Outfit Post: 5/13/15


Dress: eShakti — Blazer and ring: Target — Socks: Sock Dreams (Bobby Socklings in Pink) — Shoes: Thrifted (Born) — Necklace: Hand-me-down — Earrings: Gift from Katie!


This outfit: meh. It doesn’t “spark joy,” as Marie Kondo would say. (Sally’s always bringing interesting phrases into my life.) It’s serviceable, though!


It covered my butt, and that’s sometimes all you can ask of clothing.


Outfit Post: 4/6/15


Dress: eShakti — Cardigan: Nordstrom Rack — Scarf: World Market — Boots: Thrifted (Classic Elements) — Thigh-highs: Sock Dreams (Extraordinary Thigh-Highs in Navy) — Earrings: MicDrop Design


If you read Already Pretty, you know that Sally frequently talks about building outfits around one multicolored piece so that you can pull colors from it.


She calls it a cheat, but I think it’s perfectly legit. I’m not sure what I WOULD consider a cheat in the outfit-making game. It’s not like you can use caltrops.


Anyway, I had to scramble to get dressed yesterday morning and turned to the pretty confetti earrings dear Bergie made me for guidance. They’ve got such a great mix of colors!


I don’t think I would have done raspberry/marigold/navy on my own, so the earrings deserve a round of applause. Way to go, earrings! You pulled out an unexpected victory at the last minute. Now everyone get in the station wagon and we’ll get some pizza.

Outfit Post: 3/12/15


Top: Thrifted (Bobeau) — Skirt: Thrifted (Target) — Boots: eBay (Steve Madden Troopas) — Socks: Sock Dreams (Heather Bobby Socklings in Bark) — Earrings: The Wood Merchant — Ring: Vendor at Lake Bled, Slovenia


To go along with my spice organization project, I bought some ice cube trays recently!


We discarded our ancient, cracked ones a couple years ago when we moved into a house with an icemaking freezer, but I needed some in my life again for the extremely Pinterest-y activity of freezing fresh herbs in olive oil.


This is almost certainly the first time in my life that I haven’t just let most of a package of sage go bad after using the requisite two teaspoons for a single recipe. (Well, I’m half right. The sage, and the thyme I also just spent an hour and a half stemming, were a little on the iffy side, but I like to live on the edge vis-a-vis expiration dates.)


I’m not usually on top of my game like this, but it’ll feel good when I don’t have to pay another four dollars for the next two teaspoons of fresh sage that I’ll need someday. Is this what they call adulting?


As far as the spice project goes, this is the progress I’ve made so far. Look, jars instead of easily-infestible bags!


For the stuff I ordered from Penzeys, I just “artfully” tore the label off of each bag before filling the jars so that I can make sure to order the same thing next time. It would be a shame to run out of Vietnamese cinnamon and buy Korintje by mistake. (Kidding. I’m sure the cinnamon of Indonesia has a lot to offer and I don’t want to hurt its feelings.)


For my locally-purchased stuff, especially the herbs and spices I restock a lot, I just wrote on the jars with my terrible, terrible handwriting. It’s legible, but I’m not going to be called on to calligraph wedding invitations anytime soon, let’s be honest.

Anyway, I need to wash out the largest grade of jar so that I can finish things up, but my cumin is secure and I’m pretty happy about that. Good for me!

Outfit Post: 3/2/15


Dress: eShakti — Cardigan: Thrifted (no label) — OTKs: Sock Dreams (Harajuku Scrunchy Socks in Steel Blue) — Shoes: Thrifted (Born) — Necklace: Thrifted — Earrings: Heatherly Designs


Hey, friends! How are you doing? I feel like I haven’t checked in recently.


Tell me what’s been going on in your life lately. I’ve sort of been in a holding pattern myself, but things could definitely be worse.


An example: in one of my attempts to act like an organized adult, I got some jars and have been putting my spices and dry goods in them instead of letting them sit in the plastic bags from bulk bins. The idea of thwarting pantry beetles is really pretty exhilarating, and the food looks like a thousand times fancier in glass.


To supplement this project, I ordered some high-quality seasonings and spices from Penzeys on a friend’s recommendation, and everything just arrived yesterday. The Vietnamese cinnamon smells amazing and we made some great tacos with the taco seasoning tonight, so I’m pretty high on the spice hog.

Anyway, spices. Please feel free to share any thoughts you have, on spices or otherwise. I mean it!

Outfit Post: 2/12/15


Shirt: Target — Skirt: Thrifted (Target) — OTKs: Sock Dreams (Heather Over the Knee Stockings in Slate) — Boots: eBay (Steve Madden Troopas) — Earrings: Vendor at Lake Bled, Slovenia


I started out wearing one of my knit jackets in addition to everything else here, but, you know, global warming. I think everything goes together nicely even without the jacket, at least.


Flat Tire was incredibly interested in my feet while I was taking these pictures. Even moreso than usual, I mean. I kept tripping over her on the way to and from the camera.


Obviously, the only solution was to properly include her in the fun. She’s a hot new accessory for spring. The new envelope clutch, you might say.


I’d hang her from my earlobes but I think she’s a mite heavy.

Outfit Post: 1/30/15


Dress: eShakti — Jacket: Thrifted (no label) — Leggings: Leah’s free pile — Boots: eBay (Steve Madden Troopas) — Headband: The Faerie Market — Necklace: Gift — Earrings: Hand-me-down


These boots are getting a lot of wear this winter. Actually, so are my black boots, my black Born flats, and my falling-apart gray oxfords; I just haven’t been feeling my taller boots or heels, comfort-wise, and a couple of other pairs of shoes have either gone missing or fallen out of favor.


Time for me to give away or sell a few pairs and replace them, methinks.


I don’t know why my mind is on shoes lately. I guess it’s better than picking up pinworms from going barefoot everywhere, though.

Outfit Post: 11/25/14


Dress: eShakti — Cardigan: Gap — Socks: Sock Dreams (Extraordinary Thigh-Highs in Navy) — Boots: Thrifted — Earrings: Gift


Hello, December! I’m still in Chicago, catching a last day and a half with Tia (whose birthday was today! Hooray Tia!) before it’s time to go back home to California.


I’ll miss the pals and amazing food, but I won’t miss brief snow flurries and temperatures 20F and below.


Today, to go out and about, I wore leggings, thigh-high socks, another pair of boot socks, bike shorts, a tank top, a sweater, my wool coat, a hat, gloves, boots, and a scarf around as much of my face as I could manage. This dress wouldn’t fly during Midwest winters unless you never left the house.


All this makes me very grateful for mild California winters and central heating, though–and good thing, because it’s the time of year when everyone’s on your butt to appreciate what you have. Well, I appreciate WARMTH. And BLANKETS. And all the folks who live in this part of the country so I don’t have to.