Team Outfit Pictures: 3/28/13


Hey, funks and funkettes. I’m not feeling super-great today so please enjoy these commentary-free pictures of me and Tia from yesterday. She and Braden are on their way back to Illinois even as we speak, so wave to them as they fly on overhead…








Team Outfit Pictures: 3/24/13


And lo, on Sunday there occurred a garden party at Tia’s family’s estate, where food and good times were had by all! (Read: Tia’s mom and dad had a barbecue at their house. There was tri-tip and silly games.)


And Braden did take pictures of us, the two beautifullest ladies in all the land, who never ever make grumpy faces at the peanut gallery.


Not even when the peanut gallery pelts said beautifullest ladies with juggling balls like absolute philistines. (That’s what the Philistines did to Samson, right?)


It was truly a joyous occasion, marked by dancing!


Dancing and dresses with very convenient pockets.


Dancing and dresses with very convenient pockets and new fancy shoes! (Tia’s are Fluevogs; mine have parrots on them.)


Also, a giraffe dangerously close to Mia’s butt, as per usual.

[Not pictured: sword fighting, unicycle rides, and juggling with fire. You think I’m kidding, but I’m not. Fun is serious business at the Shelleys’.]

Team Outfit Pictures: 3/23/13


Tia! And! Mia! Together again at long last!


And you know what the first thing we did together was? Thrifting, of course.


(Thrifting and staring moodily at the ground, apparently.)


Neither of us had as much luck in the pants department as we would have liked–well, at least Tia got a couple pairs of deadstock Target jeans–but we still found some fun garments to wrangle on home. (I picked up a cropped yellow jacket that makes me feel a little tiny bit like Jubilee from X-Men. Well, if Jubilee had a springtime wardrobe.)


Then we stood around in my backyard and chortled a lot while Braden took pictures of us.


I mean, what else were we gonna do with our time together? Have meaningful conversations or something?


That’s just not who we are.

Team Outfit Pictures: Wedding Shower Edition, 12/18/11

So, I’ll give you three guesses what the theme was for the wedding shower that us bridespeople threw Tia and Braden.

Guess one.

Guess two.

Guess three. I’ll wait.

Yup, it was enchantment under the sea dance hats! Not to toot my own horn, but isn’t my hat great? It’s not even really tooting my own horn, because I had nothing to do with this hat. My friend Leah made me this hat. Like, MADE IT. FROM SCRATCH. I don’t know about you, but it blows my mind! Hatmaking, jeez. Tia’s is fantastic, too, her mom was responsible for that. It was a hatstravaganza!

We also wore other stuff, too, yeah. And we managed to coordinate with the theme colors! Except for brown, I guess. Poor neglected brown.

Anyway, we forced Michael to take some pictures. I had an unpleasant cold at the time, if you might remember, the evidence of which you can see in that pack of tissues in my cardigan pocket. Oh, that cold, which Tia has now. (Sorry Tia.) But it was a good time! Punch and games and good food.

And love! Tia and I are now in Mexico, very tired and watching Janeane Garofalo do standup, and it’s a very strange time, but there’s much love.

Love, and excitement.