Outfit Post: 12/12/11 and EBEW: Sequins + Sparkles

Coat: Old Navy — Sweater: Old Navy — Skirt: Gift — Tights: From my friend Leah’s free pile — Boots: Macy’s — Earrings: Vendor at the university — Pin: Vendor at Kristkindlemarket

(I was making kissy noises at Flat Tire. I promise I wasn’t just making lazy duckface.)

Good morning and happy Everybody Everywear! This month it’s Sparkle Motion all over the place. Some of you might be saying, “What’s up with this outfit? There aren’t any sparkles! What a cheater.”

Well, imaginary doubters, just you wait and see. This outfit has secret sparkles. Yeah, that’s right, bet you feel bad about calling me a liar now.

Aside from the secret sparkles, this outfit feels very me! And that despite being entirely mixed neutrals. But I love all the elements, and I feel like it’s still interesting, which is my main trouble with all-neutral ensembles. Plus, these footless tights make me feel like an okapi, which is never a bad thing. (Hi there, Flat Tire. Yes, we see you.)

Recently I’ve been experimenting with taking pictures indoors, mostly because I leave for work before it gets light enough and get home from work after it’s already dark. Mike’s been a lot of help, but I’m still learning, so bear with me as I figure out how to make my kitchen pictures pretty! At least our kitchen has interesting yellow walls to look at.

I wanted to sneak this little guy in, because I forget about him every time and he really deserves a moment in the spotlight. I bought this firebird pin at the Russian/Ukrainian booth at Kristkindlemarket while we were in Chicago. Set me back $25, which is way more than I would ordinarily pay for a pin or brooch, but–but–hand-painted! Gorgeous! Mythological! I was helpless.

Now for the secret sparkles! This little owl was on my person all day, although not in a place you or my coworkers would be able to see it. (We’re all grownups here, right? I can say butt? I can talk about underwear and nobody will freak out? Yes, I had a sparkly owl on my butt. Blame Jessica, she’s the one who gave me the underwear. That’s right, imaginary naysayers! You both call me a liar and blame a dead girl for my sparkly-owl-butt. Boy, you imaginary people sure are jerks.)

Sequins + Sparkles | Everybody, Everywhere


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