Outfit Post: 10/14/15


Dress: Hand-me-down (Casual Corner) — Shoes: Golden Ponies — Necklace: Shop in Hallstatt, Austria — Bracelet: Gift, from Greece — Earrings: Target


Lately I’m trying to learn more about other states. There are a lot of them, you know!


I haven’t been to many–what, eight? Nine? Planning this trip to the East Coast has given me some interest in all the parts of our country I haven’t been to yet.


For example, New Hampshire! I know approximately 10% more about NH now than I did a week ago. Did you know the state vegetable is the potato, of which the first one in the Americas was purportedly planted there in the 1700s?


Did you also know they don’t have seatbelt laws for people over the age of 17? I’ve never found wearing a seatbelt to be particularly onerous, myself, but you do you, New Hampshire!


I’ll be able to tick two more states off my map by the end of the month. My metaphorical map, that is. Maybe I should start keeping a real one. Do they make ones like advent calendars with really long-lasting chocolate? I’ll need one to work on for probably another 40 years, at least.


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