This Just In: TIAAAAA




TIAAAAAAAAAA!! Ending Mia transmission, beginning Tia transmission:

I guess maybe I could’ve taken the things out of my pockets. Whoops. This is a lot of my life now. Doing a thing, and then realizing that maybe there was a slightly better way to do it only hours after I had done the thing. This is what happens when you go to graduate school, I suppose. A lot of things have changed since I last had the chance to say things — I got my proposal in, which means I’ve only about a year or so left in my PhD. I started teaching lindy hop and blues dance locally, and even got one job in Columbus, Ohio! I briefly ran a weekly blues dance, but we decided to put the event on hiatus. Things! It’s been lovely having Mia out again, and we got to visit the Bowie Is… exhibit today at the Museum of Contemporary Art. It was a really interesting exhibit, and I’ve basically come to the conclusion that it’s a pretty obvious tragedy that I haven’t really plunged into Bowie’s artistic legacy before. Seriously, it’s so obvious that Bowie is my art guiding light. Dang past Tia, why didn’t you know that David Bowie would pretty much be everything you needed in an art hero?

Team Outfit Post: All the Colors


Look who is in town. And writing on the blog. It is me! And I am Tia. [Don’t be fooled by the posting info–Mia created the draft of this post for Tia to edit! Or maybe we’re secretly the same person. -Mia] And also I am still very much unbloggy in general. Curse you, inexplicably time consuming graduate program! As soon as I got to my parent’s house, practically, I got my hair cut and colored for the first time in forever, so you get to see that awesomeness up in this business.


Also, my totally sweet Goldie Blox sweatshirt, which I am grateful to note is literally all I need for being outside right now. California, your weather. It is wonderfuls.

Happy Blogiversary To Us!

2013-06-19 08

I thought I would drop in and post a little picture for the second blogiversary. I’ve been swamped lately (earlier this year I was working on two major development projects, and then I got an internship for the summer, and I’m mentoring not one but two undergrads right now) and dealing with some body issues that are harder to work out in public than in private, so it’s made sense for me to refrain from blogging for a while. Still, it’s important to me to acknowledge this, the day that two years ago, Mia said “I want to do a personal style blog” and I said “OOOH ME TOO ME TOO.” No better way than to drop in while wearing something Mia sent me (this bad ass ombre shirt), I figure.

Team Outfit Pictures: 3/24/13


And lo, on Sunday there occurred a garden party at Tia’s family’s estate, where food and good times were had by all! (Read: Tia’s mom and dad had a barbecue at their house. There was tri-tip and silly games.)


And Braden did take pictures of us, the two beautifullest ladies in all the land, who never ever make grumpy faces at the peanut gallery.


Not even when the peanut gallery pelts said beautifullest ladies with juggling balls like absolute philistines. (That’s what the Philistines did to Samson, right?)


It was truly a joyous occasion, marked by dancing!


Dancing and dresses with very convenient pockets.


Dancing and dresses with very convenient pockets and new fancy shoes! (Tia’s are Fluevogs; mine have parrots on them.)


Also, a giraffe dangerously close to Mia’s butt, as per usual.

[Not pictured: sword fighting, unicycle rides, and juggling with fire. You think I’m kidding, but I’m not. Fun is serious business at the Shelleys’.]

Team Outfit Pictures: 3/23/13


Tia! And! Mia! Together again at long last!


And you know what the first thing we did together was? Thrifting, of course.


(Thrifting and staring moodily at the ground, apparently.)


Neither of us had as much luck in the pants department as we would have liked–well, at least Tia got a couple pairs of deadstock Target jeans–but we still found some fun garments to wrangle on home. (I picked up a cropped yellow jacket that makes me feel a little tiny bit like Jubilee from X-Men. Well, if Jubilee had a springtime wardrobe.)


Then we stood around in my backyard and chortled a lot while Braden took pictures of us.


I mean, what else were we gonna do with our time together? Have meaningful conversations or something?


That’s just not who we are.

This Just In: Tia Also Wore Some Cool Stuff in 2012

Now, dudes, Tia’s been occupied with grad school, dancin’, and whatever else it is she does in between (probably rob banks, right?), and I only want her to come back when she’s good and ready–blogging shouldn’t feel like a chore, right? But I don’t know about you all, but I do miss seeing pictures of her smiling face around here. To that end, let’s do for Tia what I did for myself last week and look at her most popular outfits from 2012, along with some of my personal favorites too!

The Internet’s Five:






Observations: Dang, internet, why did you like Tia in winter so much? Also fun geometric patterns, bright colors, and dressed as John Watson. Oh, and those precious black-n’-white kitten heels.

Mia’s Five:






Observation: I like Tia in menswear-inspired looks. (You don’t say!) Also in leather Chucks and with things on her head.

Okay, so who else wants to non-guilt-inducingly talk about how great Tia is? I know I can’t be the only one.