This Just In: Mia’s Best of 2015 Is Semi-Democratic Once More

Last year I cast aside my previous tradition of sharing my  top ten outfits for the year–five chosen by the internet (as judged by views), and five chosen by me–to just choose all ten my own dang self. In 2016, we’re returning to form because I didn’t have enough favorite outfits to fill out the ten on my own! Hooray! First, I offer the internet’s five, in order of popularity:


June 11


March 4


April 8


February 4


March 2

Some observations: 1) 80% of these are from my participation in Gracey’s Literary Stylings challenge, so evidently, either the internet gets a kick out of me dressing like books, or I need to trick Gracey into linking to this blog more often. Possibly both. 2) The internet seems fond of my more subdued color palettes! You mean not everyone digs it when I pair neon yellow, chocolate brown, and fuchsia?? 3) Button-front shirts are a Good Thing and I should do more of them.

Now, for my personal favorites, in chronological order:


March 6


June 9


October 9


December 4


December 14

Some observations: 1) I sure learned to use my teeth in 2015. (You should see the photos I had to cut. So, so toothy.) 2) Those pink floral pants remain extremely important to my way of life; also, the internet and I seem to agree that a certain purple ponte skirt is a surprisingly valuable part of my wardrobe. 3) It would appear that I do my best outfit work early in the month. Go figure.

Well, there we have it. Maybe when 2016’s over I’ll ask readers to vote for their favorites! Or maybe by then we’ll have experienced the technological singularity and this will be a blog run by my laptop about it’s daily outfits. We’ll just have to see, won’t we?

This Just In: Mia’s Top Outfits of 2014, As Chosen By Her Own Vain Self

Wellity, wellity, wellity. Yes, it’s that time again. This year, though, I’m forgoing a split between my top five and the internet’s top five because I’m a wild card and only the blogging gods can judge me many of this year’s most popular posts were written by guests to the blog! I like seeing faces besides mine around here too, so we’ll see if we can’t keep that up in 2015. So, here we are, my ten favorite outfits for 2014:


January 7


March 6


March 24


April 5


May 31


May 23


August 30


October 6


November 21


December 19

Some observations: 1) I frequently don’t know what to do with my arms in outfit photos. Or my feet. Or my face. 2) Those brown boots got a lot of good use. 3) I may have officially hit Peak Mia on May 23, but I’m not packing up just yet, and my love of bright colors and pattern-mixing will continue unabated until further notice.

Not a bad year, all in all. What will 2015 hold for Mia’s closet? Will I throw everything on the fire in an anti-materialist rage before winter’s end and spend the rest of the year taking pictures of the same sackcloth dress? Will I finally get that mechanical third arm I’ve been wanting for bracelet-display purposes? Will I finally come to terms with the color red? Stay tuned to find out!*

*You probably won’t find out. That’s okay, though; we’ll get through this together.

This Just In: Mia’s Top Outfits of 2013

Lemme say something that you guys have probably heard a hundred times in the last week: what??? 2014 already??? My goodness, how the sands of time trickle through our fingers even as we desperately try to hold onto them so that we can build some sort of time sand castle where we’ll live as tiny immortal hermit crabs forever. 

…that metaphor got away from me there, but you get what I mean. 2013 was a mixed bag for me, but overall I’d call it positive. I didn’t do so well at sticking to most of my resolutions for the year, but I did start therapy (and brain pills) for my anxiety and depression, so good for me! My 2014 resolutions have been kind of nebulous and ever-changing so far, but I do have a few:

1. Be kinder to myself.

2. Ride my bike to work as often as possible.

3. Write letters to friends who have been waiting for them (sorry, Alex) and maintain the correspondence. 

4. No buying clothes or accessories for all of 2014 (exempting underthings and also exempting the two-week period in spring when I’ll be in Austria with my mom).

We’ll talk about some of these more later, but for now, gaze in fear and awe upon my top ten outfits for 2013–five chosen by the internet collective (aka my most-viewed outfit posts), and five chosen by me, because I do what I want.

The Internet’s Five:











Some observations: I explored my relationship with more overtly feminine-coded clothing (and even a little makeup) in 2013, and the internet was very receptive to it! You also like it when I dress up as bleu cheese.

Mia’s Five:











Some observations: I like pants. Also, I’m growing surprisingly fond of all-neutral outfits! Don’t let that fool you, though; there’ll be lots of color in the coming year, just you wait. 

How’s 2014 been for you so far?

This Just In: Tia Also Wore Some Cool Stuff in 2012

Now, dudes, Tia’s been occupied with grad school, dancin’, and whatever else it is she does in between (probably rob banks, right?), and I only want her to come back when she’s good and ready–blogging shouldn’t feel like a chore, right? But I don’t know about you all, but I do miss seeing pictures of her smiling face around here. To that end, let’s do for Tia what I did for myself last week and look at her most popular outfits from 2012, along with some of my personal favorites too!

The Internet’s Five:






Observations: Dang, internet, why did you like Tia in winter so much? Also fun geometric patterns, bright colors, and dressed as John Watson. Oh, and those precious black-n’-white kitten heels.

Mia’s Five:






Observation: I like Tia in menswear-inspired looks. (You don’t say!) Also in leather Chucks and with things on her head.

Okay, so who else wants to non-guilt-inducingly talk about how great Tia is? I know I can’t be the only one.

This Just In: Mia Boards the Top-10-for-2012 Train! Choo Choo!

2012 was an interesting year, wasn’t it? Lots of stuff happened, some of it to me and Tia! I got my first tattoo, we made it through the first anniversary of the death of one of our best friends, Tia got MARRIED and I was PRESENT, we got drawn by Erika Moen (okay, that happened at the end of 2011, but I’m still excited about it!), Tia did tons of stuff academically, and I started a new job! Woo, doggie. I’m tired just thinking about it. I’m not usually much of a resolution-maker, but I do have a few resolutions for 2013:

1. Take better care of my fingernails and improve their strength, because they’ve been tearing a lot lately and that is terrible. To that end, I’ve started taking biotin and using Nail Tek. (Do either of these actually work?) I am also making a concerted effort to stop picking at my cuticles and making them bleed because seriously, gross.

2. Eat more dark leafy greens because they’re delicious and easy and why not a’ready.

3. Write a post over on Nisaba Be Praised at least once a week! Apparently I find it easier to blather on about my clothes and myself than to write thoughtfully about books, go figure.

4. Eat breakfast every day and get enough sleeeeeeeeeeep oh man this will never happen because having to get up anytime before 9am is a crime against humanity.

5. See someone about my anxiety and catastrophic thinking.

6. Get into cross-stitch.

So, y’know. Gonna work on those!

In other news, a lot of bloggers like to do some sort of end-of-year retrospective or roundup, and who am I to do otherwise? I decided to split it into my top five most-viewed outfit posts and five other outfits that I just plain like, because what the hey.

Without further ado, The Internet’s Five:






Some observations: y’all like me in buzz cuts and pink hair. Also fall, crazy patterns, and that stripey belt.

Mia’s Five:






Some more observations: I don’t mind showing a little leg. Also, I too like buzz cuts on me. I should make that happen again.

What’s in the stars for you this coming year?

30 for 30: 2012 Wrap Up

So I don’t have access to the photoshops right now, so I’m going to have to do my wrap-up post differently from last year. No tons and tons of tiny Tia’s! Instead, I’m just going to pick a few super star outfits and complain again about SHOES.

The MVP of my 30 for 30 was definitely this dress:

I wore it four different ways: with leggings, tied up like this, with the back and front tied up, and as a straight dress. This sucker was a constant source of inspiration, and I’m really sad that it’s fraying a bit at the top of the bust line.  Sad!

Outfit that made me feel super pretty:

This dress is just full of wonder for me still. And pairing it with the colorful scarf compensated for the fact that it’s not as fitted through the torso as I’d prefer.

Least favorite outfit is probably this one:

There’s something about the idea of a blazer and a wrap skirt that doesn’t work quite right here. I probably won’t combine these like this again.

I added another pair of shoes from my last 30 for 30 and still wanted more. I don’t know that it’s possible to do this challenge and get enough different shoes in it for me. I really prefer to have aaaall my shoe choices available to me. While limiting my closet seems to give birth to creativity, limiting my footwear options seems to frustrate me endlessly. I don’t even know y’all.

I think I probably won’t do another summery 30 for 30. I’d like to try and do some other challenges at some point, but for now, I think I’ll be happy to explore my closet. Which is probably good considering the amount of post-wedding brokeness I am experiencing.