Team Outfit Post: All the Colors


Look who is in town. And writing on the blog. It is me! And I am Tia. [Don’t be fooled by the posting info–Mia created the draft of this post for Tia to edit! Or maybe we’re secretly the same person. -Mia] And also I am still very much unbloggy in general. Curse you, inexplicably time consuming graduate program! As soon as I got to my parent’s house, practically, I got my hair cut and colored for the first time in forever, so you get to see that awesomeness up in this business.


Also, my totally sweet Goldie Blox sweatshirt, which I am grateful to note is literally all I need for being outside right now. California, your weather. It is wonderfuls.

Team Outfit Post: 11/25/12

By the time this post sees the light of day, I will be back in California and back to work (and will be a very sleepy Mia, because our flight will have gotten into SFO at 11pm). Boo hiss!

At least I’ll be able to look back on our last full day with pleasant nostalgia–we did so much, and were dressed so cutely! (I believe Tia’s mom is responsible for most of this ensemble, which is delightfully bright and colorful. Tia also said it made her feel a little Ouran High School Host Club.)

First we went out to brunch, and then we split up as Mike and Braden went to take pictures for a client on the top of an amazing building on the water while Tia and I wandered around Navy Pier. I am officially in love with the Crystal Gardens, and the Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows is pretty rad too. Not a bad way to spend two hours for free!

After sunset, we went and picked the boys up and rattled our way over to the also-free Lincoln Park Zoo for ZooLights! It was kind of delightful to see all the bright lights and colors, although we were all somewhat consternated by this crab family:

Why so heteronormative, ZooLights? Also, since when do crabs grow facial hair or wear lipstick?

We also visited the giraffe exhibit, which is obviously why I wore my giraffe-print knee-high socks. I think they knew that, deep down, I was one of them.

Of course, once we were done wandering around and looking at animals, we completely negated the inexpensiveness of the rest of the day by stopping by Mindy’s Hot Chocolate and having ourselves some extremely rich and extravagant (and expensive) desserts and cocoa. For the record, their burnt honey ice cream is mindblowing and I want to try remaking it ASAP. Oh my word.

At least we made up for it by going home and eating homemade turkey, leek, and rice soup. Leftovers remix for the win! Also, being a grownup means sometimes you get to eat dessert first. I don’t think I’ll be able to look at sugar again for a week without feeling a little sick, but it was worth it. No regrets. Never give up, never surrender.

Team Outfit Post: 11/21/12

Back in May, Mike and I gave Tia and Braden a wedding present–you know, as you do when you like someone and want them to be happy or whatever. Anyway, our gift to them was a gift card to Home Bistro, because we’re good friends! But the gift card came with the stipulation that they couldn’t go until we came to visit Chicago again in six months, because we’re also jerks. Jerks who like good food.

And lo, those six months came to pass, and Tia and I did dress up all fancy for our shmancy dinner! She nabbed her black, white, and green dress at the swap on Saturday, and I borrowed the purple faux-wrap dress from her closet, because I did not bring anything suitably dressy. (Unless you count giraffe knee-highs as dressy.)

We make a lovely prom couple, don’t we?

It makes Tia want to siiiiiing~

Did I mention that we both snagged bomb-ass shoes at the swap too? Tia’s rad (and generous) friend Abby brought some kicks that no longer fit her, and I happily scooped up these Naturalizers. They were her wedding shoes, too! I promise to love them and feed them and walk them every day.

And Tia brought home these babies, which actually make her as tall as me when I’m barefoot. How novel!

After getting finely kitted-out, we went and had our ets. And ohhhh myyyyy godddddd, the ets, they were good. The night was a prix fixe where we each got to choose three courses from the menu–I could list each and every delicious thing that we had, but suffice to say that there were sweetbreads, there were lamb meatballs, there was poached pear in champagne with mascarpone.

Say it with me now: [unintelligible drooling noises].

In the spirit of food-lovers everywhere, Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! And Happy Regular Thursday, non-Americans!

Team Outfit Post: 11/18/12

There’s a Mia in my bedroom! She arrived yesterday and we IMMEDIATELY went to a clothes swap (like, I picked her up from the airport and drove straight to it). In retrospect, considering how hungry and tired we both were, maybe not the best idea, but it was still fun.

I, of course, needed to integrate one of my swap grabs right off the back. This blazer was one of my “finds”, and by finds, I mean blazers that my friend Abby brought mostly because she reads the blog and has heard me grumble about my blazer lust for a bit too long. So, YAY ABBY for not needing blazers!

After Mia’s super early flight (7:00am California time) and a hard day of thrifting, we actually ended up going to bed super early last night…Braden and Mike both crashed out at 8PM, and Mia and I crashed out at 10PM.

I honestly don’t think we’re gonna make it up too late today either! We got up a bit early (but after 10 full hours of sleep) to go to the flea market near my school. We had some really delicious Mexican food…the best I’ve had since moving from California. We got 4 delicious gorditas and two horchatas for $16 and ended up wonderfully full.

From there we went to a secret I had lined up for Mia…massages. One of my friends was offering a special deal to help get herself a bit of extra cash on the side and I thought it would be a nice way to welcome Mia back to Chicago.

I blame said massage for my own current sleepiness. Every massage I’ve ever had (2) has taken so much out of me. I’m going to hypothesize this has something to do with the fact that I use the crap out of my body and I go too long between getting fixed again that whenever I do get fixed, my body is a little…stunned.

Mia and I decided to include this image because she had tossed items in her suitcase just assuming that the item lengths would be compatible. So…here is your visual moral of the post: check that your clothes will work together.

Anyway! I’m going to guess that we’ll be pretty actively posting while Mia is here, because I’m excited to show off my new finds. 🙂

(Note from Mia: I’m excited too! I got some pretty sweet tidbits at that swap, exhaustion and all. Also, for the record, Saturday night I totally had a dream where Gracey was having a birthday party at the townhouse in Santa Cruz where I lived senior year of college, and we were all playing video games. Jaunty Dame was there and was wearing a fabulous vintage hat–and was super charming, as was Gracey. Travel and sleep deprivation do weird things to my brain, but I’m willing to believe that part of the dream was accurate!)

Team Outfit Pictures: Tito’s House Edition

Whoa, what? Mia and Tia, together again, even though Tia is already back in Chicago? What is this madness? Is it some manner of witchcraft or trickery?

Oh, wait, never mind, these pictures are just from last weekend, when Tia was still in the Bay Area for her conference. Hi, Tia! Saturday night she lacked dinner plans, so she BARTed out to Berkeley and made pizza with Tito and me at Tito’s house. Afterward, Tito very graciously took some outfit pictures for us, and I think they turned out pretty well given that it was 9 or 10 pm and Tia and I can’t stand still for love or money.

Classy dames, I tells ya.

Well, one of us is.

From what I remember, at least part of Tia’s outfit was comprised of new clothes from her mumsey, and I think she looked quite smashing! For my part, I had things toned down a little bit because earlier that day I attended a memorial for a family friend who passed away recently–it was pretty informal as far as memorials go, but I still figured I’d better keep things on the sedate side.

…sedate-ish, anyway.

30 for 30: 18 of 30

I’m not exactly sure if this is Mia’s 18th outfit too, but I love that we both ended up wearing peacock things the day after the wedding. Braden helped us out and took these pictures. (Note from Mia: This is actually my 17th outfit; I’m one behind Tia thanks to taking a sick day at the beginning of the month and not getting dressed. And since my own 15th outfit post is going up later today…well, y’know, bear with us. Trouble happens when we get together!)

We were pretty clearly in good spirits. This was just after having a delicious brunch at Cafe Bernardo in Sacramento. I had a delicious chicken sausage scramble that was just…nom. NOM I SAY. (I had their eggs benedict, which were not my favorite eggs benedict ever, but which were perfectly serviceable. Also, a giant bowl of mocha that may not have been so good for my tummy.)

Post order might get a bit wonky for a bit. Mia and I did team outfit pictures today(the 22nd as of write-time) as well, and she’s a few posts back on me, plus I’m heading to Yosemite for honeymoonin’ tomorrow. (Yes to the wonkiness of post-order, but while it makes the orderly-type person in my head all twitchy, I trust that all y’all don’t care so much.)

Anyway! We’ll have fun, even with posts being out of order, promise. 🙂 (It’s true! Also, stupid Tia and her stupid wedding vacation. How dare she take some perfectly reasonable time to hang out with her now-husband. Grumblemumble.)

Team Outfit Post: 12/23/11

So, while we’re currently in Mexico, we have one last set of outfit pictures from California. I’ve been valiantly attempting to fight off a cold since…basically this picture. Curse the desire to be around my friends, even when they are sick and contagious.

This skirt was one of the early gifts from my mom. I really like how this skirt and top go together. Definitely need something sufficiently thick to cover my butt with it though, considering how short it is. In theory I could wear it on my hips, but the elastic band doesn’t sit well there.

Our travels were pretty non-exciting! Which is good. We stopped more than I would’ve, but because we came down in Mike’s car(which is a stick shift that I can do nothing with), I was not driving at all. XD I’m not complaining though: we took it easy, which was definitely needed.

Pink pineapple skirt! I’m a little jealous of how awesome that skirt is. I’m digging on Mia’s black tights/black shoes combo here too. We basically spent the evening playing cribbage and noshing on smoked pork shoulder and tritip that my dad made. Nommy!

Hopefully, we’ll be pseudo consistent with posting while in Guaymas! We don’t have too many plans, so we shouldn’t fall too far behind!