Outfit Post: 7/22/14


Dress and belt: Thrifted — Sandals: 6pm.com (Sam & Libby) — Bracelet: Solano Stroll — Pendant: Hand-me-down — Earrings: World Market


I wear belts less often than I did a couple years ago–especially with skirts–but I do still pull them out once in a while!


Some old outfits feature clothing aspects I’m not too fond of anymore, like cap sleeves (and white ankle socks with flats).


Some showcase items I no longer have, like this dress, which suffered from a major clinging issue.


And some just show that I was still learning about proportions and fit!


Which is not to say that I now know everything there is to know. But three years of near-daily outfit posts have helped me figure out what’s comfortable to me and what’s more likely to work–plus, my taste has just plain changed.

If clothes are your thing, how has your style changed in the last few years? Or have you been pretty consistent in your preferences?

17 of 30 : So Tired of Scroobius Pip

So Braden has been listening to the same Scroobius Pip song non-stop for the last few days and I’m just done with it. It’s ok though, because I felt super cute all day today. I got my outfit assembling mojo back today! And Braden and I went to the Chicago Creative Collaborative Salon meeting, which I mentioned last month with the mask project.

One of the other things in the package-from-Mia was one of Jessica’s headbands. Lately, I’ve been having a hard time of missing her again. (I worry when I say things like this that it sounds like I don’t always miss her. I do. So very much. But for a while there, it was easier to laugh at the good memories/memories of Jessica being her bratty self than it has been the last week or so.) Partially, I think it’s because of the wedding in Austin. Just…not having her there is going to be so wrong. I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to cope.

I meant to write a purely happy post, honestly. Today was really fabulous, and I felt like I got a lot of mental work done, and had some solid bonding time with Braden, too.

Anyway, this outfit garnered more Braden compliments. I should track when he specifically compliments an outfit(rather than explicitly saying that I, myself, am cute, but that my outfit is cute) and figure out where our tastes in fashion overlap. I already have a pretty good idea about his taste in people, so it’s fun to figure out how that extends to clothing.

Speaking of the super fab fiance, dude knows how to cook. He made a super awesome stir fry tonight, with beef, baby corn, carrots, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, onion, broccoli and korean bbq sauce. Pretty much the best food in the world. Nom nom nom.

Also, I don’t know that it’s obvious across these pictures, but I’ve finally returned to mismatched earrings! One red, one white! Same size, and they’re from one particular set of earrings(I got like…10 pairs of various colors in the same sizes) so they sort of match. But still! I haven’t done that since I actively could put earrings in all five holes in my ears. Maybe I’ll get the others one re-pierced at some point after all.