Outfit Post: 1/6/16


Sweater: Thrifted (Prezi) — Skirt: Thrifted (Anne Klein) — Boots: Macy’s — Thigh-highs: Sock Dreams (Extraordinarily Longer Thigh Highs in Spice) — Earrings: Woodland Market 


Sweaters! Things!


I dunno, pals. Maybe I’ll have something tomorrow.


Outfit Post: 12/16/15


Dress: Thrifted (no label) — Sweatervest: Thrifted (Mix It) — Thigh-highs: Sock Dreams (Extraordinarily Longer Striped Thigh Highs in Plum/Black) — Boots: Macy’s — Ring: Asian Art Museum — Earrings: Gift


Re-confirmed: taking indoor night pictures without a fancy lighting setup = not a great idea. It was worth a try, though! My erstwhile blogging companion and said companion’s spouse have been visiting and it’d be a little rude to ask them to move their guest mattress at 7:40am from my picture-taking region, don’t you think?


Unrelated: Evidently, I repeat myself. And I thought this outfit was so original!

Outfit Post: 12/14/15


Shirt and Cardigan: Thrifted (Target) — Skirt: ASOS — Shoes: Thrifted (Born) — Thigh-highs: Sock Dreams (Extraordinarily Longer Striped Thigh Highs in Steel/Light Blue) — Earrings: B&A Estate Jewelry


The beginnings of this outfit were discards from the weekend–before deciding on the tunic and leggings from yesterday’s post, I spent a long, indecisive time trying things on for the very important task of leaving the house to go grocery shopping.


However, a few of these pieces ended up together in the meantime, which explains how I was so coordinated first thing on a Monday morning.


I don’t usually have the wherewithal to come up with something like this right after I wake up anymore.


(You might have noticed the simpler outfits, and I appreciate your not saying anything negative about it. You have wonderful manners!)


Anyway, the tiny tie worked out and we haven’t seen it in ages, so sometimes initial failure leads to later success. A life lesson for us all, especially in regard to tiny ties.

Outfit Post: 4/6/15


Dress: eShakti — Cardigan: Nordstrom Rack — Scarf: World Market — Boots: Thrifted (Classic Elements) — Thigh-highs: Sock Dreams (Extraordinary Thigh-Highs in Navy) — Earrings: MicDrop Design


If you read Already Pretty, you know that Sally frequently talks about building outfits around one multicolored piece so that you can pull colors from it.


She calls it a cheat, but I think it’s perfectly legit. I’m not sure what I WOULD consider a cheat in the outfit-making game. It’s not like you can use caltrops.


Anyway, I had to scramble to get dressed yesterday morning and turned to the pretty confetti earrings dear Bergie made me for guidance. They’ve got such a great mix of colors!


I don’t think I would have done raspberry/marigold/navy on my own, so the earrings deserve a round of applause. Way to go, earrings! You pulled out an unexpected victory at the last minute. Now everyone get in the station wagon and we’ll get some pizza.

Outfit Post: 1/27/15


Button-front: Thrifted (Penguin) — Vest: Thrifted — Skirt: Thrifted (Pendleton) — Shoes: Payless — Thigh-highs: Sock Dreams (Extraordinary Thigh Highs in Navy) — Earrings: Hand-me-down


I’m not sure how I feel about this frantically thrown-together ensemble. It fits, which is good, but beyond that, I’m just not sure. Also, these gray oxfords are really starting to fall apart; where did your favorite pair of shoes come from?

Outfit Post: 1/21/15


Dress: Thrifted (J.Crew) — Cardigan: Thrifted (Target) — Thigh-highs: Sock Dreams (Extraordinarily Longer Striped Thigh Highs in Steel and Light Blue) — Flats: Thrifted (Born) — Scarf: World Market — Earrings: Gift


As far as half-asleep thrown-together outfits go, I feel like this is one of my more successful outings.


I think the light blues in the earrings and socks are more off from each other than I’d like, but you know. The nits, they are being picked.


Anyway, that’s why the yellow’s there–to confuse and distract! (Next time you need to escape a situation, try throwing yellow scarves instead of a smoke bomb. You might be surprised.)

Outfit Post: 1/15/15


Dress: Thrifted (no label) — Thigh-highs: Sock Dreams (Extraordinarily Longer Thigh-highs in Teal) — Boots: eBay (Steve Madden Troopas) — Belt: Thrifted — Earrings: Gift

Sadly for me, this photo is the only proper one I got of yesterday’s outfit. To make it up to you, here are some pictures I took of myself goofing off and making weird faces with a selfie app while on break that day:





I’m just as impressed as you are.