Outfit Post: 2/5/12

I’ve been thinking about this color combination ever since I saw Rachel over at Darling Autodidact’s post using teal and red. I wore this to go to my artist’s co-op and an IKEA date with Braden, so I wanted to be comfy and darling. So sweater tights and boots it is!

So here’s the detail on this shirt that I promised you guys the last time I wore this tunic. I love, love, love this little button. I don’t know why it delights me so much, but it really does.

I also got a few things to do something I have been meaning to do for a while: I got a second hanging closet organizer from IKEA and then immediately fixed my closet up.

Check it guys: color organized. The top left corner is normal sweaters and flannels, bottom right is argyle sweaters. Everything else is by color, except the one multi-color box on the second right. Yes, this is just my collection of tops. Two things are really clear to me from this: one – I have ooooodles of blue, and actually considerably less purple than I had thought.

Guys, I have an organized closet. I hope I can keep it like that for a long time. Of course, my skirts and pants are all still scrambled up in a drawer and not organized at all. One small victory for the day though!

I didn’t actually sort through my stuff while I was putting things away, just went by color. I do need to weed it down a little bit, primarily from the blue section if I can. Have you guys ever had the impulse to clean your entire closet out? Did you ever follow through?

Outfit Post: Christmas!

Christmas Day, Braden and I screwed around for pictures for a bit. This outfit was baaaasically picked out by my mom though, since we did Christmas pictures that day, which of course meant, I had to wear the argyle sweater and the grey skirt together. So sweater tights and oxfords came together so that I had something cute to open presents in.

I am really enjoying being able to feel the sun on my skin. That’s something that just disappears for a few months in Chicago, and it’s that lack that always makes winter drag for me.

Oh man though, I’m starting to regret not bringing the dye with me. We should do some pictures today so you can see how faded it’s gotten since Christmas. I’m going to just be all white-haired by the time we get back home. Ha!

Look guys! I can wear earrings! Even though my skin is reacting really poorly to Mexico, at that point, I was doing better. These were included as a bow on a present from my “aunt” Denise. They’re rather pretty, I think.

I do love having Braden take pictures. :3 He seems to bring the pretty out of me.