenzy.

I don’t know how common that situation is. Have you ever worn clothes that left you feeling like an imposter, even though objectively there was nothing odd about what you were wearing?