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Liebster Award

The Liebster Award recognizes up-and-coming bloggers with 500 followers or less. And would you look at that, Ruby Bastille saw fit to pass it on to Reading in Skirts! Laura is one of my favorites and I love talking books with her. Thanks, Laura! (The bribe is in the mail!)

The Rules:

  1. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.
  2. You must answer the 10 Liebster questions given to the nominee before you.
  3. You must pick 10 bloggers to be nominated who also have 500 subscribers or less.
  4. You must create 10 questions for your nominees.

You know I can’t resist a good blog meme, so let’s do this.

1. It’s game night! What do you want to play?

Something without too many complicated rules and tokens and things. (I’m really bad at Euro-style gaming, okay?) Something quick and simple makes me happy, like Love Letter or Guillotine! Or Spaceteam, if I have my phone and I feel like screaming for a while.

2. What’s the best book you read in the last year?

Okay, I’m going to refuse to commit to ONE BEST BOOK because that’s just humanly impossible, but I recently read Susanna Clarke’s short story collection The Ladies of Grace Adieu and was extremely pleased! My expectations were way high thanks to the amazingness of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, and she still met them.

3. The book you’re reading currently is terrible/boring/not what you expected. Do you quit reading, or do you force yourself through it?

I’m actually going through this right now, and feeling very disappointed because I was looking forward to it. (Shan’t name names because it…might still get better?) In this case, I keep giving it extra chances because it’s written by an author whose work I normally enjoy–usually if it’s someone I’ve never read before, I’ll quit. Why waste my time?

4. You have the opportunity to do any extreme sport, whether or not you actually know how to do it, with very little risk of serious injury. What would you do?

I wanna say surfing (does that count as an extreme sport?) but I know there are appropriative roots in white people surfing, so I’m gonna say hang-gliding. That would be pretty friggin’ sweet, high-fiving eagles and shit.

5. What movie have you seen so many times that you basically have it memorized?

There are a number of them (as a kid I watched Zoom, The White Dolphin so many times my dad took it and put it on a high shelf where I couldn’t reach it)–one I just watched again recently is the MST3k episode of Mitchell. “Word on the street is, you’re a jerk!”

6. What book or movie coming out in 2014 are you most looking forward to?


7. Do you like science fiction? (Hope so!) What’s your favorite book/TV show/movie?

Yes indeedy! One of my favorite SF books is Riddley Walker, by Russell Hoban (the same guy who wrote the Frances the Badger books–dude contained multitudes), and my favorite overall series–which I’m not yet done with–is Kage Baker’s Company books. Re: TV shows, I have a soft spot for Eureka; most of its science is suuuper hand-wavy (and I have weird feelings about what they did with Kevin’s autism), but there are multiple main characters of color (including women of color!) who are so interestingly written and complex. As for movies, I’ll fangirl over Pacific Rim anytime, and I’ll also probably make you sit down and watch Moon with me if you haven’t seen it already.

8. Do you watch the news?

Not…really. We don’t get TV, so I don’t watch any news programs, but I sometimes read the local paper. Honestly, I get most of my news info from the smart, hardworking activists I follow on Twitter, and through other internet sources.

9. What talent or ability are you most proud of?

When I’m not hating it all as garbage, I’m pretty proud of my writing skills! I’m also inappropriately proud of the fact that I can squat on the ground with my feet flat, because apparently not everyone can.

10. You get to use a time machine to go back in time and meet three different people and do only three things: punch someone, hug someone, and have a drink with someone. Who would you punch, who would you hug, and who would you have a drink with?

Punch: Jessica. Hug: Jessica. Have a drink with: Jessica.


Ten bloggers I’ll “nominate” (aka do this if you feel like, and if you don’t, ignore it! I know memes aren’t for everybody):

  1. Flint Hills Hausfrau
  2. Megan Mae Daily
  3. Plus Size Curves Ahead!
  4. Brittknee, Brittneigh, Brittnoo
  5. My (Not So) Style Blog
  6. His Black Dress
  7. My Darling, My Dear
  8. Star-Crossed Smile
  9. Swear Jars & Shoe Funds
  10. More Courage Than Skill

(Also, I have very little idea of how to check the overall number of followers you have, so don’t hold me to that rule.)

And the questions you must answer truthfully, under penalty of…nothing, really:

  1. What’s your desktop background right now?
  2. Are you more of an asker or a guesser?
  3. If you drink, what’s your favorite cocktail? If not, what’s your favorite thing people ask you when they want to know why you don’t drink?
  4. Would you rather have super-long fingernails or super-long eyebrows?
  5. Do you write the number 8 with two circles or as a “figure eight”?
  6. What’s your least-favorite fruit?
  7. What’s your go-to summer food or recipe?
  8. If it’s not too personal, do you have any food allergies?
  9. How do you leave a party?
  10. If you’re unhappy with food, will you return it?

Go forth and Liebster, my charming ones!

Outfit Post: 4/20/14


Dress: eShakti — Sandals: Dansko — Bracelet and earrings: DIY


Apparently I think of coral as a very Easter-appropriate color.


It just comes to hand so easily!


As a full garment, it’s very springy, and as accessories, it gives a slightly more grownup feel to equally-Eastery florals.


Plus, I guess I unconsciously like to make coral-colored accessories, so I might as well wear them together. They accompanied me to Tia’s mom’s house, where we had smoked lamb and cake, and also socialized with each other nicely or whatever. But mostly lamb and cake.

Outfit Post: 4/17/14


Shirt: Target — Skirt: Gift — Heels and bangle: Thrifted — Socks: Sock Dreams — Earrings: Vendor on campus


The other day on Twitter, Bergie (you remember Bergie!) suggested to friends far and wide that we should all do a “subversion” outfit day–basically, to either subvert your appearance through style (such as punky-haired Bergie herself going preppy for the day) or subvert your usual style by doing something unexpected.


For me, that turned into high high heels and red lips.


It was an informative experience, actually. When paired, strong makeup and high heels signal “sexiness” to me, and I have a big tangled snarl of emotions about performing sexiness!


I honestly couldn’t make myself leave the house until I added socks to the heels, which toned things down in my mind. (And this is, of course, setting aside the complications of sexiness and being “too sexy” in an office environment, which are legion.)


At the end of the day, though, I was feeling more confident about this particular look, and I’m glad I pushed that particular comfort zone a little bit. My thighs are pretty grateful I’m wearing flats today, though.

When was the last time you practiced appearance-based subversion?

Outfit Post: 4/15/14


Shirt and skirt: Leah’s free pile — Socks: Sock Dreams (Heather Bobby Socklings in Pink) — Shoes: Payless — Earrings: Target — Bangle: Solano Stroll


Pastels! Springy! They make me feel like ice cream or very tasteful wedding decor!


I’m much more comfortable wearing them than I used to be, though, and I actually really like the colors here a lot.


Maybe because in my mind they read as “dusty” rather than “pastel”?


It’s a weird place, my mind. Right now it wants to go home and bake banana bread.

Outfit Post: 4/14/14


Top: Gift — Skirt: Thrifted (Target) — Flats: (Frye) — Necklace and earrings: World Market — Ring: Target


I almost didn’t include this from-the-side view in today’s post; it’s not the most “flattering,” and some days I just want to put up outfit pictures without digging heavily into my relationship with my own body and the media’s depiction of what an acceptable body looks like.


But more and more lately, when I feel uncertain about something for similar reasons, that uncertainty tends to morph into grumpiness, and contrariness, and “why-SHOULDN’T-I-post-this-wonky-picture”-ness, so here we are.


I like my shape.

This is what I look like.

Here I am.


And so forth.


And maybe nobody would have even thought it was wonky if I hadn’t said anything, but too late now! That’s okay, though–it’s not like you all thought I was a bastion of self-confidence before today, anyhow.

Outfit Post: 4/13/14


Dress: Multiple Threads — Sandals: Dansko — Camisole: Old Navy — Earrings: World Market — Bracelet: Thrifted


With my trip to Austria and Slovenia rapidly approaching, I have the good sense to start getting properly terrified while I scramble around, trying to get ready.


Are any of us ever REALLY ready for international, overseas trips? Well, yes, I’m sure many of us are, but I don’t think readiness for anything is within my wheelhouse.


I took it upon myself to run some errands on Saturday–you know, picking up things I’ll need (toothpaste) and things that make me feel better (new underwear).


Giraffe dress came along to help me feel a little less panicky about the whole thing. Thanks, giraffe dress!


Of course, I forgot some things, so I’ll need to make a second trip before I leave next Thursday morning (!!!). By the way, if anybody has any quality recommendations for the Toronto Airport, we’ve got a layover there for a couple of hours–it’ll be nice to see you again from inside the big windows, Canada!

Outfit Post: 4/10/14


Dress and bracelet: Thrifted — Sandals: (Dansko) — Socks: Sock Dreams (Bastia Comfort Top Crew in Sage) — Earrings: Hand-me-down — Ring: Nervous System


I have something to confess: sometime last year I referred to these Danskos as vegan leather, and I think I was mistaken in that assessment.


They’re no longer available on where I got them, so I can’t reference the exact listing, but I think where I got tripped up is that some listings on other websites refer to them as “veg tan leather.” Not being a leather aficionada myself, I assumed that meant that the leather itself was vegetarian or vegan–AKA fake leather. After a tiny smidgen of research today, though, apparently vegetable-tanning is one method of tanning animal leathers, which are decidedly not vegan.


Who knew! (Not me, obviously.)


So I’m sorry if I led any of you folks astray with my misunderstanding. Dietary and material restrictions can be tricky enough without misinformation being spread around! This bracelet is also leather, by the way–presumably animal. I got it at the thrift store, so the details are a little up in the air. If anyone out there happens to be postcognitive, let me know!

Outfit Post: 4/9/14


Dress: eShakti — Vest, flats, and bangle: Thrifted — Earrings: Gift


I was on the fence about whether I liked this outfit enough to post it–it just doesn’t strike me as very exciting–but I got a couple nice compliments about it over the course of the day, so up it goes!


I’ll admit, I’m very susceptible to flattery. If you have a style blog, how do you decide which outfits to post and which ones to skip?

Outfit Post: 4/7/14


Shirt, pants, and bangle: Thrifted — Shoes: eBay (Eleanor Grosch for Keds) — Earrings: Fab (Tiklari)


These pants need to be hemmed just the tiniest little itty bit, which of course ensures that I will never do it, ever-ever.


My priorities run more in the direction of wasting time on Twitter and watching back episodes of Murder, She Wrote.


(You may think I’m joking about that last one, but I’m really not. It’s quality cleaning-the-kitchen fare, and Jessica Fletcher’s sweaters are amazing.)


What would you rather do than hem pants? Unless you actually do like hemming pants, in which case–congratulations! Hemming is its own reward.

Outfit Post: 4/5/14


Dress and jacket: Thrifted — Leggings: Target — Boots: eBay (Steve Madden Troopas) — Camisole: Old Navy — Earrings: Nervous System


On Saturday, I was planning on doing some chores and finishing my taxes, but a well-timed text message convinced me to put on a ridiculous dress and go out to a friend’s engagement party instead.


The taxes would still be there later, after all. (And, in fact, they are. Gotta get on that.)


And so I attended a very rousing fete, where we discussed exploding lakes and ate pizza with potatoes and watched other people get fairly drunk!


And I got to wish my friend well, which made me happy. Congratulations, ya old so-and-sos!

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