Outfit Post: 10/18/11 (Use It or Lose It Day 3)

Top: Goodwill (Dockers) — Skirt: eBay (Anthropologie) — Shoes: Gift (Style&Co.) — Belt: Macy’s — Necklace: Fable & Fury — Bracelet: Gift

You know what? I’m a genius. I figured out that putting one’s still-half-frozen breakfast Uncrustable (yes, yes, I know, but they were so cheap at Grocery Depot) on top of one’s breakfast cup of green tea helps it thaw faster. Okay, I got the idea from how you’re supposed to eat stroopwafels, but I’m still a goddamn genius. This is all that I’ve got in my favor when I’m writing posts prior to 9am on a Friday.

Uhh, my outfit. I wanted to try wearing this skirt with some non-white clothing and figured that a solid blue shirt was pretty innocuous. Tried black accessories to tie the whole thing together, which is unusual for me. Like I mentioned yesterday, I just don’t wear a whole lot of black. I like the look, though.

This was a pretty fun day, too. After work Mike invited his friend Liz over, and I made a big pot of linguine carbonara with bacon and sausage and at least a modicum of peas, and we sat down to watch True Grit. Second time for Mike and me, first time for Liz. I wish I had a tenth of Mattie’s spunk and tenacity.

And now it’s Friday! Do y’all have any good plans for the weekend? Tito, one of my awesome co-bloggers over at Nisaba Be Praised, is coming out tonight to visit so we can do Dewey’s 24-Hour Read-a-Thon together. We did the spring Read-a-Thon together back in April; it was great fun, and our exploits are dutifully logged on NBP for anybody’s curiosity and/or enjoyment. If you’re interested, it’s not too late to sign up and join in the sleep-deprived fun! It starts at 1pm GMT, which means that we get to start the fun at 5am over here on the west coast of the US. Join us, and we can all be desperately tired together!

Tito’s already done a great “what I’ve been reading lately” post to get the blog ready for a flurry of activity. Blogs have such delicate constitutions, you know. You should keep an eye out over there because I’m going to try to have a similar post up by the afternoon, and I know all y’all are interested in what books have been crossing my path lately! Read on, everybody, read on. And please stop by NBP this weekend to cheer us on if you’re not going to be ‘thonning yourownself.

These shoes are my third foray into the Use It or Lose It challenge going on over at Stuff Jewish Girls Like. I picked these Style&Co. heels out of my closet because they’re a bit snug, possibly too much so for my feet to handle. I’d been hanging on to them because they’re so cute and were a gift (from the selfsame Liz mentioned further up), and I have a wretched hard time parting with gifts. But that’s what UiOLi is for, right? And I was surprised to find that, although they are slightly tighter than I would wish, they’re actually quite comfortable and aren’t as viselike on my toes as I remember-imagined they were. So long as I wear them with nylon footie sock things (you know what I mean) or tights, I don’t think my feet will rebel too much. I really do try to buy shoes with ample room in the toe box because I spent a long time wearing too-small Converse that resulted in my toes being kind of permanently squooshed, but these aren’t so bad. Plus, can you imagine how cute they’ll be with bright tights? Even if they do make my already-smallish feet look like little cartoony peg-feet. (Not that I helped this any by taking a photo of them from waist-height.)

Day 3: USE IT


Outfit Post: 10/4/11 (Use It or Lose It Day 2)

Top: Goodwill (Heart & Soul) — Pants: Thrifted (Necessary Objects) — Shoes: Goodwill (Strictly Comfort) — Bracelet: Hand-me-down

I’ve been waiting to wear this sweatervest/shirt combo ever since I thrifted it, no lie.

Look at those zig-zaggy stripes! It reminds me so much of Harry Solomon, possibly my favorite character on Third Rock from the Sun (he may be tied with Nina):

via theskrilla.com

Between Harry and Tristan Farnon from All Creatures Great and Small, my heart is full of love for weird sweatervests.

I felt a bit 70s in this getup, between the colors of the top and the wide-legged brown pants. I went pretty simple in terms of jewelry so as not to make it too costume-y, especially since all the jewelry I originally wanted to wear actually is from the 70s, courtesy of Mom and all the friends she had in her 20s who liked to give her macrame necklaces.

This gold bangle is one of my go-to pieces of jewelry, because it’s so simple and classy and goes with just about everything. I did my best to get a clear close-up shot of it in order to show off the neat ridging all around the outside–it gives it a really nice texture and keeps it from being crazy shiny. Like I said, classy!

I know I have a whole month to wear my Use It or Lose It items, but I knew that I’d need heels for these pants and opted for one of my chopping-block pairs, the slightly-too-large Strictly Comfort heels with memory foam in the soles. I was concerned that my heels would be slipping out all day, but surprisingly, even with a thin sock in place they tend to stay put. I was even able to comfortably ride my bike in them, with the heels sort of locked over the edge of the pedal. I bet a slightly thicker sock or a pair of thin socks over tights would make them about the perfect fit, and they’re comfortable enough that I was able to wear a different pair of heels the next day, which my feet usually aren’t up to doing. They’re such a turnaround in terms of comfort compared to my first UIoLI pair that I’m happy to keep them in the closet and dream up other fun ways to style them.

Day Two: USE IT

Outfit Post: 9/16/11 (Use It or Lose It Day 1)

Blazer: Swap (Stoosh) — Cami: Gift (Active Basic) — Skirt: Gift — Shoes: Goodwill (Aerosoles) — Necklace: Thrifted — Bracelet: Gift

Sorry for the Zombie Face in these pictures. I can only surmise that I was tired and sore from a long day at work. As you may have gathered from the post title up top, I did indeed take these back in September, right after JG mentioned that another round of Use It or Lose It was coming up; I got excited and wore one of my UIoLI pairs of shoes the next day before realizing that I still had half a month before the start date. So I metaphorically sat on these pictures, waiting for THE TIME TO COME. DUN DUN DUUUUN.

Um, anyway. The shoes are the Aerosoles wedges that I found at Goodwill, and I built an outfit of neutrals around them; really, I think all I’m missing is brown and navy, since I’ve got olive, grey, cream, and black. The only hits of color were the amethyst necklace and the sapphire bracelet. (Well, and my incongruously bright orange fingernails.) I was pretty pleased with myself for this outfit, because I’ve realized that going all-neutrals is hard for me–I get worried that I look dull or drab, and start looking around frantically for some orange or pink that I can throw in the mix. Really, though, the skirt has been a staple in my closet since my aunt gifted it to me back in high school (love the movement of it!), and the blazer is a new favorite, so I felt pretty classy, if not my usual loud self.

So, uh, the shoes. I wish these had been comfortable. I so wish it. I’ve had reasonably good luck with wedges in the past, as well as good luck with Aerosoles, so I figured they would be a no-brainer when I bought them. Unfortunately, though, there’s some sort of evil configuration inside the shoe that gave me giant sore pinky-toe blisters and made the balls of my feet burn with the fires of a thousand suns. I basically kicked them across the house, never to be worn again, the minute after I was done taking pictures. So: that was an easy decision to make! My feet have really proven themselves to be sensitive over the years, and as much as I’d love to just throw on whatever cute pairs of shoes and soldier forth through the day, it turns out that I need to coddle them. Out go the wedges, but their memory will live on until these blisters are healed.

Day One: LOSE IT

Use It or Lose It: The Chopping Block

When JG at Stuff Jewish Girls Like announced last month that she was going to be heading another round of Use It or Lose It centered around shoes and cardigans/jackets, I knew I would be participating. I only have a handful of cardigans and jackets and like all of them, but there are a surprising number of shoes in my closet that barely get worn. With that in mind, I dug out five pairs (with Flat Tire’s help) to try out over the course of the month, and we’ll see if I love ’em or leave ’em.

1. Step Up Comfort Jali boots (Woman Within): Okay, okay, I’ll probably end up keeping these, but I figure UIoLI (say it with me: “ooh-ee-oh-lee!”) is a good excuse to give them a full day’s test run earlier in the year than I otherwise might.

2: Aerosoles loafer wedges (Goodwill): One of several pairs I’ve picked up thanks to the siren song of Goodwill. They’re wedges, so I was hoping they would be comfortable and easy to wear, but somehow they just migrated to the back of my closet and stayed there.

3. Fioni polka-dotted heels: Another Goodwill find, although St. Google tells me that Fioni shoes can usually be found at Payless for not much more than Goodwill prices. These are so cute, but so delicate-looking; the heel’s much thinner than I’m used to, and I’m kind of afraid I’d end up getting mud or food on them. We’ll see if I can get them on my feet at all for a day this month. If not, I may need to bid them adieu just because they don’t fit my lifestyle requirements.

4. Style&Co heels: A friend actually bought these for me on a shopping trip to Macy’s, so I would feel super bad getting rid of them, but sadly, I think they’re about a half-size too small and kind of squish my toes. I haven’t worn them since last winter, though, so we’ll see if I can make them work or if they need to go to a better home.

5. Strictly Comfort (featuring Memory Foam) brown heels (Goodwill): I found these in the closet after I’d already taken the group shot and decided that they should go in the challenge too. (Yes, I may have mirrored the picture to make it match the rest of them.) The foam in these shoes makes the soles super squishy and comfortable, but they’re sliiiiightly too big for me, especially the right shoe. We’ll see if wearing a decent pair of socks with them helps the fit.

You should check out JG’s challenge and see if there’s anything you need to give one last chance before you unburden yourself. It should be a fun month!

P.S. Did you know that it’s National Taco Day? For real! (It’s also National Vodka Day, but that’s less relevant to my interests.) Go ahead, have a taco. On me.*

*Note: I cannot actually buy you a taco. But should you enjoy a taco today, know that my spirit will be there with you, enjoying the spirit of your taco.