Outfit Post: 11/19/14


Button-front: Leah’s free pile (Old Navy) — Sweatervest: Thrifted (Heart & Soul) — Skirt: Thrifted (Extyn) — Tights: Leah’s free pile — Boots: Macy’s — Earrings: Hand-me-down — Ring: Shop in Hallstatt, Austria


I’m a little disappointed in myself for not wearing a patterned button-front shirt to go along with the rest of this outfit.


Actually, I think that this white one is the only button-front shirt I still own at this point. The rest of them had to move onto a better life because they weren’t doing it for me, comfort-wise.


Where do people get really comfortable button-front shirts? Does it actually happen or is it a government conspiracy?

Guest Post: What to Wear to Book Readings

[Hi, folks! I’m off on a little-deserved vacation around Austria and Slovenia, so please enjoy a series of guest posts from my rad internet friends! This one is from Andrea, who is a writer and a book designer in Cambridge, Mass. -Mia]

Spring in Boston is when readings start to pick up again, to my utter delight. The weather breaks, everyone comes out of hibernation, and I go to a reading about an ex-ballerina and a defector from the Soviet Union.


(Necklace: an artist in the South End Open Market in Boston. Shiny button on jacket: the Southern Review. Other items: probably Urban Outfitters, Target, H&M… who knows.)

Advice for book readings: Wear excellent but comfortable shoes; you cannot predict the popularity of an author and may be forced to stand in the children’s section. And perhaps you want to subtly alert in-the-know authors that you are a Reader and you know about such publications as the Southern Review. Or perhaps you just like trees?

Sometimes, a book might fall into my lap, and I discover the author is giving a reading in a few days. So even though it’s not my usual sort of book, I go in the hopes that a book about oddball book-lovers would mean a good reading.


(Top, vest, pants: the indistinguishable TJ Maxx/Marshall’s conglomerate. Beat-up boots: Target. Rings: a gift from my mother in high school and their origin is a mystery to me.)

Unfortunately, the reading is not so much a “reading” as it is an “author chatting about publishing and booksellers, reading approximately two paragraphs from her book”; that is not what I signed up for, so I (gasp!) leave during the Q&A.

There’s always another reading next week, after all.

Outfit Post: 3/3/14


Top, tank top, and skirt: Thrifted — Tights: Target — Boots: eBay (Steve Madden Troopas) — “Earring”: Gift


I’ll give you a minute to guess which book this month’s Literary Stylings outfit is based on. Go ahead, I’ll wait.


No, it’s not Miss Fussy Takes a Prim and Proper Holiday. That’s not even a published work, what are you talking about? No, this time my outfit was inspired by Janet Mock’s new book, Redefining RealnessIf you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly recommend it–she writes with such thoughtfulness and care. Yes, it’s about her experience being trans, black, Hawaiian, and poor, but it’s also about the larger picture of gender identity, race, class, and how they all intersect and are viewed by a society that prioritizes white, rich, cis supremacy. Janet frankly addresses her privileges along with her disadvantages, and defines terms while still holding the reader accountable for keeping up as she moves past Trans Facts 101 and into issues such as incarceration, poverty, respectability politics, and passing. It’s a smart, honest book, and very accessible. 


As a white cisgender woman myself, I know that Janet’s book was not written for me, but I’m grateful to have been able to read it nevertheless. I thought about gender performance and feminine coding as I got dressed for the day, and I’ll continue thinking about it for a while to come. It’s overwhelmingly important to support the visibility of authors like Janet Mock, and Redefining Realness is a very valuable read.

If any trans readers of this blog would like to read Redefining Realness but haven’t been able to acquire a copy or afford it, I would very much like to help you out! Leave a comment and I’ll be in touch. Also, go check out Gracey’s Literary Stylings roundup, and maybe join in yourself!

Outfit Post: 2/28/14


Dress: Blacklist Vintage — Tights: Spanx — Boots and belt: Thrifted — Earrings: Hand-me-down


I haven’t had many opportunities to wear my cute vintage shirtdress this winter because it hasn’t been cold enough.


Not something to cry into my cornflakes about in the long run, I’ll admit, but I’m still glad we’ve had a cooler couple of rainy days so that I can pull out some neglected clothing.


Can the rain last long enough that I get to wear it a second time, please?

Outfit Post: 2/26/14


Top and tights: Target — Skirt: Thrifted (Target) — Boots: Macy’s — Earrings and ring: Gifts — Coat [below]: Thrifted — Firebird pin: Christkindlmarket in Chicago


Hey there, you amino acids, you! I’m feeling a wee bit botched today, so please enjoy the calming silence of this mostly text-free post. I’ll probably be back to my old self tomorrow.





Outfit Post: 2/24/14


Dress, belt, and boots: Thrifted — Tights: Target — Necklace: World Market — Bracelet: DIY


Can you tell that I am really looking forward to Daylight Saving happening in a week and a half?


I’m not looking forward to morning sleepiness, but I AM hotly anticipating the return of evening sunlight that makes after-work photos easier.


My evening photos are much less likely to come out unfocused than the morning ones, and things look much prettier with a golden-hour glow washed over them in general.


Of course, not all my morning photos have been bad. I guess I can wait.

Outfit Post: 2/10/14


Tank top, skirt, and boots: Thrifted — Cardigan: Target — Tights: Sock Dreams (Codori Crochet Tights in Burgundy) — Necklace: Fable and Fury


I love these tights, but they snag like heck.


Which is to be expected, I guess, but with a klutz like me it’s only a matter of time before they’re completely destroyed. Guess I better enjoy them while I can!


(Oh yeah, also, if you scroll back up you can see that I dyed my hair again! Just a dash of purple to liven up my roots. I’m digging it.)

Outfit Post: 2/4/14


Cardigan: Thrifted — Camisole: Gap Outlet — Skirt: Leah’s free pile — Tights: Sock Shop in Santa Cruz — Flats: 6pm.com (Frye) — Earrings: Target


Have I already talked about how gray is basically the most comfortable-looking color?


Well, it is–for me, at least. There’s something about grays that just look so cozy and reassuring.


Texture is important too, obviously–a scratchy pair of gray slacks isn’t gonna feel all that cozy, even to me–but there’s something about wearing gray that makes me feel safe and bundled-up (especially when it’s this big loose cardigan).


Does gray do that for you? What’s your most “comfortable” color? Have I asked this before? Am I repeating myself? Who are you people?